March 28, 2007, 6:35 pm
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Quite awhile ago now I made a custom Hoodie for a delightful girlfriend of friend of a friend.
The story behind the design is a romantic one.
This sweet guy has been apart from his loved one for a long time (think over a year..) with her in Korea teaching English and him in New Zealand. He was preparing to head over to join her and wanted to take her an awesome present, and thought a Toast original might be the key.
She loves chimps, he even proposed to her in a garden full of chimp statues at a zoo (on account of the fact they didn’t have real chimps..) so it made sense for her hoodie to have a chimp on it.
Jen_hoody Firstprototype
He found this t-shirt online (sorry I can’t find the original link right now, but If it’s your image please contact me and I’ll give you full credit!) and from that I reversed the colours and appliqued it on white fabric onto grey. This was my first attempt, and you can see that I focused too much on the shapes of the lines of stitching and not enough on the actual outline of the contrasting fabric.
But eventually I got it sorted, and after a mammoth search for brown sweat-shirting (would you believe I rung stores all over the country and.. nothing! In the end I was lucky enough to have my designer friend in Nelson send me her leftovers from last winter. Thanks lainee!), the design became a reality:

Monkey2 Monkey3
And here’s a picture of the very lovely Jen wearing her new, chimpy hoodie:
Hope you like it! and I wish you many happy days with your sweet man in Korea : )


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I have friends who recently married. She is obsessed with Orangutangs. The had a (pre wedding) honeymoon in Borneo seeing what was happening with the Orangutang work they were helping sponsor. The wedding was Orangutang themed. It was great.

Fabbo hoodie, BTW…

Comment by The Shopping Sherpa

Jen looks great in the hoodie. You’re really clever! 🙂 The applique looks tricky to do.

Comment by Fiona

That turned out soooo cool! You must amaze yourself sometimes! I just don’t think I would be able to muster up the patience to complete something like this!

Comment by Judi

your applique talents are amazing my friend! i am in awe of the chimp 🙂 and the final hoodie is so cute!

Comment by amisha

wow, that is so great!
I do admire your applique skills. And the finished hoodie is just perfect.

Comment by melissa

its lovely
pleased they are going to be together now it must have been so hard for them

Comment by jen

Whoa, that’s really cool. You’re so clever …

Comment by Kimberley

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