Top of the class.
March 29, 2007, 8:02 pm
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I’ve never really been a ‘model student’.
I had the brains, but not the academic attitude to make use of them.
To make things harder I had/have a sister who is incredibly, insanely smart and very,very academic. She was awarded Dux of our high school and was already doing university work before even leaving school.
It’s not that I didn’t want to succeed, merely that the curriculum did absolutely nothing for me, and the environment wasn’t helpful to me. Not to mention those teen years are about the most emotionally draining time ever, how on earth are people meant to focus on studying when there are so many boys, girls, drugs, friends, drinks, cigarettes and other nasty distractions around. I have no idea how I even dragged myself through with mostly passes, getting amazing grades was just never really going to happen, sorry mum and dad.
I’ve been thinking about this today, because I got my results back from my first three workbooks of my fashion course.
I was absolutely amazed to find I had scored an A+ on all three booklets (2x 93% and 1x 94%!!), not only making me completely stoked, but also putting my work ahead of the other 12 people on my course! I was jumping up and down, and I still have a spring in my step. I expected to do okay, like usual, but I never suspected I would blow everyone else out of the water. I’m proud!


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(see your drawings were awesome)

Comment by Lou

wow- well done! That’s excellent… and I can’t believe you focused so well on all your work while at the same time dealing with so many other things…
i think you’ve found where your talents lie, for sure. 🙂

Comment by melissa

Go you! That’s fantastic!

Comment by Rachelle

I never did very well at school either. I think the thing the changes most when your an adult is that u want to study. I went to uni at 32 years of age and ended up getting my bachelor in early childhood education. Being an older student I was more determined and studied harder than I ever did at high school
good on you
keep it up

Comment by jen

aww, that’s so fantastic!!! Sounds like you have found your calling alright, you should be super proud of yourself, it takes a lot of determination to be a mom and a student and to run Toast Clothing too! You rock lady!

Comment by kara

Hey Congrats Rhiannon! Great to see you getting some recognition of the talent that you have. Like the others I’m impressed and blown away frankly by everything you do. Love to you and Aesop (did you get the cd’s by the way?).

Comment by Kirsty

Awesome work!! I reckon when you find your passion you get the marks that reflect that!! keep it up, that’s so exciting

Comment by Kates

congratulations!! that is amazing… so happy for you!! i think that when we find what we love, we can truly put all of ourselves into it and excel… i’m glad that you have found that in your course!

Comment by amisha

Congratulations!! 🙂 I’m so happy for you!

Comment by Fiona

Well done m’dear. Be proud!

Comment by rachael

I can’t say I am at all suprised, you star! I think we’ve all just gotta find that special little thing(s) we are meant to be doing.

Comment by esther

you should be proud – that’s flipping amazing. Go girl ..!

Comment by Kimberley

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