April 3, 2007, 2:01 pm
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It seems nearly everything that could go wrong so far this week has (keeping in mind it’s only Tuesday. oh dear).
I’ve gone from having one working and one non-working sewing machine to two broken ones, just two days before a workbook of sewing exercises is due in, which I am yet to begin.
The shutter over the lens on my digital camera has decided it can only be bothered opening half way, meaning unless I zoom in as far as possible my photos look like they’re taken through a fence. (Which I guess is fair enough after more than four years of being used nearly every single day without fail. I’m not blaming you sweet camera, merely disapproving of your timing!).
I cannot find black dye anywhere. Hello? Where do you buy clothing dye? I was sure it was from the supermarket but I searched high and low. The fore-mentioned party is on Saturday and I’m not a single step closer to having a costume.
I woke up this morning at about 5:30 to a large earthquake (did I mention I’m petrified of earthquakes?), then realised I couldn’t get back to sleep because I felt horribly nauseas. Needless to say I still feel terrible.
Oh, listen to me complaining and wallowing in my self pity. I’m sorry.
Want to know two things that have ever-so-slightly cheered my day up?

A beautiful new, completely unnecessary dinner-set. I saw this dinner-set in the window of the Red Cross op shop late last week, and to my dismay it had a sign on it that said ‘ Hold for _____’.
But yesterday, to my delight, I walked past again and the sign had been changed and now only read "$10.00". Wahooo! I locked up my bike and practically ran inside. I paid my money and told them I’d pick it up today, when I wasn’t on my bike.
I don’t think it’s very old, and it’s certainly not ‘valuable’, but by golly I think it’s nice. There’s six cups, two bowls, salt and pepper dispensers, a gravy jug, a serving platter, and about 14 plates. More than enough for anything I’d ever use it for! I’m so stoked.

Chicken4_2 Chicken1_2
Another happy distraction in my days are these adorable chicken stickers that are popping up around my area of town. So far there have been about a dozen, each one different and each with a little phrase or quote or personal joke between myself and Abraham. Gee, I wonder who could be putting them up? heh heh. I’m really enjoying searching them out, and they make me smile a big broad smile, even if I’m photographing them through half a lens in time that I should be sewing or studying, neither of which I can do thanks to me huge dependence on technology!

Also another thing which made me smile today is the beginning of a little project between Amisha and Melissa, in which they’re showing each other, and us around their beautiful towns/cities. What a great idea! Can’t wait to see what you have to show tomorrow!


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Have you tried a chemist for the dye?

Great dinner set, sorry to hear about the sewing machine(s)

Comment by The Shopping Sherpa

Yeah, chemist shops are the place to go – which I think is odd. Mind you, they’re the place to go for mothballs too, and that is definitely strange.

Comment by Martha Craig

Hey, I’m having trouble finding black dye too…curious. I hope your sewing machne gets better soon and you too, m’dear.


Comment by rachael

sori about your week so far
I remember when my mans camera died he was sad too
but like u he had got heaps of use out of it
sorio about the earthquakes too I dont like them either

🙂 im after a dinner set i think it comes from having kids we seem to be VERY low on plates. I shall have to go and look at the 2nd hand shops thanks for telling us about your new dinner set

hope your week gets better

Comment by jen

i love the dishes set! and very cute chicken stickers indeed.
hope things look up for you this week… fingers crossed for both sewing machine and camera!

Comment by amisha

oh and p.s. so glad you are enjoying the project!! 🙂

Comment by amisha

thanks for the mention r, and i have to say that those stickers are very cute. how do you know where to look? hope the technology woes improve… x

Comment by melissa

Hi, We just got internet so now I can finally keep up with what you are up to. Yay! Im sorry you are having a bad week. I too have a broken sewing machine and camera, so I share in your frustration and sorrow. Hope your week gets better. K xx

Comment by Karina

I am really scared of earthquakes too. About four years ago we had one that woke us up in the middle of the night and I didn’t sleep again for twenty four hours. Then I didn’t sleep much for three weeks because I was afraid of being woken up by another one.

I think it’s kind of funny because I grew up mainly in California, the land of earthquakes.

Comment by Angelina

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