Feeling a little seedy.
April 8, 2007, 4:43 pm
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Groupparty_2 Meabeparty
Last night was the night of the dress-up/cocktail party.
(I didn’t have a camera, as of course, mine died.I borrowed Mum’s but I didn’t really know how to work it so I only have half a dozen pictures.. So hopefully I’ll steal some decent pictures off other people as they emerge!)
We had a lovely night. My costume pulled together nicely, although I must admit I ended up dropping the ‘whore’ aspect and rather just going as a old-fashioned beauty crossed with snow white. Haha. I decided at the last minute that adding the excessive white face powder and really over-the-top blusher would just distract from how lovely my dress turned out. I’m so happy I did.
My corset dyed beautifully, the yellow skirt sweet, sweet Helen sent me last year turned out to be the most ideal top layer (over my fifth form ball/sewing class project of a black skirt with 4 layers of netting) for my bottom half, along with a huge red silk taffeta and black lace bustle, a bit of hair-teasing and pinning and some bright red lippy my rather effort-less, el-cheapo costume (combined with Abraham’s timeless suit and tophat combination) won us an award! We were presented with a delightful large, and rather hideous, garden ornament featuring a frog and some flowers on a lily pad.
The party had an open cocktail bar for all invited, and I must say I certainly got my money’s worth. I spent a large portion of the night drinking ‘Japanese slippers’ (Midori, triple sec, lemon juice and sugar syrup if I remember rightly…),teamed with numerous brandy sidecar shooters (brandy, triple sec and lemonjuice) and the odd cosmopolitan. Mmm. Who knew cocktails were so delightful?
Silverwhkparty Feature02party
The highlight of the evening? SilverWHK and Feature02 (Abraham and his cousin) had their debut live performance! It was so nice to see so many years of hard work and practice all come together and become a really awesome real life act.
I’m so glad I was there to see it, after watching them battle and dabble all those years ago in High school when we first met. And then after sharing a studio with Abraham for so many years and hearing nearly every single one of his beats go from tiny snippet sized samples to full-length loops of amazing music. It was so nice to be part of the next step towards fame and fortune too.
It was a tough and small small-town crowd (who mostly seemed to prefer the house/drum and bass DJ before them.. yergh.) but it was such an awesome start, and I it went really smoothly. The next performance is in the planning stage and will be in Auckland sometime in the next month or two! yippee!

All in all, a lovely evening had by all. But with a bedtime of 4am, and after all of those delightfully intoxicating beverages I’m feeling more than a little seedy today.
I hope you’re all having lovely easter times. You all deserve them. x


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congratulations my dear! so happy you had a good time, and you look fantastic… (i love those rose tattoos!)

Comment by amisha

You got your top dyed yaye looks good
pleased you had a good evening

hope your feeling better soon

Happy Easter

Comment by jen

Those rose tattoos are really gorgeous!

Comment by La Principessa

your dress is amazing and you look so lovely!

Comment by meg

You always have such a demure smile in your photos! You look gorgeous, hot stuff..!

Comment by Kimberley

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