April 9, 2007, 5:53 pm
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While I still don’t have a camera, and am still horribly busy trying to get those exercises done ready to hand in tomorrow, I thought I’d let you in on three amazing sites I’ve come across lately.

Creatures of comfort –  Expensive but incredible gorgeous clothing, with the most comfortable, amazing looking clothing. If money was no object….

Shaun Deller – This guy makes hats. But not only does he make hats, but he makes hats that are specially designed to be worn when riding a bike, AND they’re recycled fabric! I’m all about cycling (and re-cycling) at the moment, and these hats are just awesome.

The black spot books–  Such, such beautiful handmade books, made from recycled leather tool bags,furniture etc. Jewellery made from old illustrations and money bags made from fabrics and photos found in abandoned houses. Such amazing work, and craftsmanship. You know when you see something online and you just yearn to touch it and smell it? These books call to me!


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hope you are recovering from your party. you make a lovely snow white, you could even do parades the likeness is that convincing 🙂

thanks for the links. What a dreamy hat maker. i mean, I married.


Comment by kimberle and Lies

lovely links! those books… truly beautiful… love the history and the tactile goodness of them. xo

Comment by amisha

yes, dreamy hat maker man. Thanks for the links – great distractons from my somewhat overwhelming work.

I’m so glad you had a lovely time on your night out. I’m lstening to a song a lot lately – it’s called Sunday. The chorus is this:

I love you in the morning…when you’re still hung over
I love you in the morning…when you’re still strubg out.

Sweet, no?

It’s the school holidays, it’s raining, I’m sick…but I hope you m’dear are doing great. Did you get a bundle of green fabric from me? I hope it’s useful.


Comment by rachael

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