A break.
April 12, 2007, 7:08 pm
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I was going to post today about my new camera and the sewing machine I’m getting next week. But I can’t get the camera to focus or take any proper photos and I have realised that I’ve just spent nearly $700 on a new camera when really I just wish my old one would start working again. Or maybe someone could magically show me how to use the new one. What is the point of having a new camera that I can’t even use?
I’m incredibly stressed at the moment. My course is insanely stressful, my ‘personal’ life is both confusing and stressful and Aesop is driving me straight up the wall. This was going to be my year to do things for myself and so far it’s nothing that I hoped it would be. I’m exhausted, gaining weight, getting nothing done, I’m hugely in debt and feeling absolutely miserable.
I know I haven’t been around much lately, but alas I’m going to be around even less the next little while. I need a break. Everything just feels like too much at the moment and I find myself feeling so overwhelmed that I just sit in front of the tv or computer and try to forget about the huge lists of things to do and forget about all the decisions I have to and have made. My solution? I’m going to get rid of the TV for a week and see how we do. And from now on I will not have the computer for at least two nights a week. These little jaunts never last long, but at least I’ll have a week of ever so slightly increased productivity. If only it would solve all my problems.
I know, this is meant to be a craft blog. I’m sorry. And with that I’m off before I blubber even more all over you all.
Take care! I’m sure I’ll see you all soon enough.


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If you send me your snail mail addy I’ll send a care parcel for you (which I promise will include red drill) 🙂

Comment by The Shopping Sherpa

take care, R. and enjoy your break! you deserve it. x

Comment by melissa

bums, life is crappy sometimes and we all have our moments (if you can be arsed just look at my blog). I know how you feel, and for me I can cope with most things as long as my personal life is going ok and I have had some sleep. Dont worry about having a break, from anything. This is totally your choice and no one can make you feel bad about this! As for debt, this one is a nightmare I have no reasonable advice to offer,as I am in debt too. Id say the older I have got the more I am able to delegate and this has meant getting a financial advisor (independanT) in to sort out debt problems – id suggest getting in touch with Citizens Advice.If you feel comfortable with it, send your mail adress, sounds like you need a parcel!
Hugs, caroline xxx

Comment by caroline

I know exactly how you feel! Take that break and get your things in order and you’ll feel better. I tend to get overwhelmed by life, work, family & other obligations too and instead of bearing down and getting them done…… I eat, sit around and watch T.V….. basically anything I can do BESIDES WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE! I’ve gained 10 pounds in the last month and half and as of yesterday feel like I’m getting control. (I actually sewed 4 toddler dresses for the show at the end of the month and feel accomplished). I hope you will get your things in order and feel better. You really are talented and
deserve a break. Much luck and if you ever need to get anything off your chest….. just write!

Comment by Judi

take care of yourself my dear. no tv and limited computer time sounds like it will be good… we all need that now and again when these things become a source of stress rather than relaxation! thinking of you and sending love…
p.s. please send me your snail mail address too…

Comment by amisha

My thoughts and prayers are with you
‘m sori that you are feeling incredibly stressed at the moment. I pray that God would ease your burdens.

Having a little break is a good idea. Study hard and get a little time for yourself too.

I pray that your ‘personal’ would get sorted and become peaceful for you

Does Aesop in any type of care. It may help?
It would give you a break and would allow you to do things you need to get done in peace and quiet
It may also allow you to be a better mum when you are with him

when I was at uni my son was after school care sometimes he would stay there till 5pm (2 hours after uni finished for the day) so I could study after uni and occasionally he stayed there just so I could have some time to myself

God in his wisedom puts us where we are. Lean on him.
I pray that you find rest and eat healthy

I had a great friend who use to say to me “take baby steps” until things do get done. I also find lists here me. As do Tuesday Tackles.
I pray that you will be able to find out of the $$ worries.

Big Hugs
im available on MNS if you want to chat or email me

Comment by jen

Take good care.. It will pass soon..

Comment by Fiona

take care my friend.


Comment by rachael

Hi Rhiannon, I am a regular reader of your blog but this is the first time I’ve left you a comment. I’m sorry to hear life isn’t going so well at the moment but it may make you feel a little better to know that I often read your blog when I am feeling a little down and need some inspiration. You seem to always see the positive in things and I am constantly amazed by your ability to juggle motherhood with amazing creativity, running a small business and studying – not an easy thing to do by anyones standards. We all have our down times when everything is crappy, but they too pass in time. I’m looking forward to you coming back and hope you have a good break from the virtual world and managed to do some catch up. On some more practical advise – if you need some camera help I can try and give it via email if you are able to write it down. I’m studying photography so know a little about cameras. Hope you are well……from another ex Nelsonian!

Comment by Vanessa

good plan to switch the box off. I am always amazed at how much more I get done and how less stressed I feel without its presence. Even if it’s only for a night or two it’s worth it.

Comment by esther

I would love to put together a little cheer up package for you. I come here every day, I’m always so happy to see you’ve got a new post up. It’s the random act of kindness you pay me…now I would like a turn. So, how’s about an addy?

Comment by Kyla

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