April 17, 2007, 2:43 pm
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Thank you everyone for your very sweet comments and e-mails after my last, slightly gloomy post.
I’m back and I’m feeling ever-so-slightly refreshed. I must confess to not really having stuck to my low-technology-diet, but I did get quite a bit of my school work done which was the main goal.
Also having something to look forward to this week have made things alot easier.
My sister, who I haven’t seen for 4 years, is coming to visit tomorrow from London! Obviously having not seen her for so long it’s pretty exciting, and of course it will be her first time meeting Aesop! She’s bringing with her a boyfriend who we’re meeting for the first time too, so it’s pretty nerve-wrecking all round, but so, so exciting.
It’s fairly short holiday but it’ll be so good to spend sometime with her, and especially for Aesop to get to meet and spend some time with his Aunty.

Aprilfabricscore1_2 Aprilfabricscore_2
In other exciting news this week, I had the most amazing op shop score yesterday. I couldn’t believe my luck. I happened to mention to the lady serving me at the store that I was always on the look out for fabric, and she said ‘ oh we’ve got a few boxes out the back..’ and toddled out to find them.
I almost cried. Piles of great solid plain colours, perfect for suspender skirts, wrap skirts, dresses etc and a few gorgeous patterns too. Needless to say I had to buy a whole banana box full! She charged me only nz$1-$2 a bundle for the fabric, with some of the pieces being more than 4 metres long! It cost me more than I would usually like to shell out in one visit to the thrifties, but for less than a dollar a metre it was worth its weight in gold to me.

I also scored this beautiful, albeit a few sizes too big, beaded cardi. Hopefully I can take it in a bit without ruining it too much!

And now here’s a topic I’ve been debating with myself about for a few weeks now. Perhaps you can give me your opinions (but pretty please no mail bombs, death threats and the like. I know it’s a hot topic, but a simple ‘ no way’ will suffice!).
Vintage fur. A goer or a never-ever-goer? I’ve been a vegan, I’ve been an animal rights activist. I’ve protested fur in upmarket stores and in the streets in Wellington, I’ve had the arguments.
But lately I’ve been re-thinking my ideas about fur. I know I don’t agree with new furs. Never ever, under any circumstance. I know I don’t agree with paying loads and loads of money from antique dealers or trade me- yahoos. Because really that’s still putting my money into the industry, that’s making a market for it, and I don’t want that.
But what about the fur sitting in little small town op shops gathering dust? What about the fur that was made over 40 years ago, that only costs a few dollars and is going towards supporting local charities? Is is still better to let it go to waste, rather than appreciate it for it’s obvious, although blatantly distasteful, beauty? Is it better to admit we were wrong all those years ago, and just wear the furs that are already around until they fall apart, and be done with it, or is it better to throw them out?
(PETA gives the furs they’re donated to homeless people who can’t afford alternatives, which I think is a great solution….)
I can’t decide. I can’t decide if me wearing a fur scarf is encouraging the industry. Knowing that what my terms are on wearing it for myself doesn’t really give anyone else terms on wearing it, so perhaps it is? There’s no way for me to tell everyone I see that ‘yeah, fur is okay but only if you buy it from a local tiny op shop and it’s really old….’ so perhaps it’s encouraging people with different ethics to me to go out and buy it other places, which I don’t really want to be a part of.
What do you think?


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I think that it is perfectly alright to buy/wear thrifted vintage leather and fur products.It’s just like vintage ivory, if you buy it used you’re recycling. Don’t worry about influencing others to buy new fur, because you could make the same argument about fake fur. People don’t know it’s fake or vintage so what if blah, blah, blah! You could drive yourself batty! It looks good on you, wear it!

Comment by Amy

good on you for getting that school work done
yaye enjoy your time with your sister

lovely fabric

Comment by jen

hey awesome score on the fabric! see things are going your way. can you show us some of your school projects? I share all my illustration stuff and its not even related to crafting, but your course work is. so you’ve gotta share!

About the fur. I think you’ve thought it through and have good reasons so trust those. and I agree with Amy, if you are worried about influencing people, I doubt people notice/are able to tell the difference between whats real and whats fake. If they ask, just explain your decision. PLus, your tattoos look hot with that fur. j/k (kinda)


Comment by kimberle and Lies

hiya girl ;P

i have to disagree, i’m afraid, on the fur thing. But its just my personal reaction… I personally couldn’t wear it, whether new, old, vintage, gifted, whatever. just knowing what it actually is completley nauseates me 😦 Winter is awful here in Spain, all the middle-aged women crack-out their fur coats to show-off on any occasion, even if its just going to the grocery store.
As said above, though, sounds like you’ve thought it through a fair bit, and go with what you feel is right 🙂

Oh, and enjoy your sister’s visit!… wow, 4 years IS a long time!

Comment by katsai

have fun with your sister- how cool!
I’m tres jealous of your fabric finds. and is that some more of that awesome owl/leaf print?! how can that be?

i think the vintage fur thing is fine. it seems more wasteful to leave them collecting dust, when they could be keeping you warm 🙂

Comment by melissa

My thoughts on the fur is….. If it’s vintage go for it. It would be as if it lost it’s life for nothing. Now the new stuff….. not really up on it either.

Enjoy your sister, my oldest sister lives in New York and I get to see her once a year and enjoy every second of it.

Score on the fabric! All I ever find thrifing are old shower curtains or grungy bedspreads that need shaving. Bluck.

Have you ever considered Etsy? I bet your stuff would sell like hotcakes over here in the states! I’d be lookin’! Just a thought! (It’s only $.20 to list an item on Etsy.) Judi

Comment by Judi

i really don’t know if i’d wear vintage fur, but i think you could do so and still have a conscience about it. on one hand, it’s still fur. on the other, wasting this garment doesn’t help anything – it makes the process of making that fur even more senseless because it’s not doing anyone any good. even if you personally would never buy new fur, in general the re-use of fur goods means less animals dying for new furs.

mostly it’s just good and ethical of you to give it some serious thought.

Comment by karen

Great finds. I was really stoked to see the little owl peeking through. I have a quilt made out of this fabric, I will have to post a picture of it.

Comment by Kates

such wonderful scores… that owl print! oh my. 🙂 and i will email you soon about the skirt… very excited for the solid fabrics!
re: the fur, i don’t see a problem with vintage fur… it is re-using and nothing is being killed… but then again i wear leather so who am i to say. fur seems different, more wasteful, but i might just be rationalizing here.

Comment by amisha

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