The temperature is dropping!
April 18, 2007, 9:00 pm
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Our house today was a flurry of tidying ready for my sisters visit. Granted she’s not even staying with us, but I’m sure it’s the same with you, a visitor is always the perfect excuse for a spring clean.
And despite the washing machine playing up (what else can break this month? my phone? my tv? Please technology gods stop! I can’t afford any more debt!), we had such a wonderful day.
After reading Helen’s entry about saying goodbye to sunny days and barefeet, I realised it really was time to start thinking about cooler days, and preparing for frosty mornings and nippy nights.
I’m not a fan of Summer, all that stickiness, all that salad (although I’m getting better on that front..), all those flies and all that exposed skin! I do like the light evenings and the abundance of gorgeous fruit, but otherwise give me a chilly breeze and an excuse to wear a coat anyday!
So today we started out ‘Winter readiness’ by pulling some of my Winter woollies out of the shed, putting the first lot of extra blankets on the beds, and making a Winter essential – crumble!
This is the quilt that adorns my bed in the cooler months. Technically it’s probably not even really a quilt, more of a patchwork duvet cover. A double sided patch-worked cover with an opening at the bottom so that in Autumn I can use the cover as it is, and in Winter I can stuff it with a beautiful big fluffy duvet (comforter? dooner? For you non-kiwis).
I made this quilt/patchwork thing while flatting in Wellington almost 5 years ago now. We lived in a huge renovated factory building (oh, it was the most incredible place…) and our lounge was 11×11 metres (?) which just screamed for large craft/art projects. So while my flat mate set up a screen printing factory in one corner I lay out huge patch-working plan in another.
Every single piece of fabric in this quilt was dumpster dived, except for the black and white floral which was thrifted in Holland (do you still have your half Anu?). And it’s the most gloriously heavy cuddly thing to sleep with.
The crumble pictures are pretty self explanatory. Aesop has finally discovered the joys of baking, and it seems his baking habits will be pretty similar to mine. ‘One for the bowl.. one for the mouth..". Haha the boy never stood a chance!
But here’s too many days with just enough sun to lighten the mood, and just enough chill to keep our legs nicely covered! Happy colder days sweet fellow southern hemispherers! Feel free to drop by for a hot cup of chai and a bowl of crumble if you’re ever in need to some warmth! : )

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heehee! I love the pictures of Aesop licking the spoon. Yum, crumble! From what I remember, your version tastes pretty good.
Enjoy your cooler weather 🙂

Comment by melissa

hoi lievert! 🙂

ik had toen een rok gemaakt van mijn half, vorige jaar was het eindelijk kapot gegaan (de stof was al echt te verbleken ;)!)

ik ben heel blij dat jou blogpauze niet langer dan een paar dagen was :). kussen en een grote knuffel voor mijn lieve vriendinnetje zo veer weg!


Comment by anuriitta

i would love to hear your recipe for crumble… sounds delish! and very cute pictures of aesop!
and hey, what was all this talk of you not being able to do patchwork + quilting? the duvet cover is beautiful! looks very cozy indeed.

Comment by amisha

Your quilt looks gorgeous! Once when I have some more time on my hands I want to try and make something too. And Aesop is very cute! 🙂

Comment by Nynke

I’m the same about winter … I don’t like being cold but I love walking down the street being snuggly in my coat. And I have a favourite red scarf I bought in Paris on my 29th birthday that I wear 24/7 during winter. It’s my favourite piece of clothing ever and I have so been looking forward to wearing it again. I’m also looking forward to winter cos I can snuggle up in the lounge with some knitting…

Comment by Kimberley

yes tis the season for quilts! I do like yours, well done… did you hand stitch? I didn’t on the one I am making:)

I am glad to know there are other like minded bakers out there who affirm that pre baked is just as good as baked. plus you’ve got to taste test, right?

I am not with you on the winter thing though, at least not the Kiwi winter because with no central heating,it is too cold inside the houses. Some may call me weak for saying that BUT it is not subjective!!!! I just read an acticle that said the average indoor temp for Auckland’s homes in winter is 2 degrees Celcius BELOW the WORLD HEALTH ORGINIZATION’s recommended temp. so there. finally after freezing for 4 winters in a row, I am justifiably not a wuss. I think I need to put this on my blog. stat. 🙂

okay i feel better now


Comment by kimberle and Lies

hehe yes coat time
that means I can pull my poor neglected collection out of which ever box it was pushed into last summer!!!
The gas heater made it’s first appearance in our lounge last night and I love the 2 clumpy wooly jerseys I’ve managed to score at garage sales lately : ) (what is with modern store brought ‘jerseys’ that seem to think flimsy light weight jerseys do the job……….

Alas I don’t knit – but I found this gorgeous scarf pattern on line the other day

the quilt is definitely inspiring though

Comment by Lou

certainity is getting cooler
Im a summer girl
cute photos 🙂

Comment by jen

Here are your 5 questions:

1. What is your favourite time of day?

2. What talent are you particularly proud of?

3. What is your favourite thing with chocolate?

4. Britney or Xtina?

5. Who is your favourite actor?

Comment by Martha

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