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April 21, 2007, 9:05 am
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As part of the costume history section of my course I had to construct a clothing item from between the 14th and 19th centuries. It had to be an item of substance, like an embroidered something or a waistcoat etc.
So after much, much deliberation, internet looking and hair pulling (after I realised they didn’t have sewing machines until the 19th century! And I HATE hand sewing!), I remembered mum’s friend Anne made dolls and had hundreds of books about fashion through the ages for her doll making. She arrived with more books than I could possibly look through, and amongst them was ‘Patterns of fashion from 1560-1620′ By Janet Arnold. Which gives actual scale patterns of real garments found from those times along with construction tips etc.
Patternandtoes Stitchinghessian1
I drew up the pattern, in a small size (to save time..), found some velvet like material, which apparently is in fitting with the time, and found some hessian for the backing. I whip-stitched the outer pieces individually onto the hessian pieces. I decided to use a calico in place of the authentic linen as a lining, because well, I didn’t have any funds to be buying real linen. I cheated, for time reasons, and machine sewed the main pieces together, and then whip stitched the lining of the little tabs around the bottom in, and over hand stitched gold cord around the edges.

16040jerkinfront 16040jerkinback

I have to hand it in on Monday and all that’s left to do is stitch the gold cord onto the little capped wing sleeve bits and sew those on, and then sew in the main lining. I debated with myself about whether I should attempt the buttons and buttonholes right up the front, and whether to do the collar as well, but I really don’t have enough time. Who knew hand stitching took such, such a long time? I’ll be sure to post pictures when all is said and done. Fingers crossed the marks are worth the time it’s taken!

And one last thing, well three actually. These three things have made me smile very broadly the last two days:
Marypictures Flowers April07aesopandjodie2
(1. I finally found somewhere to hang my (nz$2 each!) pictures of the beautiful virgin. Now she’s in my guest toilet annnd my laundry! Here’s to no more water troubles.
2. My front garden at the moment is full of beautiful flowers. I’m not sure what these are (anyone?) but I’ve also got frangipani, hibiscus and gerberas : )
3. My sister and Aesop with his new ‘Musical Thomas’. It’s so nice to see them together and Aesop sure does love that train!)


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Wow, that jacket looks awesome!
Could the flower be a magnolia?

Comment by Miriam

i thought a magnolia too. but is this the rght time of year? i don’t know much about botanics.
great to see your sister and aesop having fun- and i love your icons over the washing machine. A blessed place, indeed!
You have worked so hard on your piece for your course. it looks amazing- well done!

Comment by melissa

How interesting your course sounds
What a cool jacket
Look forward to seeing the final photos
Lovely flowers
I love gerberas their my favourite flowers
Aunties are special and that is a cooool train

Comment by jen

beautiful work on the coat for your course… what luck to find that pattern! it’s difficult to imagine doing those pieces 100% by hand.

Comment by amisha

thanks for the pics of your class work. Hand sewing is a right nightmare at times, especially if you are used to wizing down side seams in .25 seconds. Hopefully you will be able to wear that vest, its bodacious. then you can causually inform those around you, ‘oh this old thing? it’s just a little garment I HANDSTITCHED myself. you like?’ i think you should use a southern ammerican accent for effect. of course its up to you though.


Comment by kimberle and Lies

That jacket is great! Personally I prefer handstitching over machinestitching (I’m oldfashioned :)), but I rarely do it because it is soooo timeconsuming. Anyway, I wouldn’t be able to make such a great jacket… I’m jealous… 🙂 Wonderful job!!
Have fun with your sister! It must be great to finally see eachother again after such a long time…

Comment by M%n

Choice! We have the Queen hanging over our kitchen sink. She’s making sure the dishes are stacked appropriately.
Lovely post today, sugar.

Comment by Kimberley

Golly, it’s taken me awhile to realise you are blogging agan. I thought it was more of a permanent break. So lovely to catch up with what you’ve been doing.

Your vest looks amazing. I really admire hand-sewing. I have to handsew things because I don’t have a machine but I almost always give up half way. Poor Sage – I was making his wrecked favourite trousers into shorts but alas didn’t quite make it all the way and they won’t fit him next year.

I hope you are having a nice time reconnecting with your sis.

Take care

Comment by rachael

Just me…’s a your updates and will get around to starting my blog up soon.
So happy you are feeling better.

Comment by Janet Maddison

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