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April 25, 2007, 2:41 pm
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Please forgive my absence the last few days. I hadn’t been feeling very well on Monday, and then very early yesterday morning I had a seizure.
This is my third seizure so far, since developing epilepsy whilst pregnant. And luckily, well I think it’s lucky, for me I only have them while I’m asleep. It’s less lucky for Abraham who witnesses the whole thing, but I’m so, so glad he’s been there for all three. I don’t remember anything about the actual seizures, so it would have been awful to wake up with a mammoth headache, sore neck muscles and bitten inner cheeks and have no idea what the heck had happened!
The hardest thing for me has been realising that this seizure has dashed my hopes of getting my learners license for at least another 12 months. I have to have been seizure free for 12 months before learning to drive, and well.. I should have done it while I had the chance! Now It’s at least another year off. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never drive.
But yes, to all of you awaiting e-mails/ replies/ comments etc. Please be patient with me, my head is still a little fuzzy and I’m having to get a lot of rest.
Industrialmachine Mesewing
In other news, I got an industrial sewing machine! I have absolutely no clue how to use it, so will have to get someone to come and show me (it didn’t have a manual). It’s an older model, but it seems to be in really good nick, and I got it for a pretty good price too. I’m hoping to find a nice, basic, cheap domestic on this week too, as I’d like to continue to use a domestic for the fiddly appliques etc.
Any hints and tips about the industrial would be very, very appreciated!
As you can see by the second picture, I’ve borrowed a machine from mum’s friend and I’ve been getting a tiny bit of sewing done. I’m taking a few weeks break from my course (I’m pretty far ahead of the others so I’ve got some room to move…)to get some sewing done for Dandylion, and also to work on a collaboration project which will be revealed soon. I have a week long workshop coming up next month for pattern drafting, so hopefully after that I can grade my skirt/dress patterns for winter and get going on those, otherwise before I know it it’ll be Spring and I’ll have to start on something else!
One last thing, I finally finished the jerkin and handed it in (goodness, after three hours sewing in just the main lining I never want to see it ever again.). Here are the pictures of the end product:
16040jerkinfront_finished 1640jerkinlining


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hey girl,
rest up for sure! so glad you weren’t alone for the scary event or it’f aftermath. the final jerkin (?) looks great, so well done there.

I have no tips for industrial sewing machines but maybe you can google the sewing machine and find a way to buy the manual online. My aunty did this when she inherited a sewing machine with no manual.

the dandylion shop looks great! I love the fact that the space is multipurpose… customers can shop for clothes and accessories, hire vintage party dresses, and get garments altered. And its working studio, brillant! I must visit next time I am in Wellington. your work fits in well 🙂

be well!
ps biking is so much cooler than driving anyway!

Comment by kimberle and Lies

I do hope you feel better soon petal. It must feel so strange to wake up feeling horrible, and then realising the physical aftermath of a seizure, and putting it all together.

Nice sewing machine. It looks quite whizzy.


Comment by rachael

Hi! thanks for the lovely email. Hope you feel better soon, and good luck with your sewing machine!

Comment by Nynke

I hope you feel better soon! Try looking online for a manual to download for the industrial machine.

Comment by Steph

oh Rhiannon, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sick. It must be so disappointing to have to wait another 12 months before getting your learner’s.
Rest up, and happy sewing on your flash new machine…

Comment by melissa

that sounds pretty scary. it’s the little details that get me, like the idea of waking up to your cheeks having been bitten. i can imagine it might make you spacey for a while – i get that way after a migraine and that’s got to be less severe. i hope you feel better soon!

Comment by karen

Ooh, that sucks dude. So glad someone was there to look after you though. Take care of yourself. K xx

Comment by Kimberley

The bitten inner cheeks got me. That must have hurt. Rest well..

Comment by Fiona

So sorry to hear about the health problems– sounds terribly scary! hugs!

Comment by kara west

im sori ypu havent been well and Im sori you have epilepsy. My brotherinlaw has it too.
would there be a manuel online maybe you could do a google search under its model and make

Comment by jen

hi sweet rhiannon, so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling poorly… glad abraham was there to take care of you during the seizure; that would be frightening to experience alone. my cousin recently developed epilepsy and is having the same problem with driving… it is worth it to wait though! better to be safe.
as i can pretty much only do a straight stitch on my sewing machine i am not a good person to ask about the industrial! good luck with it! xo

Comment by amisha

I love what you’re sewing there, very nice.

Comment by Leo

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