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May 1, 2007, 5:50 pm
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Today was.. A wonderful day for thrifting. You know how it goes with thrifting, somedays you come home with just one mediocre thing, and other days you come home with nothing at all. But then some days it’s like you’ve won some sort of second-hand lottery? Today was pretty much one of those days.
I had lots of those finds where you know as soon as you walk in the store and see it that you’ll buy it, no matter what the cost, and really you’re at the shop ladie’s mercy. Luckily for me the little old ladies were kind too, and I scored all of the above plus this lot, for less than it cost me to top up my phone!

Today was… also a ratbaggy day. Aesop has been so full of energy lately, which has been hard for me being the complete opposite. And also with the weather having been so crappy lately we’ve been stuck inside alot. Aesop needs to touch everything, which I’m sure is very much an age thing (although the woman in the opp shop today said to me ‘he’s a Pisces isn’t he?’ so maybe he’s even more touchy than most!) but it makes for very hard work.
Yesterday he filled the memorycard spaces on my hard-drive with 10c coins, and today he ‘put on makeup’ with my mascara, dug up half of my spring onion plants, brushed his teeth at least 4 times (with my toothbrush…) and tipped most of the sugar into the floor of the pantry. He’s also taken to ‘feeding’ his animals in his zoo with his morning tea, so I’ve been finding pieces of cracker and raisins in the most unusual places.
(You might be thinking ‘ Gee, perhaps you should try watching him?’ But believe me, as you other mothers know, these things take mere second and occur while I am going to the loo, making my toast.. etc.)

Today was… A day where I got a little bit of sewing done. I’m working on hoodies for Dandylion, as I mentioned, and they’re actually progressing quite nicely. Thank goodness for abandoning my aerial cord, and passwords on the computer. I could really do with another one on for this evening. I guess I’ll have to be strong!

Today was.. really quite nice. How was yours?


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Hehe.. I have a full of beans almost 3 year old so I know where you’re coming from.. we bake together once or twice a week and her hands are always touching things, pulling things off shelves etc etc.. Although it’s hard work I love her the way she is, she’s extremely intelligent for her age and that’s what gets me through things sometimes.. you can tell yourself that as you watch your son pour sugar all over the floor 😛 (I have a photo of that from when little miss was about that age too!!)

Comment by Kat

fine thanks! I’ve actually written some of an assignment, filled a shopping trolley with food and emptied my purse, paid bills, and now I’m going to write some mopre and bake some cookies.

I love the blue birdie planter thing. And your little red riding hood coat. And the self painted face is rather adorable too. I must say I wish I had the energy to get up to half the mischief that Aesop does – just half would do me.


Comment by rachael

love the stuff you got from the thrift shop that coat is going to be so warm and cosy in the winter

toddlers get into EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pleased you got some sewing done 🙂

Comment by jen

hello! I am sickenly jello of that jacket!! Please promise if everrrrrrr yew tire of it yew will sell/swap it tew/with me x x x

Have a lovely day beautiful, would yew like tew dew a crafty swap sewn?

Comment by hazek

if only you could train small people the way you can puppies

Comment by sue

i really feel your pisces pain…my little fish is into EVERYTHING 24/7!!! nice loot today!

Comment by jessica Mccann-Dampman

I had a crap day at my crap job, but then i got home to lots of lovely post and a lovely man which cheered me up!

Even (especially?) as a non-parent, i like to think i would never judge somebody ‘cos their kid painted mascara on his face or tipped stuff all over the floor! That’s what they’re supposed to do isn’t it? 🙂

Comment by alice

That jacket is amazing! You have inspired me to run down to the op shop right now.

Comment by Amelia

so i just looked at a whole photo history of your thrift scores and have come to the ripe conclusion that you are a total pro op shopper. scores not only totally beautiful but a total bargain. wowzers.
anyway, and to answer your question, yes i have been making more of the swoopneck singlets, and have more of the tartan/gingham fabric left so could always make one up maybe even before i leave.

Comment by Hana

Yaay for good opshop mojo!

x Helen xx

Comment by Helen

I’ve had soooo many days like this with my kids. It’s only the days that we need to get things done isn’t it? My older son Cole has found his Dads recharable screwdriver and took down two and half kitchen cupboards while I was in the shower. Kavin, went outside naked to sit on the riding lawn mower, while in the shower and then is older brother called 911 three times while I was in the shower too. Gotta love ’em! Judi

Comment by Judi

oh my goodness those thrift scores… that **coat!!** that mug! fabulous finds indeed.
as a childless person i can only imagine the speed with which toddler ‘incidents’ occur 🙂 he is so cute so that must make up for a lot!!
a good day here so far… hoping for some quiet time for sewing tonight!

Comment by amisha

hi rhiannon!

your aesop looks really cute there! he’s starting to look more ‘little boy-ish’ rather than ‘baby’.

one of my daughters regularly applies ‘makeup’ with markers. she is a natural at it, but yes, it really bothered me when she started to do this as i was freaked out she’d get it all over the carpet, walls, etc. now i’m keen on buying her (she’s 2) mineral makeup to experiment with so she’s not stuck with washable crayola markers for this experimentation.

love your thrifting finds! that is one cute vase!

Comment by Joanne

Op shopping is truly an art form and you are well-versed at it. I had to laugh at your wee one’s mascara episode. My duvet and pillow inners still have the lipstick scars from 5 years ago when my makeup draw became an object of playtime.

Comment by Leo

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