Long time no see…
May 14, 2007, 1:04 pm
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Dear poor neglected blog,
I’m ever-so-sorry for my long, absence the last week or so. I know you probably feel thoroughly abandoned, and very let down, but alas my priorties this last week or so have been found elsewhere.
I spent the day-times last week in Rotorua on ‘workshop’ for my course. It was hard. Harder than I expected. We learned the very basic of pattern drafting, and drafted up basic blocks for a bodice with sleeves, a four and six gore skirt, a ruched top skirt with godets and a basic pant. We learned how to grade a basic skirt pattern (go up and down in sizes). And we learned how fantastic the food is at the cafe on campus. ha.
Only 3 (including me) people from our group of 21 showed up for the workshop. Which is unfortunate for them (I found it hard enough with the tutor right there, let alone going it alone!), but lucky for me. I’m not a ‘big- crowd’ person by any means. The other two people on my course were both almost double my age, but we had plenty of laughs.
The evenings were filled with a flu-y child and mother, extended sleeping after working my brain so hard all day, and trying to fit any any last chance hours with my sister that I could.
Jodie left on Thursday, after what feels like very, very whirlwind three weeks. They travelled round a bit, and so we only saw them half a dozen times, which was a real shame. But Aesop loved meeting them, and it was nice for me to both see my sister and to have an adult to hang out with. It sounds pathetic but it was just nice to see someone.
And in the middle of all this I also managed to get a stress fracture (apparently) in my foot.( Who knew stress manifested in the form of fractures?) And I tried desperately to get my order finished for Dandylion, fingers crossed I get the last finishing touches done this evening.Oh and did I mention the terrible twos are in full throes? It’s constant battles around our house at the moment.
So I’m a hobbling, limping, still stressing out, still flu-y well… mess.
But I’m back to daily updates!
Oh how I’ve missed you sweet blog.


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Good to see you back!

Get well soon, dear thing,
Helen xx

Comment by Helen

Hello Rhiannon, how are you and your sewing machine getting along now after that course you did. Oh and – you have been tagged! Hope you have fun if you play! but i reallise you may have no time or inclination right now, and that’s dandy too xxxx

Comment by tash at poppyseeds

nice to see you back! the course sounds hard, but rewarding (oh, how i would love to know all that stuff!)
feel better soon. x

Comment by melissa

The course sounds rewarding indeed. and ouch! foot fracture? Take good care & get well soon k.

Comment by Fiona

Stress fracture? You poor thing…….. so much for walking now huh? Glad you enjoyed your workshop, hope you learned lots…… so lucky to know that stuff now! Glad you’re back!

Comment by Judi

so nice to see you back dear girl. i am sorry about the stress fracture… ouch!! hope you’re feeling a bit better and getting some rest.
the workshop sounds amazing. it’s too bad that the other students missed out but so much better for you to get the one-on-one attention!

Comment by amisha

I hope your foot feels better!

Comment by lauren

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