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May 17, 2007, 11:08 pm
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A few fun things from my week so far:

* These hoodies are finally going to Dandylion tomorrow. The long sleeved ones have been in the process of being finished for what feels like ever. Each hoodie takes about three hours, perhaps a little longer, from start to finish and when you’re sewing every few days and only for an hour or two while the ratbag sleeps or is at preschool, it just drags on and on. You can see bigger pictures by clicking on them, or by going to my flickr.

*I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but these hoodies came out really, really well. Some of them are my favourites yet. But the worst thing is that my mannequin makes them all look like boxy, misshapen yuck. My sweet mannequin has served me well the last 12 years (holy crap that makes me sound old!) but now she’s losing her bolts, she’s lopsided, shes wonky and well, she just doesn’t really look like a body anymore. I may as well start modeling them on a cardboard box! But after what happened last time, I’m not asking for anything.

* I had to be a real ‘grown up’ this week and make a complaint at Aesop’s preschool. We were late the other morning and walked in on the start of ‘mat time’ to the teacher praying! As we walked in she was saying ‘And we thank God for this beautiful day, in Jesus name.. amen.’ And well, I’m all for people praying and being thankful, but quite frankly a non-denominational public pre-school is not the place to do it. It’s against the ministry of educations guidelines, and it’s definitely against what I want for Aesop (which, just in case anyone is interested, is that he be thankful, but he decides for himself who he wants to thank.). So I had to be a mature type of person who goes to the supervisor and gives them a piece of my mind. Scary, but hopefully it pays off. Aesop really likes his preschool, but we’ll move him (and inform the ministry) if it doesn’t.

May07coat May07coatdetails
*The thrift gods must be feeling bad about the severe fabric drought at the moment, as they gifted me this absolutely incredible coat on Tuesday. The pictures really don’t do it justice. The sleeves are wider, the fabric is a beautiful egg shell blue wool, it’s lined with very heavy cool silk and it feels amazing.
I can only fault a few things, it needs drycleaning (but really, most things do after they’ve ‘lived’ this long),it has shoulder pads. I’m considering taking it to the sewing shop and having alterations done to take the pads out and bring the shoulder seams in accordingly. (I would attempt it myself, but really the coat is so mind blowing that I’d hate to butcher it.) and it doesn’t have pockets.
But for nz$10 I’m certainly not complaining!

*Last night I made dinner for Abraham, my friend Philly and her partner Brent. We had roast chicken and vegetables, fresh fruit salad and ice cream, and multiple bottles of wine. We then played poker (with four different types of lollies in place of the coloured chips) until one in the morning. It’s nice to have at least one friend in this town! We had a blast, and I can always use the excuse that I was roaringly drunk as to why I didn’t last long in the game!

*I got my results back for my costume history book, and the infamous jerkin. Looks like those 12 hours of hand stitching paid off, I got 100%! whooppee!

*I’ve been on a huge recycling bend, after watching children of men. I didn’t really like the movie (too much nail-biting-ness and depressing-ness for me), but I can definitely say it was well done and it’s got me thinking.
It was a nice evening though, as many have been lately. Thanks Abraham. (I love you smushy!)

I’m off too bed now, to sleep off all that wine. Perhaps you can give me something to read over breakfast, what’s your favourite thing to happen so far in your week sweet blog readers? I’d love to hear about it!


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Hi! I’ve commented once before (to compliment the banana birthday cake), but hopefully this time I may be able to save you a little money… I’ve often removed the shoulder-pads from 2nd hand clothes, thinking I’d have to take in the shoulders, only to find that they fit just fine after the pad-removal and without further alteration (and without having been too small before; I don’t undertand the mechanics of this, but there you are). So I’d recommend trying that first, and only then taking the coat to the seamstress if necessary. And, do remember to try on the coat with whatever warm under-layers you’re likely to want to wear under it when it’s cold!

Comment by Jessie

Opps, feeling guilty now as I’m part of the “fabric drought” problem. No, I haven’t forgotten my promise of a care package and yes, I’ve been very slack (but busy).

Soooooooon, I promise 🙂

Comment by The Shopping Sherpa

the hoodies look brilliant – and you’ve done an owl, my favourite! Especially like the sleeveless black one, it looks fab. Hm, do you do commissions? no stress, may be further in the future.. Cx

Comment by caireen

100% – you genius! You totally deserve it, girl! I love Aesop’s glasses.

Comment by Kimberley

Oh, and my favourite thing to have happened this week was to go out for dinner to my favourite French restaurant “Bastille”, me in a slinky red dress, he in a suit and black shirt. We drank kir and wine and port and ate gratin and creme brulee and other goodies. I was totally stuffed with yumminess, and then I got to go home with him.

Comment by Kimberley

senSAYTional coat, wear it heaps! i bet the first person to ever get there was in heaven too! yay for you for standing your ground about the praying, how arrogant of the teacher to do that tricky little thing. the best thinkg to happen this week was, loving every single kid in my art class and just feeling like it really really worked and they all really really wanted to be there.

Comment by tash at poppyseeds

I’m doing quite the swoonarama over that coat. Lucky you!

The best thing about this week is the fact that my eleven and half year old boy child is still really snuggly and kissy and he still invites me to snuggle up in his bed for sweet morning chats. He traps me and tries to keep me there as long as possible. I guess it won’t last for much longer so I cherish it while it does.


Comment by rachael

hey there
I like the orange owl hoodie very much.
well done one your mark, you def put the time in and I am not surprised 9remember I am very pro jerkin)

best thing about this week. Someone thinking I was under 18… very funny:) oh and going to a stand up comedy gig last night… the comedian is a 20 year old fine arts student and curator… what an unexpected combination. 🙂


Comment by kimberle and Lies

The best thing about this week is that it is OVER. Week from hell but reading lovely blogs like yours is always nice. That coat is amazing!!!

Comment by Steph

lovely coat rhiannon, it looks great on you- and well done on the jerkin marks!
your week sounds really lovely- and what a lot of work you did- the hoodies are amazing. i like them all, especially the grey flower one.
so much to comment on in this post that perhaps i’ll just write you an email!
take care, m x

Comment by melissa

I love that orange owl hoodie! They’re all very loverly actually, but i do like orange, and owls, so…

And the coat is wonderful, a great find. I envy people with the thrift shop knack, which is something i sadly lack (it’s the patience to sift thru’ all the crud that i don’t have – giving up too easily. either that or all the charity shops round here are just rubbish or so picked over that i don’t have a chance).

Big congratulations for getting 100%! That must mean it was perfect! Blimey..

Comment by alice

I like the hoodies

pleased you had a great evening

good girl!!! WTG re your results

Comment by jen

Hi Rhiannon – your tops are absolutely awesome, I love them! I know you’re extremely busy with studying, parenting, relationshipping and generally life (I can relate to all!) but if you’re ever needing cash and would like to make a jersey then I’m a definite buyer!

Comment by Vanessa

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