May 19, 2007, 11:36 am
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The thrift gods must have decided to loosen up a little and boy did they bring the goods yesterday.
I got: Half a nappy bucket full of pretty much brand new Lego (I was watching an auction of a similar amount on trademe and it sold for more than $50!), two big old velvet souvenir cushions annnnd a huge big banana box brimming with fabric, including THIRTY metres of 80’s ballgownesque taffeta-type material. Drool.
But the very best bit? I walked in and walked around the shop and found nothing at all that I wanted, and the lady came out and was like ‘ I’ve got some fabric out the back for you to look through!’. I got to go out the back in to thrifters heaven, and sort through four boxes of fabric! I was walking out with my haul, the lego which Aesop had found and the two cushions I’d nabbed off another shelf (hoping she’d let me buy them and not mind I’d obviously nosed further than the boxes!..) and she was like ‘Is $15 for the lot okay?’.
Oh life is sweet sometimes.

(I’m having two childfree, internet free night and days starting tonight, so I’ll ‘see you’ all on Monday evening. Have a beautiful, productive weekend x)


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I love, love, love the cushions! How neat are they going to be in your home? I’m very much jealous of your luck with the thrifting….. I hope to get some in myself at the Goodwill tomorrow! We never find any fabric though, boo hoo!

I have tons and I mean tons of Legos in my home. They hurt like crazy when you step on them so watch out!

Comment by Judi

Oh man, I want to go to your op shops! there is never anything worth buying here 😦
Have a lovely weekend 🙂
p.s we love duplo here, my daughter plays with it every day for at least an hour!

Comment by Kat

oh legos! I remember those days, I didn’t realise they were so expensive here… I might have to get some when I am visiting the states.
glad you scored some great finds. I wish you a productive and fun weekend.

Comment by kimberle and Lies

What towns/countries are your cushions of?

Nice score re: fabric! And what are you going to do with the satin?? And does this mean Toast winter skirts soon?

x Helen

Comment by Helen

man, i dreeeeeam of getting into the back of op shops… i’ve even pondered volunteering a few hours a week at a couple of them just to get the inside scoop.

thank you so much for your kind words on my post yesterday, it really does make me feel better to hear other peoples experiences and advice 🙂

Comment by leslie

Lego is so fun to play with

hope youve had an awesome weekend

Comment by jen

wow!! lucky girl… that fabric haul is amazing!! good for you dear… enjoy your you-time and hope that it’s relaxing and filled with good creative moments!

Comment by amisha

excellent to get such a great stash of fabric and thrifting goodness. I also love the hoodies too. Are you only selling through Dandelion now not direct?

Comment by Kates

ah! Lego! I loooooove lego! 🙂

Comment by M%n

ah! Lego! I loooooove lego! 🙂

Comment by M%n

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