May 23, 2007, 9:50 pm
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May07sillyface May07newmachine

(I’m sorry. I just can’t think of anything to write. So here’s a picture of a smile, and one of my new sewing machine. I’m sure I’ll get this sorted soon. Bear with me.)


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7 Random Facts About Myself…

1. I think I am a ‘super-taster’. I have been convinced of this for years. I can tell when someone has stirred my tea with the same teaspoon they used to stir a coffee. I can taste minscule amounts of things in dishes. If you tried to put half a teaspoon of peanut butter in the nachoes – I’ll know about it.
There is a theory that super-tasters have more tastebuds or something. I don’t quite get it, but Rhiannon got blue food dye all over her house trying to prove that I wasn’t.

2. I once had a cell-phone that was ruling my life and just costing me money and wasn’t much use. So I threw it off a bridge into a river thinking I’d never see it again. It was really cinematic and probably would have made a good scene in a movie.
But, it survived and someone found it and rang ‘home’ on it and it came back to me. Biggest anti-climax ever.

3. Like Rhiannon I have never drunk a cup of coffee and I don’t hold a licence. Apparently super-tasters don’t like the taste of coffee. And I had some sort of paranoid episode involving cars and it’s put me off them for life.

4. Like Rhiannon I imagine I am doing a cooking show when I’m cooking dinner. Or I’m presenting a hip-hop DVD when I make beats. I do this allllllll the time. I have a constant inner-dialogue which is basically me being interviewed with someone. I remember realising I wasn’t crazy when I saw The Commitments and the main character did the same thing in the bath.

5. The first time I ever performed my music in front of a full house at an lesbian open-mic night in Auckland City. Don’t ask me how or why, but I ended up doing an encore. If there is ever a movie of my life, I want this to be the first scene.

6. I’m afraid of prayingmantises.

7. When I was younger my cousins and I created a super group. We were a band and all took on the personas of actual rock stars. There was Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Tina Turner and Jenny Morris. My cousin and I would often come to blows over who would get to be Prince.
We used to put on concerts for our parents and write songs and make dance sequences and everything. The joys of not having a TV.


Comment by abraham

you are so cute 🙂

Comment by amisha

I can’t think of anything at the moment either. Here’s me drinking to anyone in a similar situation finding some inspiration soon! 🙂 (i’m having gin and tonic)

Comment by alice

We’ll take a smile anytime! And a new machine…… HOooo WEeeeee!

I’m afraid of praying mantises too! I once opened a car door when I was nine and there was an evil plotting mantis under the handle. I crushed him with my BARE HANDS and freaked out completely! Plus, they just stare at you and rock…. what’s up with that?

Comment by Judi

What happened to the industrial sewing machine??

You’ve had some bad luck with gear!

x Helen

Comment by Helen

great photos
hope your all okay 🙂

Comment by jen

thank you for the photos, they beat silence any day, I promise I will take coat photos soon, and maybe even one of my lovely new old Pacemaker radio (humming valves and all) (which incidentally used to belong to a ‘sir’) : o yay for garagephenalia : )

Comment by Lou

blinkie smile :}


Comment by kimberlee

Ok, Gin and Tonic in hand, I prepare to pontificate…… Abraham has suddenly materialised here as a hilariously funny person…. David Bowie playing in a super group with Jenny Morris! HA! I am still laughing out loud! Plus, the internal monlogue seems to be a pervading habit in ole blogland…… I love it. My new favourite is practising terribly witty and devestating things to say when one day I meet the nasty girls who picked on me in high school. I WILL be fabulous, and they, of course, will be terribly unhappy and jealous….. woot!
You’re brilliant Rhiannon…… lets dispense with the niceties alltogether and bitch to the world!
Cheers, Leah xxxx

Comment by paper.string.cloth

Hi Rhiannon – gosh I’m all a jumble of blogs right now. I visited yours the other day but don’t think I said hello then. Can’t believe it’s quarter past eight already. Must stop designing cards and cook dinner !! (wish I had a gin and tonic, we’re having an alcohol free week).

+ Charlotte +

Comment by Charlotte

What a smile brightening up this big old world!

Comment by tash at poppyseeds

hurry up and update ehhhhhh bays.

Comment by abraham

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