I will survive.
June 16, 2007, 8:41 am
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June07muffinmix1_2 June07familyphoto2
I’ll be back to blogging sometime soon I hope.
The last few weeks, even months, have been a bit of a grey haze for me, but things are finally looking up. The sewing machine has had a little use (with plenty more planned..), the studying has begun again (albeit very slowly), and the general foggy lack of motivation which comes with a wee relapse of depression is easing up. Thank goodness.
Thank you to everyone who has e-mailled me to check where I’ve been, I really appreciate it. I’ve been without the internet during daytime hours, and trying to limit my time in the evenings. I’ve been debating getting rid of it all together, but I’m not sure I’d cope. Perhaps I should just delete the games? They are, afterall, my real downfall. It seems I finish doing what needs to be done online, I start thinking ‘ I really should go and do this.. or this..’ and then I play four hundred and ninety billion games of internet backgammon (which might I add I’m very good at now. ha.).
Either way, I have loads of things to show you, including the jewel in my thrifting crown, the most beautiful thing I have EVER bought at the opp shops!
I have two days to myself this weekend, so I’ll tentatively guess that I’ll see you all next week! 


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I pray that your depression is under control
I get depressed and am on antidepreants with out them I would be a mess
I have tried not using them several times just isnt worth it

Cant wait to see the things you have to show us

enjoy your weekend 🙂

Comment by jen

HOoray, HOoray, HOoray…. she’s back! I’m glad you’re feeling better. I wish you didn’t have to go through any depression at all….. it’s just the hardest thing isn’t it?

We all have our downfalls don’t we? Mine is looking for fabric online and browsing through all the great things on Etsy I wish I could buy!

I’m glad to see you back and also want to say that I love the pictures you have posted…… looks like you’re having fun!

Comment by Plumtickled

so great to know you are feeling better!! and the family looks smashing, you guys are beautiful together…

being sad is bothersome, but we always learn from it in the end. be well dear!

Comment by jessica

Welcome back love,

Good to see that despite the haze there is cake (?) and family……
Depression is a fucker…..Personally I recommend (amongst other things, of course) large doses of Magnesuim and Vitamin B. Seriously. These two vitamins cured me of Chronic Fatigue in the late 90’s – Magnesium targets the central nervous system and related disorders, and the B is fabulous for boosting energy. You need lots of it though, especially when things are really hard.

Anyway, enough Naturopathy 101 – Good to see your pretty face again.
Leah xxxx

Comment by paper.string.cloth

glad to see you’re back and ok. raspberries and white chocolate. yummmmmy…

Comment by alice

I get depression too and I am also afflicted with procrastination and avoidance tactics. Some days…whole, entire days are spent zombified in front of the computer…usually on myspace or youtube. Its so bad. I love reading your blogs and I love your pics. Sending you lots of love and hugs from London x

Comment by Gina Lee

Did you notice that in the pic it looks like you have a halo? Nice to see you back and i hope you feel up to posting again soon. It seems like you have some fans. BTW i’m a naturopath and i second Leah’s comments about the magnesium and B vits. Also, and you probably know this but simple things like eating nutritious food and getting your body moving can really help lift the spirits. (There’s heaps more but i don’t wanna preach!)xx

Comment by jasmine

God we sound alike. I too suffer from black dog days, I am a terrible procrastinator, and master of avoidance. I really hope this week sees you back in a better place.

Comment by Leo

I know that pesky little black dog called depression too. I wish there was some bone you could throw it to catch and it would never come back. I don’t know about you but these chilly days make it so much harder to get away from. Glad to here you’re emerging from the fog : ) those raspberries look yumbaboomba

Comment by esther

yay. i’m so glad you’re back, skinny legs. the internet needs you.

Comment by abraham

You’re so sweet! I’m glad you’re back and feeling better!

Comment by esther

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