Thank you and goodbye.
June 18, 2007, 2:57 pm
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Lyndell Lyndell1
Today has been a very, very emotional day.
We heard this morning (thank you Kirsty.) that our beloved midwife, Lyndell Rowan-Gabay, passed away.

I knew from the very moment I spoke to Lyndell on the phone that I’d love her. I had planned to call a list of midwives to see which sounded the most suitable, but I didn’t get further than my first call.
She told me 19 was the perfect age to be having a child, and that she loved vegans. I was sold.
And love her we really did. She was one of the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She was so enthusiastic about her job, and about life. She was always so busy, and often tired from late night births, but never once did she show up to an appointment looking anything other than glowing.
She was wonderfully down to earth, a bit of a hippy even. She’d give me herbal creams for things, homeopathy pills. She wore the most gorgeous long Hawaiian, and pacific print dresses with little shell necklaces.She weighed Aesop in a little floral bag because she thought it was nicer than a nappy. She had long, long hair that was usually worn out and flowing, and she had a big beautiful, genuine smile.

She gave us the best present in the world, a beautiful birth. We really had such a lovely time welcoming Aesop into the world. It was quite long, and obviously very painful, but Lyndell was such a calming presence. She talked me out of my begging to go to the hospital, when I wasn’t willing to listen to anything. She reassured Abraham and helped him to ‘catch’ Aesop, and gave him the reassurance he needed to cut the cord, releasing Aesop in into the world.
I honestly believe without Lyndell’s help and perseverance I would have given up breastfeeding before the first week was out. And I thank her so much for her patience with us while we struggled to get used to our howling little reflux baby.
I stayed in touch with Lyndell after the six weeks of visits, occasionally going to homebirth picnics and meetings with her, and Abraham and I had the pleasure of attending her handfasting ceremony not too long before we left Nelson.
It was so beautiful, and so Lyndell. A hall full of flowers and candles, with a folk music and people she loved. All her friends and family were there, and a lot of her ‘homebirth’ families. She told me she wanted to be surrounded in strong, inspirational women. Well Lyndell, I’ve never met any one that fits that description better than you, and I’m so honoured you considered me to fit into that category.
Lyndell looked amazing. She wore a shocking pink satin gown, with her long hair up and a one piece dangling down her bare back. She took everyone’s breath away when she entered the room. She was so happy, after the ceremony she danced and danced and danced. I felt so privileged to have been witness to such a beautiful thing.
I’ve thought so many times about calling her, after not being able to get hold of her before we left. I’ve thought so many times about how if I ever got pregnant again I’d want to fly her up for the birth. I’ve thought about her so often, and I feel so, so blessed to have met such an amazing soul, and to have had her play such an important part in our lives.
So, thank you Lyndell. Thank you for everything you did for us, and thank you for being such an amazing, beautiful woman. I don’t feel like anything I can write would do how I feel justice. You’ve brought so much life into this world, and been with people through so many hard, and amazing times in their lives. It just seems so wrong that someone so glowing, healthy and young, who has brought so much to so many should have to go so soon. You’ll be sorely missed and often thought of.
Rest in peace Lyndell.


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May she rest in peace
she sounds like she was a beautiful amazing woman
big hugs to you

I still remember my first midwife
lost touch with her but she was sweet, kind and supportive too

wow did you have a home birth 🙂

Comment by jen

i still can’t believe it. so so so sad. rest in peace lyndell. thank you for everyhting. god bless.

Comment by abraham

I’m so sorry for your loss, and the grief you are going through.

Comment by Megan

R, you write so beautifully, so from the heart, so true. It’s so good to have you back writing, I’ve missed your posts. K xxx

Comment by Kimberley

How lucky you three were to have known someone so special. Keep her close to your heart and she’ll always be near. Sorry for your loss.

Comment by Plumtickled

thank you for this lovely tribute to a very special woman. i was so glad to know her too. rest in peace, lyndell.

Comment by melissa

oh rhiannon, i’m so sorry to hear about your friend. she sounds like an amazing woman. life is so unfair sometimes. i hope you are well. xx

Comment by olivia

oh rhiannon. what a beautiful, beautiful tribute to your friend, who sounds like she was such a remarkable and joy-filled person. to be a source of strength during a birth is a blessed thing. thinking of you. xoxo

Comment by amisha

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