June 19, 2007, 4:24 pm
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erJune07bag June07bags June07bluedress
June07bluedress1 June07jesusandmary June07pinkdress
June07sheepyscarves June07painting June07legotower1_2

First row (from left to right): THE most amazing thing I have ever found at the op-shops, A fully hand-beaded bag, with the most amazing floral pattern. It has little half beads glued all over it and it’s the most glorious size.. really big! The Bakelite handles have seen better days but the bag itself is near perfect. This one’s going on the wall. It was $1! And then the other three bags I got the same day, also $1 each. The two on either side are a little worse for wear, but they’ll be great on the wall.

Second row: A beautiful, beautiful dress with a lovely crossover back detail. It’s teeny tiny (about a size 8, it wouldn’t even fit on my mannequin..) If I wasn’t completely anti the idea of reselling vintage (sorry ladies who do it..) I’d be making a pretty penny from this one. Then you have jesus and mary. Anyone who’s ever visited the toilet at my house knows I like to have a little ‘shrine’ in there. These two were a great addition at only $2 each. The pink dress is gorgeous. It’s ankle length, backless and best of all.. it fits me! It has little buttons up the front which I love to pieces.

Third row: Two sheepskin collars I picked up yesterday at Mr. Bo. I hope the veggies among us can forgive me, but I’m really loving fur/fleece collars at the moment (only vintage of course..). I don’t know when I’ll wear them, but I do love them so. And a picture that is now hanging in my ‘guest loo’ across from jesus and Mary. I’m not sure what the attraction is but I just liked it. And finally.. not thrifted but pretty cool.. I made a tower (with help from Abraham..) using nearly every single block of lego we own. It’s 3/4s of Aesop’s height and pretty awesome. I think I’m loving the lego nearly as much as Aesop!

So yes… those are the highlights of my thrifting this month so far! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some made things to show you!

(also, Abraham wrote something for Lyndell too. Just in case you’re interested.)
Thanks for the kind words everyone. It’s nice to be back again, you guys are the best ever.


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love the beaded bag, the dresses and the painting
lego is cool to play with isnt it

Comment by jen

Great stuff you scored at the thrifty! I wish I was there in sunny NZ. I’d bake you a pie and give you a hug. Sorry to hear about your friend and midwife…it is so sad…life just doesn’t make sense sometimes. God must have a bigger plan for her somewhere else. Anyway, I send love and hugs from musty old England x

Comment by Gina Lee

You’re the envy of us all…….. you do know that right? You always seem to find such wonderful things……… how do you do it?

Comment by Plumtickled

That blue dress with the red string is my favourite.

Flat John sends his regards.

Comment by Abraham

good scores, lucky one!

hope you’re keeping warm!

xx H

Comment by Helen

good scores, lucky one!

hope you’re keeping warm!

xx H

Comment by Helen

oh, my. that dress really is amazing. you should display it on the wall…
you really do have such a great eye for thrifty greatness!

Comment by melissa

WOW. i so so want to be on the next plane to NZ to go thrifting with you and m. yes indeed. 🙂

Comment by amisha

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