June 21, 2007, 11:09 pm
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June07rollerskates_2 664401545_l_2
(picture on right stolen from their myspace)
My friend John (orrr Fatty as he prefers to be called) was in town today, and kindly took me to do groceries and shouted us hot chocolates/ fluffies at our local.
He told me about a girl he’s been seeing who is in the Auckland Roller Derby team.
I remember reading an article about this whole roller derby craze in bust magazine awhile ago, and it struck me as a little weird, but strangely appealing. As violent as ice hockey, but played by women in fishnets and miniskirts. But then I forgot all about it.
John gave me the 2007 calender that the Auckland girls made, and hot damn. If I didn’t want to put on my skates and beat people up before I most certainly do now.
This evening I’ve been googling the different groups and things, and while I’m not too sure about some of the outfits etc,(the whole ‘rockabilly’ look isn’t really my favourite) the whole idea of it is awesome.
There’s just something about really, really tough girls who are somehow, at the same time, really glamorous. It’s inspiring.
It encourages sport and fitness amongst a group of people that might not usually get into that sort of thing, and well.. it must be nice to be part of a group. (oh my that makes me sound so lonely and pathetic.)
So there, another random fact about me: I want to be a roller derby girl!
(If you happen to pop round and I’m hanging out the washing wearing my roller skates that should explain things.)

I know I promised finished crafting today, but alas. I have 11 (yes 11!) hoodies all sewn this week ready for appliques, buttons and labels, and about 8 bonnets in the making, but nothing done and dusted and ready to be shown off.

I do have a question for you lovelies though: What do you listen to most when you’re crafting? My broadband people have kindly raised my bandwidth and I thought to celebrate I’d download some new music to craft to.
Lately I’ve been really enjoying Joanna Newsome, Kimya dawson, the telecom soundtrack (ha! music from the Telecom adverts. Shame.), a mix cd of music sweet Melissa put together for Aesop and I just happen to like almost more than he does, The lolligags (who are an amazing duo, and have an EP out.. go look!), and an eclectic mix of music I’ve gathered over the years (everything from teen-pop to hip-hop and back again). I like music I can sing along to, and music that’s not too ‘thrashy’. So pretty please.. suggest away!

(I’m in a strange mood.. can you tell? And how many brackets can one girl use in an entry? Goodness me. It must be bedtime! Sweet dreams!)


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those girls look like they need some TOAST hoodies!!
i’ll have to think of some music…there is so much, but i am on this sonic youth kick (i’m old!)- be well.

Comment by jessica

I would totally be a Roller Derby girl if I could get my skinny ass off the ciggies and off the couch!
As for music, I have a few suggestions in return for your shopping suggestions!

My Favourites:

Neko Case
Gillian Welch
Lucinda Williams
Nick Drake
Will Oldham/Bonnie Prince Billy/The Palace Brothers
The Kill Devil Hills
Of Montreal
Bright Eyes
Andrew Bird
Ali Farka Toure
Iron & Wine
Fiona Apple

There’s a bit of everything in there… I hope you find some things you like…..
Have you heard Joanna Newsom’s second album, Ys? Fabulousness beyond belief!!!!

Happy downloading!

Leah xxx

Comment by paper. string. cloth

Hi there!
i’ve been checking out your blog for a couple weeks now, so i figured it’s about time i say ‘hi!’
here are a few of my favourite artists to listen to while crafting:

James Morrison: pop/soul
Joshua Radin: folk-y
Jamie Cullum: pop/jazz
Guy Sebastian: pop

Comment by Cat

I like The Slackers, a nice bit of laid back ska to get my fingers working. Not sure about the roller derby, wouldn’t you get ladders in your tights?! Hanging out the washing in rollerskates though, that’s just practical!

Comment by sarah

ooh, please do hang out the washing in your skates! Aesop would think that was awesome. i also find roller derby girls strangely appealing. i don’t know about the ‘fighting’ part, though, that just scares me.
I have some music i want to copy for you, but the copyer thing on our computer doesn’t work anymore! sad. but at the moment i’m loving bonnie prince billy (when do i not love him?!) , belle and sebastian, sufjan stevens, fiona apple. happy listening! xx

Comment by melissa

You do have Lily Allen, don’t you?

Comment by The Shopping Sherpa

I love the roller derby girls too – they are so hot!

I’m listening to:

Bloc Party
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
Bjork’s crazy new record
Le Tigre
The Kaiser Chiefs
Loop recording’s OE Brazil albumn
The Mint Chicks
Cat Power

Comment by Helen

Hehe – a friend of mine did a story on the roller derby for three news – they’re brilliant. I’ve been considering joining them up here in Auckland – such a good way to vent!!! I have still been meaning to email you a photo of the owl throw thing I have – but I thought I’d post it to you. I don’t need it – can you email me your address.

Comment by Kate Shuttleworth

Hello dear woman,

Here’s what fills my ears and gladens my soul of late:

Bloc Party
Joanna Newsome
Bjork (always)
Animal Collective
Kate Bush
Sleater Kinney
and because I have a pre-teen son My Chemical Romance.

Happy listening xxx

Comment by rachael

Hey…I almost dig roller derby with the London Roller Girls but my upredictable working schedule made it impossible for me to commit to the practices. The girls are all really lovely though.
As for music: If I am pattern cutting, I listen to classical on my digital radio. It’s the only thing that actually helps my concentration. If I am crafting, sewing or doing art, I almost always listen to:
Zero 7
Gang of Four
Cocteau Twins
When I am in the kitchen baking or cooking its:
Billie Holiday

Comment by Gina Lee

I have a few more to add:
Dar Williams
Ray LaMontagne
Apples in Stereo


Comment by Kelly in Chicago

much of the music I like is already suggested…
but you may like


they are freak folk with hip hop influences, and my favorite part is they play children’s toys as instruments. also they are long lost sister. gotta love it.


Comment by kimberlee

Hi! You are sooo cute 🙂 I would love to be a roller derby girl but I am totally a baby and I don’t like to get hurt.

I listen to:
Alkaline Trio(for some reason I just like them so much! Its the lyrics I think they are very sweet/dark)
The Falcon
The Broadways
Lawrence Arms

All from Chicago in the US but all sweet and deep and darkish I love them, You should try them out 🙂

Comment by Lauren

dirty projectors
paul young (see my blog)
grayson hugh
the stylistics
el michaels affair

Comment by abraham

lately i’ve been listening to ray charles, cake, morrissey, wilco, and edith piaf while i’ve been crafting. a bit random, i think. e just gifted me with the new wilco + new lucinda williams for the birthday and they are wonderful.
roller derby… i can totally see you doing that 🙂 tough and glam!

Comment by amisha

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