June 22, 2007, 5:40 pm
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This morning consisted of three and a half hours of computer time with Aesop sleeping curled up on my lap, like a large cat. While my bottom went numb, and my dressing gown became more and more soaked in toddler snot, sweat and dribble, I started to feel worse and worse myself.
This afternoon has been a combination of snuggled up sleeping, and a horrifically foul mood that only a sick toddler and his also-not-so-well mother could create.

‘I want a dvd!’
‘How do you ask nicely please, Aesop?’
‘I want a dvd!’
‘Where have your manners gone? Have you lost them?’
‘No. I don’t. I want a dvdeeeee.’
‘Do you mean: I want a dvd, please mama?’
‘No. I not. I want a dvd.’
‘ I waaaaaaannnnt aaaa deeeveeeedee’. (reapeatedly for about ten minutes.While I intermittedly ask for some manners.)
Holding my thumping head, I decide to go against supernanny’s strict instructions not to give in.
‘ Okay Aesop which dvd would you like?’
‘Bert and Ernie please, Mama. Thank you very much.’

Aesop is not eating anything except biscuits, had a huge tantrum because I wouldn’t let him drink his milk with a spoon, has screamed the house down each and every nappy change, will not keep his socks on, and will not walk anywhere. And while I feel a little apathy, and enjoying the chance to have some cuddles from a normally ants-in-pants toddler, it’s driving me bloomin’ bananas. Roll on bedtime.

Oh my, I was definitely not gifted with the wonderful virtue that is patience.


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