June 22, 2007, 5:40 pm
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This morning consisted of three and a half hours of computer time with Aesop sleeping curled up on my lap, like a large cat. While my bottom went numb, and my dressing gown became more and more soaked in toddler snot, sweat and dribble, I started to feel worse and worse myself.
This afternoon has been a combination of snuggled up sleeping, and a horrifically foul mood that only a sick toddler and his also-not-so-well mother could create.

‘I want a dvd!’
‘How do you ask nicely please, Aesop?’
‘I want a dvd!’
‘Where have your manners gone? Have you lost them?’
‘No. I don’t. I want a dvdeeeee.’
‘Do you mean: I want a dvd, please mama?’
‘No. I not. I want a dvd.’
‘ I waaaaaaannnnt aaaa deeeveeeedee’. (reapeatedly for about ten minutes.While I intermittedly ask for some manners.)
Holding my thumping head, I decide to go against supernanny’s strict instructions not to give in.
‘ Okay Aesop which dvd would you like?’
‘Bert and Ernie please, Mama. Thank you very much.’

Aesop is not eating anything except biscuits, had a huge tantrum because I wouldn’t let him drink his milk with a spoon, has screamed the house down each and every nappy change, will not keep his socks on, and will not walk anywhere. And while I feel a little apathy, and enjoying the chance to have some cuddles from a normally ants-in-pants toddler, it’s driving me bloomin’ bananas. Roll on bedtime.

Oh my, I was definitely not gifted with the wonderful virtue that is patience.


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No-one was gifted with patience when it comes to tired, sick toddlers. They’ll win out every time.

Comment by Megan

Aw, you may both be ill and in a bad mood, but at least you’re both pretty!

Comment by alice

Oh, your poor little man…… and poor little you! I wish you both better soon. I just went through two weeks of mine being sick and I’m gonna tell ya…… IT’S EXHAUSTING!

Enjoy the snuggles though….. they get fewer and farther between soon enough!

Comment by Plumtickled

I am also not eating anything except biscuits. I think I might turn into one/give birth to one. Sending you germ-bustin’ powers across the seas

Comment by esther

So sorry you’re both poorly. It sounds to me like you handled your grumpy toddler with much patience. Good work (and especially when you’re not feeling well either).

How’s this for an afternoon. Sage was out playing and Luke was absorbed by computer, computer, computer so I went to have a lie down (so, so tired), and I fell asleep. Sage came home and couldn’t find me, even though our house consists of 6 rooms, Luke said she’s probably gone to town (!?!? as if!), and Sage freaked out. He did th right thing though ans went to our neighbourhood friend for help. I think next time he’ll be looking in my bed.

And just by the way, in case anyone who reads this is horrified, I have never gone to town and left my children alone. Never.

I hope you are on the mend soon, the both of you.


Comment by rachael

hey there,
sorry things are so tough, I remember what it is like with sick toddlers. nothing can be done, bring on the dvds and bedtimes.
hang in there.
hope you two feel better soon.


Comment by kimberlee

that cat looks like mine and gets into bed with us just like that cat! get well soon.

Comment by tash at poppyseeds

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