A hint of progress.
July 3, 2007, 12:40 pm
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Finally.. something crafty to show on my crafty blog!
I’ve finished the first six of this batch of hoodies, all they need now are toast labels and they’re set to sail (or drive?). I’ve been a bit bored with hoodies lately, so to spice things up a little I made one top without a hood (I know, shock horror!), and included two new appliques. Roses – which might seem a little egotistical to those of your who’ve seen my chest, but really I just like them and I don’t seem anything wrong with that.. and an awesome detailed skull.
The brown hoodie was shaping up to be one of my favourites, and that’s lucky because as I was taking this picture I noticed a fault in the fabric on the front. Don’t you hate that? Normally I ruin things by accidentally snipping a hole in them as I trim them, or spilling something on them, all killers.
So yes, I’m happy to report I finally own a Toast clothing hoodie of my very own! It’s quite a nice feeling.
Every interview I’ve ever read with designers says that you should always wear your own work, and I very, very rarely ever make anything for myself, so even if I do rely on seconds, perhaps this is a step in the right direction?
It’s been raining cats and dogs here for almost a week. There are clear spots every now and then, when I rush to put out my five loads of wet washing, but it never lasts long, and my washing just gets wetter and wetter. We’re a bit sick of being stuck inside, and the maisy dvds have never seen so much use.
But we’re feeling much better, so thank you for all your well wishes!
Here’s a picture of my grubby, crusty boy and a decent picture of Porridge (I know, I know dangerous waters…), my stuck-in-a-house-ALL-day mates.
July07crustyaesop July07porridge_2


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hehee!- your housemates are so cute.
lovely hoodies! i really love the rose design- it very much reminds me of your tattoos. i’m glad you have your own one now. i know what you mean about never having time/inclination to make yourself something, but it is so great when you do. i’m afraid keira, arlo and their cousins get all my seconds!

Comment by melissa

Glad to see you’re up and about again!
The new hoodies are brilliant, as usual, I think they would work as dresses, too, with the appliques and maybe pockets?…..
You should absolutely wear your own work…when you’re out and about, so many people stop and ask where you got a certain peice from, and then you can tell them you made it yourself, and you can make one for them too…..Easy marketing, baby!

Leah xxxx

Comment by paper.string.cloth

I love your hoodies
they look so nice and warm
you are so very clever

cute photo of Aesop

Comment by jen

Do you do international hoodie-mail-order? 🙂

Comment by alice

porridge looks just like my old cat sarah. she was a bitey grump but i loved her.

the new shirts look great.

Comment by karen

Are those lovely hoodies off to Dandelion – I am there in a week so may just have to go and look?

Comment by Kate Shuttleworth

Okay, I’m in love with the hoodies. Do you sell overseas at all, or through etsy?

Comment by Lisa Thiessen

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