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July 4, 2007, 10:29 pm
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The lighting of these pictures is absolutely atrocious, but as you can see I’ve finished another five hoodies ready for labelling and posting! Yippee! I have only one more half-finished, and then I’m officially out of sweatshirting fabric, and ready to start on my next project while I wait for some more to surface!
To be honest I’m quite glad, because while making hoodies is okay, and they’re the ‘safest’ and in some ways easiest (mostly because I’ve been making them the longest) thing to make, I do get pretty bored with them.
Today has been another on-and-off rainy day. Lucky it stayed dry enough for the to and from preschool rides on the bike, but my washing is yet again absolutely sopping wet, and I’ll be wearing my ‘last resort’ knickers tomorrow, so please, if you’re driving a bus in Whakatane by any chance, don’t hit me! Thanks.

To fill in this afternoon we baked some cookies (more for abraham than anything else, cause he likes him some cookies..). They’re Oatmeal, raisin and pecan and they’re pretty scrummy. It’s funny how oatmal cookies always seem healthier than other ones, when in fact I’m pretty sure such a huge helping of maple syrup rules out any ‘healthiness’! They have hardly any white flour, and no actual sugar though, so who knows…

And one final thing to end this slightly random feeling post: Here are a few things on the interweb that I’m fawning over at the moment, but alas, can’t afford:
This beautiful, beautiful bright yellow bag.
This bunny. (which I will one day day..)
This lovely print
This quilt


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Looks like you’ve been busy all cooped up with the rain! And, I do love the new embroideries, the owl is sooo cool! Are you making them for a certain shop?

You must share the recipe for the cookies, not much flour and no real sugar? Sounds interesting and delicious at the same time!

Comment by Judi

congrats on all the new hoodies! they look fantastic. i really love the floral appliques.
it’s been raining here too… we have a holiday today but are cozily tucked indoors!

Comment by amisha

after i pop out this next little one, i am going to get myself a hoodie!! they are looking perfect for our Autumn weather (which won’t come soon enough!) here in NJ. glad everyone is feeling better, stay dry!!

Comment by jessica

what’s up rhubarb.

the cookies were AMAZING. i had them with a hot chocolate after i biked home in the rain. so cold, so very cold.
i have them at work today, i was thinking of sharing them with the boys but nahhhhhhhh.

also, i just wanted to say that i’m SO proud of you. your hoodies are so incredible. when you’re accepting your award at the clothing equivalent of the grammies, i’m going to have my fist on my chest with ‘something in my eye’ saying, “i KNEW she’d make it”. you are my inspiration.

enough oprahness,


Comment by abraham

That’s so funny! I was just looking at that quilt this morning. Can we have a copy of your cookie recipe?

Comment by Kate Shuttleworth

youve been busy 🙂

Comment by jen

awesome hoodies! do you have them anywhere for sale?

Comment by cheryl

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