oats, pockets and pecans.
July 6, 2007, 2:12 pm
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I’ve been working on a skirt prototype the last day or two. They’ll be a little late for winter but should be ready in time for Spring! I think I’ve decided to make very, very simple a-line knit fabric skirts. They’ll have elastic waists designed to sit at the actual waist and they’ll have big retro fabric pockets. Obviously this one is a practice one so I’ve used mismatching scraps for the pocket, but to be honest I quite like the clashy-ness of it.
I’ve been practising using piping, which I’d never used before, because I’ve found half a dozen packets of it at the op shops since being home, and it seems a good thing to use it for. I’ve got a big pile of fabric suitable for them, lots of 70’s style synthetic crimpelene sort materials. Some plain colours, a few patterns.
I just wish I could get my sewing machines to do what they’re told. Well actually just my overlocker. I stitch the seams and all is well, but as soon as they hit my overlocker, no matter what I’ve set the differential feed etc at, it makes the seams kink. Do you think I need to invest in some more expensive thread? Or that perhaps my machine needs servicing? I’m using the right needles for the fabric, and the ladies at the sewing store said I shouldn’t need to adjust my settings for each garment. Any ideas?

A few of you requested the recipe for the oatie cookies.
It comes from a Canadian zine called Cottleston Pie, which was made in 2000. It’s a vegan dessert zine, based on the idea that there are never any decent vegan dessert books. Which I think may have changed in the last 7 years, but it’s still one of my favourite places to find recipes.
The oatie cookies are great because they’re heavy enough to be filling but sweet enough to satisfy the craving for sugar.(I halved it but…) The recipe calls for:
1c Maple syrup
3/4c water
2/3c oil ( I used slightly less and added a mashed banana too..)
1 1/2 c flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp Lemon juice ( I used a few squeezes of an orange)
1/2c raisins (I used a little less and added a handful of chopped pecans too)
I also added a white choc button to the top of each for a little extra sweetness! yum!

And just put all but the oats and raisins into a bowl and mix, then add those two and let sit for ten minutes before shaping into cookies and baking at 177C (350F) for 25mins.


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Wow! I love the look of that pocket. The knit A-line skirt sounds super-fantastic. Looking forward to seeing them.


Comment by Joanne

thanks for that, I am going to give them a go this weekend. I am so excited that they’re wheat free!!

Comment by kate

I can hardly wait to see your things available to us to buy! I can hardly stand to see your Ball Bags…. um, your purses I mean, and not have one! Oh, and your hoodies….

I made your chocolate peanut butter cookies yesterday, they didn’t make it to today. Every single one is gone! I made a couple to resemble a Buckeye….. my husbands from Ohio and they like them some buckeyes!

Glad to see you up and at it….. Aesop too! Wishing you better health & sewing success!

Comment by Judi

Oppps I didn’t read the recipe very well – it does say flour… hey i think you missed the oats, how much oats need to go in?

Comment by kate

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