July 9, 2007, 3:07 pm
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July07teddy July07teddyfeet

This is a beautiful teddy bear I found at the opp shop this morning. Her lovely little homemade dress (complete with matching bloomers and a petticoat) is a little faded and worn, her fur is hugged to almost baldness, her arms need resewing on and she could do with a bit of a soak in the tub (so could I actually..)but she’s obviously been so well loved and I just couldn’t leave her in the shop! Look at those beautiful spotty vinyl shoes!
We got up and rushed down to Mr Bo jumbles this morning, to stand outside with the hoards ready for the Monday morningly ritual of looking through all the new goods for the week. Some weeks I go and some I don’t bother. There are usually at least 15-20 people waiting to get in, and some people get so pushy and obsessive. And then there are the people who are going to find things to sell online. Don’t even get me started about them, we all know how I feel about them.
But despite the pushiness and mayhem occasionally there is some real treasure to be found. It’s a little dearer than the oppshops, but sometimes it really is worth it.
Alas… today was not too treasure-filled. I got a skirt, a piece of fabric and this…

Another gorgeous homemade piece of childhood in need of a little TLC! I wish it was in my size.. but now Aesop has two vintage tutus, lets hope he develops a love of dressing up sometime soon! Or perhaps I’ll just have to find a spare piece of wall and hang it up? It does looks nice against that white..


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swoon – tutu love is good!

Comment by rachael

what beautiful finds. this bo jumbles place sounds like op shop heaven, despite the crowds.

Comment by esther

forget that beaded bag from a few weeks back – this wee bear has got to be your best ever opp shop find! i love her so!

Comment by leslie

i was telling mikeyp about the mr bo monday morning melees. he was shocked. people are so rude.

love the teddy and the tutu. i don’t think it’s long until aesop will want to dress up, and he he does, woah nelly it will be batman suits and family dinners. you can’t stop a pisces from dressing up, that’s impossible.

can’t wait. i’ll be there with my alligator hat.

Comment by abraham

It’s nice to see you looking at the bright side! What a nice idea to list the things that make you happy…… we should all do that. I’ll start:

1. My pink Kitchen Aid mixer
2. My sewing machine
3. My wedding rings
4. Our future Quilt shop plans
5. My silly girl and her two big brothers
6. My fan that blows cool air on me while I sleep
7. My mirror made from a dresser top
8. My blog friends
9. My sugar pie husband & the memories we’ve made
10. Strawberry flavored Crystal Light

There’s more and these aren’t it order! Thanks!

Comment by Judi

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