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July 9, 2007, 8:58 pm
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Winter is always a time for down-ness it seems, even in those people who aren’t prone to it.
Unfortunately for me, and you might have noticed, I don’t tend to be a glass-full kinda gal at the best of times. Things get to me really easily, and I’m very quick to get down (and not in a dancing kind of way.).
But to remind myself that everything is not lost, despite the fact that I have a namby pamby toddler, I’m failing my course and I suck at sewing, I feel the need to put together little folders and lists of things that are nice in my life, and the world, and things which give me hope. 
Maybe they’ll inspire you somehow too.

* Watching good dvd’s cuddled up in bed. Like Lonely Hearts, The incredibles, The dangerous lives of altar boys, A little trip to heaven.
* Big bowls full of crunchy almond and cranberry muesli with a healthy helping of creamy soymilk.
*35778_pe126676_s4_2  59118_pe164843_s4_2 52820_pe110212_s4
Looking at the IKEA website and drooling over storage shelves and cabinets. And then remembering that IKEA is coming to Auckland in the next year or two.

* Re-reading the NZ Land and transport website and realising I CAN get my license afterall, and have been able to get it all along because my Epilepsy fits under the ‘sleep epilepsy’ catagory, making it okay for me to drive! So I’ve been reading the road code and am going to set a date this week to sit my learners exam! I’ll be able to drive to Auckland by the time IKEA comes! ohhhh my!

* Eating picnic lunches and running around empty school playgrounds, in the sunshine, with the two boys in my life.

*Hot cups of soy milk with cocoa and sugar while sitting in the cold computer room checking my e-mails.

* Hellooksminna33Hellooksmiikaandwalktsu Hellookssandra
Reading sites like hel-looks, and other beautiful street style sites and that remind me that despite the disgustingly revolting state of fashion in stores (hello? why does everything look like maternity wear?) there is still hope and there are still people looking incredible, even if I’m not one of them in my ‘anything that is warm and dry’ outfits. ha.

* an extremely delightful idea (and a beautifully set out site) by the lovely Charlotte who brings you Anknel and burblets. I’m all about appreciating NZ bloggers, crafters and craftesses and of course NZ itself. So thanks!

Camelias from our garden! Aren’t they pretty? I love the shape of them and how little they are too. And of course they match perfectly with our table cloth! delightful.

* Having Aesop tell me I’m pretty and that he loves me. Even if it is followed with screaming, yelling and refusing to do absolutely anything. I need to cling to something nice about mothering, because it feels like there’s very little at the moment. He’s also pretty cute with his slang- ‘mum! this is sugary! sugary as!’ and ‘thats good! that’s too much good!’ haha.

*Lunches with real-life friends. Chicken and salad sandwhiches with the most amazing sundried tomato and cashew pesto flavoured hummus. Boys playing with toys, mums having crafty talks and just enjoying having some company.

*Aw07134bg Aw07171bg  Aw07135bg
The fact that people make shoes that might actually fit my super-sized feet! Yippee. I love willowshoes, and while I’ve never had any shoes from them because I’ve never had enough money, I’ve heard they’re awesome to deal with and the idea of having a website just for gals with big hooves is so great. If I ever win Lotto I’m going straight to there shop.

* Very sweet e-mails from very sweet friends are a perfect way to get out of the dumps. Thanks ladies.

* And msn conversations with relatives far, far away are great too. Love you Jodie.

All in all. There is good in the world, and it almost makes up for things which are crappy.
Have you got anything other lovely cheery uppy things to add to my list?


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I know that when you feel down there isn’t much anyone can say to convince you otherwise…I have been there many times. It is hard to stave off the blues when it’s wintertime but you must trust me when I say that you are lovely. You are so pretty and your son is a cutie pie and your sewing isn’t crap…look at those hoodies…they are amazing! If you made one in a UK size 20, I’d buy it in a minute. (can you make one with a kiwi bird on it…heehee) Life is poo sometimes but don’t worry, there are lots of folks who love you, including me, so try to be happy…this too shall pass.
hugs xxx

Comment by Gina Lee

my cheery uppy thing? Having wonderful, beautiful, creative women like you, who I have never met in real life, pop me a line to say hello, or threaten to take over my Flickr pages with favourite adding……!!!!
Rhiannon, you’re a star. and beautiful. and talented. and you have rockin’ tatts. All good things in my book!

Comment by paper.string.cloth

did you say you suck at sewing?? WRONG!!!!! you are wonderful! the goodies i have reflect just that!!

and I LOVE the new look for the skirt…

funny, i actually spent the day Saturday waddling my pregnant self around IKEA (looking for a good chair to nurse the new babe in)with my very cranky toddler (although their stores are very kid friendly)…we drooled at everything, had swedish meatballs and left with some cool art supplies for Isaac. A chaotic fun time! You’ll will enjoy the experience when you get your Auckland store!

and just one more thing…your son always looks happy and content, you must be doing wonderful by him…it’s just this manic age of 2-3, we go through the same motions everyday here as well!!

love from NJ!!

Comment by jess

Willow shoes is just down the road from us – ah – an idea for a Lovely Shop!!!!

Can’t can’t can’t wait for IKEA to get here – oh heaven! And that makes me laugh about the cold computer room. Aren’t they always… tee hee 🙂

I’m going to sort out some Lovely NZ banners soon – thank you so much for the mention!!!


Comment by charlotte

I love muesli so not much the $$

yaye you can get your license
My bil has ‘sleep epilepsy’ he drives a truck so of course you can my friend
and you could pop into the Hawkes Bay on the way to Auckland or anytime you like

“Eating picnic lunches and running around empty school playgrounds, in the sunshine, with the two boys in my life.” this is fun we like doing this too

Thanks for this link Im going to look at this

Ohhhhhhhhh bless Aesop gotta love him to pieces such a cutie

Oh YUM your lunch with real-life friends sounds SO SO SO good

How bug are your super-sized feet! I take a size 10. I was once told it means we have a good understanding LOL

A lesson I learnt last year which was a crappy year for me in a long long time is concentrate on the good things you have in your life like your boys

Comment by jen

I was reading down your lovely list and then I saw the words: IKEA is coming to our shores!! OMG finally!
And awesome news about the drivers license!

Comment by Steph

Hey, did you get my flickr comment about the lego? you’re most welcome to it!

Comment by Belinda

ooooh rhiannon. lego! do that!

this update has too many cool things to comment on. you have the best taste. i’m sure i’ve said that to you in a million love letters over the years. but you do, it’s still true.

aesop as a policeman was so cute, i don’t know how my heart could handle that. sooooooooooooooooooo cute.

the end.

Comment by abraham

dear sweet rhiannon… settling in to catch up with you and sending you some love and sunshine my friend. winter is the hardest time to see the goodness sometimes (at least for me, a sun addict). this is a wonderful list that has brought a smile to my face… hoping that things are looking up over there too. may i say that a) you ROCK at sewing (i use my bag all the time and i have had SO many compliments on it), and b) muesli and yogurt. oh my. we ate this every day on vacation and it was so good.
thinking of you!

Comment by amisha

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