Another sunny day.
July 13, 2007, 11:11 am
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The last few days have been a flurry of books, washing, tantrums and a little bit of sewing.
The annual Salvation Army book fair is on at the moment,  which is both incredibly awesome and really awfully terrible. I love it, but my wallet hates it. I’ve spent more money on books in the last two days than I’ve spent on anything for a long time!
But in some ways there are certainly worse things to spend that money on, like I said to the little old ladies, I guess this week we’ll just be feeding our minds and not our bellies! haha.
But really we got so, so many great children’s books. So many. And I got a book about Historical slang, one about paintings of religious icons, one of vintage NZ posters, one about tv free activities and lots of glossy home and fashion magazines. I also got some cds! (Kinks, skiffle sessions, Paul kelly..).

July07aesopshelves July07aesopshelves1

To celebrate all of these new books the thrift gods (goddesses?) also gifted us with a new book shelf! Thanks friends! It makes Aesop’s room look like a book store, and we’ve put all of our absolute favourite books on display. (He also has another two level bookcase FULL. We like books!). The best bit was it was really cheap, and delivered too!

July07myowlbag July07myowlbagcloseup

I’m heading off to Hamilton for two nights tomorrow! Yippee! All on my lonesome, and I can’t wait. I’ve been planning this wee break for months now, and while it’s only one full day away it’s exactly what I need. The tantrums and the tiresome task of mothering really does earn a lady a little time away every once in awhile I think. Don’t you agree?
And to celebrate my little mini-vacation I made myself a bag. A not-so-mini tote bag with a plaited handle and inside and outside pockets. It’s big enough to lug around anything I might need to carry and it’s so nice to finally make something for myself as opposed to just keeping the things which aren’t good enough to sell! I’ll be so happy to carry this around, it turned out even better than I could have hoped.

Also, I’ll be listing these two one ‘ball bag’ on Esty after the weekend, unless anyone here is interested. I thought I’d offer to you ladies first as a few of you have mentioned being interested. They’d be US$60 including postage, (NZ$60 and I’ll pay postage..) and I can send you detail pictures if you’d like them. Drop me an e-mail/comment if you’re interested, otherwise they’ll go up on Etsy hopefully Tuesday next week. EDIT: The dark brown one has gone already! Thanks love!

July07beigeballbag July07brownballbag

Have an awesome weekend my lovelies! I know I will! x


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Please tell me they haven’t been sold yet! If not….. Happy Birthday to me! I am off to email you about one and will send you a PayPal payment if that is okay with you! I’ve been waiting Rhiannon!

So cool!

Comment by Judi

enjoy your weekend
safe travels

Comment by jen

good luck for your break.

i looooove the book shelf. i am so jelly, aesop!

i think your tote bag is really beautiful, just like you.

see you for pizza and pizzaz.

can’t wait to show you my ‘vintage’ simpsons t-shirts, and yes, it’s a women’s one. of course it is.

Comment by abraham

I love the book shelf too. It’s like a real library shelf with all the covers facing outwards. Fantastic!

Comment by Carolyn

cool bookshelf and i love your bag. – enjoy Hamilton

Comment by joanne

ahoy hoy!
my mummy sent that lego the other day – but she said theres some little pieces in there, so watch out!
please let me know when you get the bag so I can let her know it arrived 🙂

p.s sorry if some of its a bit ‘vintage’ – it belonged to my cousin before us (hes now 35 or so) !!

Comment by Belinda

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