July 19, 2007, 7:21 pm
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My digital camera won’t register any flicker of life when plugged into my computer.
So my pictures of the lovely things I’ve thrifted, I guess won’t be up for a little while.
I was going to write about my weekend away, but for some reason a blog entry is just not a blog entry for me without pictures, however unrelevant they may be.
I’m going to take this as a sign, and I’m going to hand my internet cord over tomorrow and try to take a long and lovely break from the world of internetting. I’m thinking I might try and go a week without this horrid absorbing sphere or activity. (Well, a week without it in my house. I’ll walk to my parents to check once or twice for any ‘important’ e-mails..)
Because while you’re all lovely, this machine really does have more control over me than I have over myself.
So I’ll say adieu, and I’ll leave you for a short time. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I make it, and that I have something to show for it a week from now! x


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good for you, I took 10 days(not really by choice) off from the computer and it was definitely very very good for me and my life. I actually went home from work yesterday and read a book. Hmmm who knew I could still read books?

Comment by LaurenSmash

Ill miss you
dont forget to come back
and Im hoping you can get the technical problems sorted

Comment by jen

Enjoy the break! I wish I could do the same…. too much work to do online or else I would sooo do it!

And I agree…… don’t forget to come back!

Comment by Plumtickled

I too know the pain technical difficulties. And it’s perfectly reasonable that blog posting seems incomplete without photos, even if they are unrelated to the post. Have a nice break!

Comment by alisonmc

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