Shoes and bags.
August 29, 2007, 12:11 pm
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August07newshoes August07parcels_2 August07sambag

This morning has been:

* So gloriously sunny and warm. It’s cooling down a little now, but it’s been a stunner.
* Quiet. Aesop has been at preschool this morning and it’s been just what I needed.
* Organising things to post. I had the honour of making a ball bag for the incredibly talented Sam Broad as a prize in the raffle for Oxfam put on by Kimberley, and it’s taken me bloomin’ forever to get it done (Sorry!). But it’s done! and also sending Etsy orders! Thanks ladies.
* Receiving new shoes in the mail! The local cheapy shoe store has a new mailorder system where you can order shoes they don’t have in stock, and while I’ll probably get the reddish ones they had in store too, I fell deeply in love with these and needed them in brown. The photo is a bit funny, but they’re beautiful.
* Trying to get washing dry so I have something to go walking in this evening.
* Peeing every ten minutes. Seriously, how long does it take for a body to get used to drinking water? I’ve gone from no glasses, to 6-9 glasses a day and my body seems to just pass it right on through. It’s been almost two weeks!
* Swooning over Leah’s new dress (and new blog!), marvelling over Melissa’s zillions of comments (and hoping I’ll win.), and envying Betty’s anatomy dolls.


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another top notch update there rhubarb. i like your shoes. i like you.

Comment by abraham

i like the orange bits on that bag…orange is my favourite hue at the mo. yay to sunshine and walks and getting washing done…and shoes in the mail?! well i never!

Comment by esther

You’re Baaaaack!
I missed you. A Lot.
Glad to see you’ve been active and creative while you were away, and giving yourself a break, too….
I LOVE those shoes – over here we call them T-Bars….I used to wear them as school shoes…
Anyway, glad to see your pretty face again!
Leah xx

Comment by Leah

Its been a lovely day here too 🙂
cool shoes
those booties at TInys are adorable arent they 🙂
saw them the other day

Comment by jen

and your abraham leaves the sweetest messages to you too
what a sweetie

Comment by jen

The shoes!! Oh my gosh!! I need some!!!

(Boy, that’s a whole lotta exclamation marks, does it get across how excited I am about those shoes?)

Comment by Nikki

those t-strap shoes strongly remind me of a favorite pair i had when i was maybe eight years old. i would find them cute anyway, but that’s a very good thing.

the cassette bag is really nice. the lining especially.

Comment by karen

where did you get the shoes, i would love to check them out?

Comment by Kate S

LOVE those shoes! I’d been coveting a similar pair earlier in the year, then the buggers SOLD OUT (throughout the country – yes i did check) when i got my birthday money. Rah. Anyway, i’m very happy for you and your beautiful new shoes. 🙂

Comment by alice

nice shoes!

Comment by Joanne

Those are some mighty fine shoes…. And I love the cassette bag.
If you want the big anatomy doll she is available.
Here is the link.
Her name is Sweet Sue.

Comment by Bitter Betty

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