Survey some stunning tooth decay.
September 16, 2007, 4:23 pm
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Here’s a confession for you: I’ve never been very good at looking after my teeth.
I’ve never been a dedicated twice a day brusher, I brush them every night but sometimes the morning brushing just gets pushed aside in the rush to get organised.
Also being a ‘graze throughout the day’ type of girl, and a sweet tooth too, it’s not really a huge surprise that my teeth aren’t the greatest.
But I went to the dentist this week for the first time in 5 or so years (it was free until the end of high school!), and boy-oh-boy I wish sort of wish I hadn’t. I knew my teeth were hurting a bit, and even suspected my headaches were being caused by one of my teeth, but even I didn’t expect that I’d need EIGHT fillings AND two extractions. *sob sob*. So the next month or so I will go to the dentist four or five times and have multiple needle jabs, drill holes and even two yankings!
Don’t tell my Mum but she miiiiiight have been right about tooth brushing being important. hah.

Stripeyyellowhorselstopm_2 Navyflowerhoodie1 Creamorangeflowerhoodieapplique

In happier news I’m in the process of listing eight new items to my Etsy shop (which I imagine now will unfortunately just repay my huge dentist-caused debt!). I was hoping to have ten, but I guess those two remaining half-finished items will just push up the numbers for next week!

And a bit of strangeness too. What’s one thing that a really busy girl like myself probably doesn’t need? A girl who stopped studying because she couldn’t find the time,who has a two and a half year old, who doesn’t find much sewing time and who’s house is a mess because she’s too busy trying to do everything else? Why, a part time job of course! So what, you may ask, am I doing agreeing to work one day a week at the new local garden centre cafe? Well that’s a very good question actually. (let me know if you know because I’m not entirely sure I do!). I guess perhaps I’m letting myself get swept into it, but the extra $$ won’t go astray (and the forced exercise, the possible friends I might make and the ‘adult’ company too.). I’ll keep you posted. (and I hope I get a discount on plants! that would be awesome!).

Okay back to uploading! As you were! xx


Make bullet points not bullet holes?
September 13, 2007, 9:18 pm
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Sept07felt Sept07parcels
Sept07fresias Sept07smiling2

(Pfft I don’t even know HOW to make bullet points.)

*I bought some felt! Last weekend my dear mummy and daddy drove me all the way to Rotorua to buy some felt. Spotlight was a little obliging but didn’t have all the colours I was hoping for, but I did finally find a friendly worker!

* I’ve sent off all the parcels that need sending, and with all that felt I’ve finished a few more things for my etsy shop. Expect an update on Sunday evening my time, with whatever I can finish by then!

* Aesop finally went to the hairdresser this week, mostly just to please his Koro who thought he was looking too ‘girly’. I asked them not to give him too much of a ‘big boy hair cut’ but he left looking decidedly older and more masculine than when he went in. He’s still smashing though, and with eyes like that he’ll always be a cutie-pie.

*I went to my Grandpas house today to see how he was and left with a huge bunch of homegrown silverbeet and the most gorgeous smelling Fresias. There’s very little that smells or looks better than a vase full of these beauties, so springy and lovely. I don’t even mind the giant family of ants which followed them here and have taken over my dining table! haha.

*Abraham has started writing his blog again. He’s promised me he’s going to try and update every day of October, so please bookmark it and check in on him to make sure he’s keeping his word, okay?  He’s a nice boy, as his mum would say, I’ve got a lot of time for him.

*I think I may very well be addicted to porridge/oatmeal. I cannot go a day without a bowl of it. Mmm mixed with grated apple and covered in warm soy milk and brown sugar. Drooling. I’m meant to be watching what I eat, but the last two days I’ve been more like watching myself eat. Everything I’ve seen has gone into my mouth! I hope I’m just pre-menstrual otherwise this could really sabotage my dreams of future skinniness!

*I’ve made the very, stupidly hard decision to stop selling at Dandylion and to focus purely on selling on Etsy. I’ve thought long and hard about the pros and cons and while I feel really terrible about pulling out, because it’s the sweetest shop and Lorene is a dream to deal with, in the long run it’s just a lot less stress for me to use Etsy. This way I can update whenever and put things up without waiting for a big batch. And it sounds a little silly maybe, but I will have things hanging on my rack, waiting to be sold or send, which will inspire me to make more things to hang on the rack. (Does anyone else get that?) So I’m sorry Welly kids, but from now on I’ll only be selling on Etsy and at the Craft 2.0 fairs. It’s been lovely though, it really, really has. x

September 6, 2007, 10:15 pm
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My goodness, those hoodies went raaather quickly. I only put them up yesterday didn’t I?
I guess that means I really do need to start sewing a little quicker huh? I do have nearly a dozen hoodies sitting awaiting appliques, but alas my teeny tiny town’s sewing store is taking forever to order in the felt colours I want. The joys of moving away from city life.
(Which reminds me, if anyone in NZ goes to spotlight more than once a week and would like to do me a favour can you please e-mail me? I’ll reward you handsomely, and it won’t cost you a cent, I promise!)

I had a few messages from people who missed out on buying a hoodie this time around and who have asked me to let them know when more are coming, so I’ve decided to start a mailing list to let people know just before I upload them (as well as, of course announcing it on here after uploading them). So if you’d like to join this mailing list please send an e-mail to with the subject ‘mailing list’ and I’ll pop you on it. I used to have a massive mailing list for toastclothing, but I won’t transfer any names so please let me know again. Thanks sugars.

Sept07melissaparcel Sept07melissaparcel1

And while I was rushing around today getting things ready to post off to their new homes I was pleasantly surprised to have the courier knock at my door! He came bearing a box full to the brim of goodness from Melissa which including a gorgeous vintage bag, sewing supplies, a book and card for Aesop from Arlo, fabric annnnd a very early but most appreciated birthday present of some of her amazing printed cards and a piece of my favourite fabric from Melissa’s shelves! ooooh! You’re a keeper Melissa! haha.

We had a weird day today, Aesop had a teddy bears picnic at preschool so I was up at what felt like the crack of dawn (and was actually more like 8am) cutting shapes out of ham sandwiches for the shared lunch. Aesop of course came home stuffed with cake and absolutely knackered, and quite promptly asked to go to bed. He slept for almost three hours and then after being up a little while asked to go back to bed. The poor thing had a hot little face and snot everywhere and proclaimed he had a ‘very sore nose’. Very unlike him to want to go to bed!
And while I would like to say I spent those three hours sewing, a chunk of them was filled with an appointment with the insurance lady. I’ve never really put much thought into life insurance but the other day I got roped into a lady coming to see me about it, and it dawned on me that perhaps it was a really smart and wise grown up thing to do?
So here’s my question to you: Life insurance? Do you have it? Do you think it’s important and necessary?
I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on it, and please feel free to e-mail me (phew! three links in one post!) instead if you’d rather not post your insurancey thoughts for all to ponder. I have until next week to let the lady know if I want to go through with it, and at the moment I leaning towards ‘yes’, because for the price of a cup of coffee and a muffin a week it seems silly not to, but I’m really keen to hear other peoples opinions and experiences before signing my life away!

oh and…
September 5, 2007, 11:59 am
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Greyorangehorsehoody_2 Mustardnavyowlhoodie Navyredhorsehoodie
I’m not sure if anyone noticed but the title of yesterdays post mentioned hoodies and there were none to be seen in the whole post! Silly me.
I was talking about the three hoodies I’ve just put on Etsy though. I’ve finally, finally gotten around to finishing three hoodies, photographing them and writing about them! phew! And now that I’ve done three there’ll be no stopping me.
My hoodies always get an excellent response on here and on flickr, so here’s hoping I can sell a few! The price is substantially lower than retail, because obviously there are a lot less overheads and because frankly you want to pay less when you don’t get to try something on first, right? No matter how much you measure, look and read there’s still that twinge of doubt as to whether it’ll be as excellent in real life as it is on your screen. ( And I gauge that it’s about nz$40 worth of doubt..hah).
So feel free to have a gander, bookmark, favourite or whatever it is you like to do! My etsy shop is here: Http:// . : )

hoodies, happies and happenings.
September 4, 2007, 5:38 pm
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Geez, so much seems to happen so quickly around here that I feel like I’m constantly writing bullet-point type posts, listing off all the excitement and missing out a fair bit of it too. It’s better than nothing happening though, I try to remind myself of that! Okay so:

August07hannahandaesop1 August07hannahandaesophug August07hannahaesopnikki1
Firstly, and most important and excitedly, Aesop and I had two little visitors last Friday! The ‘devil child’, otherwise known as Hannah, and her lovely Mum Nikki were up in Rotorua visiting family and popped over for the day! We coffee’d, we op-shopped, we ate.. all the good things in life really.
Aesop and Hannah got on like a house on fire, with lots of hand holding and hugging and only a few disagreements over toy possession.Nikki and I skipped the physical affections, but we also skipped the disagreements so it’s safe to say we also got on swimmingly. ‘Twas perfect!
Annnnnd I can quite happily say that Hannah is in fact a very sweet and delightful child, despite the impression their blogname might give! So thank-you very, super much m’dear for making the effort and for being such truly lovely guests. We’ll see you again sometime soon, I hope!

Sept07kellyparcel_2 Sept07kellybunny Sept07kellybadges_2

Also last week, I decided that finally, after months and months of drooling over it, this bunny from Kelly at cloud of birds simply MUST be mine. I e-mailled her asking if she’d mind if I paid it off over a month (what with me being poor and all), and much to my absolute delight and wonder she suggested we make a swap! So on Saturday a lovely big parcel arrived containing the absolutely incredible (even more so in reallife) Mr bunny, two of Kelly’s insanely awesome badges (which are much bigger and even more delightful also in real life), and the fabric Kelly would like me to make her a hoodie from. All wrapped up in a vintage pattern. Mmmm. If you haven’t already got toys or badges from Kelly I thoroughly recommend you buy some. Kelly is one of my absolute favourite NZ crafters ever, and I’ve admired her work from afar for far too long!

And because it’s taken me so long to write this, and it’s now dinner time, I’ll finish up by saying ‘Happy Birthday Dad!’. Half a century is an awesome achievement, and we love you very much! really!