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September 4, 2007, 5:38 pm
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Geez, so much seems to happen so quickly around here that I feel like I’m constantly writing bullet-point type posts, listing off all the excitement and missing out a fair bit of it too. It’s better than nothing happening though, I try to remind myself of that! Okay so:

August07hannahandaesop1 August07hannahandaesophug August07hannahaesopnikki1
Firstly, and most important and excitedly, Aesop and I had two little visitors last Friday! The ‘devil child’, otherwise known as Hannah, and her lovely Mum Nikki were up in Rotorua visiting family and popped over for the day! We coffee’d, we op-shopped, we ate.. all the good things in life really.
Aesop and Hannah got on like a house on fire, with lots of hand holding and hugging and only a few disagreements over toy possession.Nikki and I skipped the physical affections, but we also skipped the disagreements so it’s safe to say we also got on swimmingly. ‘Twas perfect!
Annnnnd I can quite happily say that Hannah is in fact a very sweet and delightful child, despite the impression their blogname might give! So thank-you very, super much m’dear for making the effort and for being such truly lovely guests. We’ll see you again sometime soon, I hope!

Sept07kellyparcel_2 Sept07kellybunny Sept07kellybadges_2

Also last week, I decided that finally, after months and months of drooling over it, this bunny from Kelly at cloud of birds simply MUST be mine. I e-mailled her asking if she’d mind if I paid it off over a month (what with me being poor and all), and much to my absolute delight and wonder she suggested we make a swap! So on Saturday a lovely big parcel arrived containing the absolutely incredible (even more so in reallife) Mr bunny, two of Kelly’s insanely awesome badges (which are much bigger and even more delightful also in real life), and the fabric Kelly would like me to make her a hoodie from. All wrapped up in a vintage pattern. Mmmm. If you haven’t already got toys or badges from Kelly I thoroughly recommend you buy some. Kelly is one of my absolute favourite NZ crafters ever, and I’ve admired her work from afar for far too long!

And because it’s taken me so long to write this, and it’s now dinner time, I’ll finish up by saying ‘Happy Birthday Dad!’. Half a century is an awesome achievement, and we love you very much! really!


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so nice to see aesop with friends. the hugging and hand-holding photos are sooooo cute.

also, i’m super jealous of the bunny. i was looking at it tonight and i really really want one of my own. one day.

finally, i think you’re neat and i love you.

Comment by abraham

What a pile of cuteness….
I have just encountered “mother of the Devil Child” lately, too, and I must say I’m impressed…..
You’re a lucky lady to have that bunny, too, and a good swap is always better than a normal purchase, I say.

Comment by Leah

Thanks Rhiannon – too sweet! 🙂
I’m soooo itching to make more stuff after seeing you… damn university. I’m going to work on a pattern for the top thingy, I’ll keep you in mind. AND I’ll go sweatshirting-hunting on Friday. Yay!
I’ll have to show Han the pics of her and Aesop, she’s been talking about her “friend” every now and again… she’s forgotten his name, but not him! hehe

Comment by Nikki

Oh yeah, and LURVE the bunny. So lucky that you are able to do swaps!!!

Comment by Nikki

ohhhhhhhhhhhh i like the photo of Aesop and your little visitor

and I like the badges 🙂

Comment by jen

ooh you are definitely ezperiencing the love from blog world !

you dared me to come visit and I just may so watch out.

Comment by kimberlee

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