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September 5, 2007, 11:59 am
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Greyorangehorsehoody_2 Mustardnavyowlhoodie Navyredhorsehoodie
I’m not sure if anyone noticed but the title of yesterdays post mentioned hoodies and there were none to be seen in the whole post! Silly me.
I was talking about the three hoodies I’ve just put on Etsy though. I’ve finally, finally gotten around to finishing three hoodies, photographing them and writing about them! phew! And now that I’ve done three there’ll be no stopping me.
My hoodies always get an excellent response on here and on flickr, so here’s hoping I can sell a few! The price is substantially lower than retail, because obviously there are a lot less overheads and because frankly you want to pay less when you don’t get to try something on first, right? No matter how much you measure, look and read there’s still that twinge of doubt as to whether it’ll be as excellent in real life as it is on your screen. ( And I gauge that it’s about nz$40 worth of doubt..hah).
So feel free to have a gander, bookmark, favourite or whatever it is you like to do! My etsy shop is here: Http:// . : )


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I LOVE them and Im saving up 🙂

Comment by jen

quality hoodies per usual. loving the owl, that applique must take for!EVER!
but its worth it :0

Comment by kimberlee

i’m lovin’ the patches, the white thread on dark fabric is ace! you clever lady you!

Comment by kelly

I don’t understand why the ball bag on your etsy hasn’t sold. If i had any money at all i would buy it! 🙂

Comment by alice

Well, well, well……. Miss Rhiannon! It looks like you’ve gone and sold all of those wonderful hoodies already! Bravo to you! I knew they would be a hit!

I’m so proud! Keep it up……. you’re on a roll!

Comment by judi

oh my goodness – i’ve missed out already!

such fabulous work…at least now i don’t have the problem of deciding which one to get…though it would have been a lovely dilemma to have 😉

i can’t wait to see more of your toasty goods!

Comment by yvie

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