September 6, 2007, 10:15 pm
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My goodness, those hoodies went raaather quickly. I only put them up yesterday didn’t I?
I guess that means I really do need to start sewing a little quicker huh? I do have nearly a dozen hoodies sitting awaiting appliques, but alas my teeny tiny town’s sewing store is taking forever to order in the felt colours I want. The joys of moving away from city life.
(Which reminds me, if anyone in NZ goes to spotlight more than once a week and would like to do me a favour can you please e-mail me? I’ll reward you handsomely, and it won’t cost you a cent, I promise!)

I had a few messages from people who missed out on buying a hoodie this time around and who have asked me to let them know when more are coming, so I’ve decided to start a mailing list to let people know just before I upload them (as well as, of course announcing it on here after uploading them). So if you’d like to join this mailing list please send an e-mail to with the subject ‘mailing list’ and I’ll pop you on it. I used to have a massive mailing list for toastclothing, but I won’t transfer any names so please let me know again. Thanks sugars.

Sept07melissaparcel Sept07melissaparcel1

And while I was rushing around today getting things ready to post off to their new homes I was pleasantly surprised to have the courier knock at my door! He came bearing a box full to the brim of goodness from Melissa which including a gorgeous vintage bag, sewing supplies, a book and card for Aesop from Arlo, fabric annnnd a very early but most appreciated birthday present of some of her amazing printed cards and a piece of my favourite fabric from Melissa’s shelves! ooooh! You’re a keeper Melissa! haha.

We had a weird day today, Aesop had a teddy bears picnic at preschool so I was up at what felt like the crack of dawn (and was actually more like 8am) cutting shapes out of ham sandwiches for the shared lunch. Aesop of course came home stuffed with cake and absolutely knackered, and quite promptly asked to go to bed. He slept for almost three hours and then after being up a little while asked to go back to bed. The poor thing had a hot little face and snot everywhere and proclaimed he had a ‘very sore nose’. Very unlike him to want to go to bed!
And while I would like to say I spent those three hours sewing, a chunk of them was filled with an appointment with the insurance lady. I’ve never really put much thought into life insurance but the other day I got roped into a lady coming to see me about it, and it dawned on me that perhaps it was a really smart and wise grown up thing to do?
So here’s my question to you: Life insurance? Do you have it? Do you think it’s important and necessary?
I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on it, and please feel free to e-mail me (phew! three links in one post!) instead if you’d rather not post your insurancey thoughts for all to ponder. I have until next week to let the lady know if I want to go through with it, and at the moment I leaning towards ‘yes’, because for the price of a cup of coffee and a muffin a week it seems silly not to, but I’m really keen to hear other peoples opinions and experiences before signing my life away!


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Since getting preggers I’ve considered life insurance, haven’t looked into it though…

Comment by kimberley

Yaay for yummy snail mail!

Comment by Helen

wow melissa is certainly a keeper :0
I have no life insurance though I want Luke (my hubby) to get it. Sounds like a good deal if its the same price as coffee and a muffin.

well done on selling all your hoodies, you are a star! keep em coming.

ps email me about spotlight, I have one 15 mins from my house.

Comment by kimberlee

Hi Rhiannon, a big thankyou for reading my blog and for all your supportive comments. I really appreciate them!
Now, life insurance.Yes, we have always had a policy each and I think that it is a pretty sensible thing to do. Now days you can get really great packages, a bit like enforced saving and you can accumulate the interest on the policy and take out all the money when you turn 60 and go on a world trip or something !

Comment by Sally Anne

I love it when the postman brings “good” news:)

Comment by Zelia

First up let me say I’m single so have no dependents I need to worry about if I cark it (except the cat, of course).

I have income insurance, which I believe is essential for anyone who couldn’t support themselves if they get sick for an extended length of time.

I also have life insurance but only as part of my superannuation. I can’t even remember what the payout is if I pop my cloggs but I think it’s enough for funeral expenses and that’s about it.

Since you have a dependent I’d say life insurance is probably fairly important, but more important is a will which outlines what have planned for Aesop if he’s still young enough to need guardianship if you die.

I’d have a chat to an independent financial advisor about what your needs are before signing up for anything so you can make informed decisions unswayed by people who stand to gain by selling you products.

Comment by The Shopping Sherpa

I’m always at Spotlight buying felt, email me if you want some and I can get it on Thursday.
I don’t have life insurance but I think once you have a kiddo it’s a smart thing, at the very least health insurance.

Comment by Steph

yes to life insurance. take out the biggest policy you can. do it for your little guy so that he can live off it, if he needs to.

Comment by Joanne

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