Make bullet points not bullet holes?
September 13, 2007, 9:18 pm
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Sept07felt Sept07parcels
Sept07fresias Sept07smiling2

(Pfft I don’t even know HOW to make bullet points.)

*I bought some felt! Last weekend my dear mummy and daddy drove me all the way to Rotorua to buy some felt. Spotlight was a little obliging but didn’t have all the colours I was hoping for, but I did finally find a friendly worker!

* I’ve sent off all the parcels that need sending, and with all that felt I’ve finished a few more things for my etsy shop. Expect an update on Sunday evening my time, with whatever I can finish by then!

* Aesop finally went to the hairdresser this week, mostly just to please his Koro who thought he was looking too ‘girly’. I asked them not to give him too much of a ‘big boy hair cut’ but he left looking decidedly older and more masculine than when he went in. He’s still smashing though, and with eyes like that he’ll always be a cutie-pie.

*I went to my Grandpas house today to see how he was and left with a huge bunch of homegrown silverbeet and the most gorgeous smelling Fresias. There’s very little that smells or looks better than a vase full of these beauties, so springy and lovely. I don’t even mind the giant family of ants which followed them here and have taken over my dining table! haha.

*Abraham has started writing his blog again. He’s promised me he’s going to try and update every day of October, so please bookmark it and check in on him to make sure he’s keeping his word, okay?  He’s a nice boy, as his mum would say, I’ve got a lot of time for him.

*I think I may very well be addicted to porridge/oatmeal. I cannot go a day without a bowl of it. Mmm mixed with grated apple and covered in warm soy milk and brown sugar. Drooling. I’m meant to be watching what I eat, but the last two days I’ve been more like watching myself eat. Everything I’ve seen has gone into my mouth! I hope I’m just pre-menstrual otherwise this could really sabotage my dreams of future skinniness!

*I’ve made the very, stupidly hard decision to stop selling at Dandylion and to focus purely on selling on Etsy. I’ve thought long and hard about the pros and cons and while I feel really terrible about pulling out, because it’s the sweetest shop and Lorene is a dream to deal with, in the long run it’s just a lot less stress for me to use Etsy. This way I can update whenever and put things up without waiting for a big batch. And it sounds a little silly maybe, but I will have things hanging on my rack, waiting to be sold or send, which will inspire me to make more things to hang on the rack. (Does anyone else get that?) So I’m sorry Welly kids, but from now on I’ll only be selling on Etsy and at the Craft 2.0 fairs. It’s been lovely though, it really, really has. x


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The new plan sounds brilliant! I hope your Etsy store comes to the party in a big way….
Your pile of felt looks luscious… can’t wait to see what you make out of it….

Comment by Leah

Oh! how i envy all that felt:)

Comment by Zelia

I have something for you on my blog 🙂

Comment by jen

Yay for Abraham being a blogger. I’ll be a reader. Mostly for procrastination purposes but still, I’ll read.

And thank you thank you for the package! I’ll blog about it later today when I finally make it out of my gross dressing gown.

And Yay for focussing on Etsy. I think you’ll do well there. 🙂

Comment by Nikki

OOh – sorry I was late with the felt colours – perhaps the list I gave you includes some you couldn’t find. Aesop looks so hunky now!

Comment by kimberley

bless your mum and dad

haircuts tend to do that dont they – make them look decidedly older
Hes is a cutie

bless your Grandpa
yum silverbeet

I will bookmark Abraham’s blog. Hes a sweetie especially towards you 🙂

I like my porridge in the morning too – it seems so much more filling than cornflakes. I like mine with yoghurt

all the best with re your decision concerning Etsy.

Have a good weekend my friend

Comment by jen

Can’t wait to see what stunning creations you make with all that felt.
Aesop looks so cute with his big boy haircut and I think I can smell those freesias from here !

Comment by Sally Anne

aesop looks dreamy, love the new hair cut!


Comment by kimberlee

aesop looks dreamy, love the new hair cut!


Comment by kimberlee

I’m excited to see what you’ve got for us on Etsy! I’m enjoying my Hello bag soooo much. I’m using it to tote my embroidery around. The pockets are perfect to hold my scissors, threads and needles!

And, I’ve never smelled a Freesia in person! The picture you’ve posted makes them look so stunning!

That little guy sure is getting big……. haircuts always boost age for some reason, weird.

Comment by judi

Have you seen Felt? If you’re looking for a local online outlet it might be just your thing.

Comment by lucy

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