Survey some stunning tooth decay.
September 16, 2007, 4:23 pm
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Here’s a confession for you: I’ve never been very good at looking after my teeth.
I’ve never been a dedicated twice a day brusher, I brush them every night but sometimes the morning brushing just gets pushed aside in the rush to get organised.
Also being a ‘graze throughout the day’ type of girl, and a sweet tooth too, it’s not really a huge surprise that my teeth aren’t the greatest.
But I went to the dentist this week for the first time in 5 or so years (it was free until the end of high school!), and boy-oh-boy I wish sort of wish I hadn’t. I knew my teeth were hurting a bit, and even suspected my headaches were being caused by one of my teeth, but even I didn’t expect that I’d need EIGHT fillings AND two extractions. *sob sob*. So the next month or so I will go to the dentist four or five times and have multiple needle jabs, drill holes and even two yankings!
Don’t tell my Mum but she miiiiiight have been right about tooth brushing being important. hah.

Stripeyyellowhorselstopm_2 Navyflowerhoodie1 Creamorangeflowerhoodieapplique

In happier news I’m in the process of listing eight new items to my Etsy shop (which I imagine now will unfortunately just repay my huge dentist-caused debt!). I was hoping to have ten, but I guess those two remaining half-finished items will just push up the numbers for next week!

And a bit of strangeness too. What’s one thing that a really busy girl like myself probably doesn’t need? A girl who stopped studying because she couldn’t find the time,who has a two and a half year old, who doesn’t find much sewing time and who’s house is a mess because she’s too busy trying to do everything else? Why, a part time job of course! So what, you may ask, am I doing agreeing to work one day a week at the new local garden centre cafe? Well that’s a very good question actually. (let me know if you know because I’m not entirely sure I do!). I guess perhaps I’m letting myself get swept into it, but the extra $$ won’t go astray (and the forced exercise, the possible friends I might make and the ‘adult’ company too.). I’ll keep you posted. (and I hope I get a discount on plants! that would be awesome!).

Okay back to uploading! As you were! xx


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Your appliques are so beautiful…. how the heck do you do it?
I think the part time job is cool…’s good to do something different, and a discount on plants is nothing to be sneezed at….
I want to ask you about sewing machines – which model did you end up getting?
I’m in the market for a cheapy-but-a-goody….any ideas?

Love to you, pretty lady…


Comment by Leah

House a mess?!? Not when I visited! You should see mine :S

ARGH! I want more Toast stuff! Why do you do this to me? Maybe I’ll have to save my money up for next time.

And who knows about the job… might be fun. You can always plead stress if it gets too much. I know I’ve loved having work this year, despite the extra pressure it has put on me!

xoxo Mucho love.

Comment by Nikki

all of the new pieces look so so good. i would really love to ‘commission’ one for the fall… would that be ok?
sorry to hear about your teeth problems dear. i empathize… i have to have 2 fillings and i’ve been putting it off forever… hate to have my teeth messed with!

Comment by amisha

yeah. all those years of hanging out with me finally took their toll on your teeth, huh? no more $8 of lollies. poor thing.

i like your stuff on your etsy shop. i’m still waiting for the day when i get to wear a toast hoodie.

hope your day is going well. you are awesome and i like you very much.

very much.

Comment by abraham

I am similar
I only brush mine in the morning usually
I havent been to the dentist since I left school either


LOVE your hoodies

Comment by jen

oh I AM SO sorry to hear about your teeth. I too had a 5 year gap with the dentist so I sympathise completely.

wohooo! job! sounds fun!


Comment by kimberlee

So sorry to hear about your teeth and that you have to use your hard earned craft money to pay for them. I imagine that wouldn’t be very inspiring as you sew. Did you know WINZ can give you a no interest loan for emergency work on teeth? I’m not surprised to hear you have a part time job, busy Mums always seem to fit in that little bit more work. Good luck.

Comment by Gill

Oh, how I wish I had the $ to go to the dentist because I to feel my teeth need some attention after 6 years of avoiding the drill. You are brave.
Hope your new job goes well!

Comment by Amelia

I just love that orange leaf embroidery, would look beautiful in a frame (on my wall, hee hee). Sorry to hear about your teeth, nightmare! I had to have 3 fillings at once one day and because I hate the needles the most I had the drilling abd filling without the anaesthetic… but it’s worth it to get rid of the headaches 🙂
Congrats on the job, sounds like it will be good, good luck! x

Comment by Sarah

Poor thing…… I broke a tooth last Saturday….. had to wait to find a new dentist…. then on Thursday had the broken piece removed and referred to an Oral Surgeon to have the last bit of the tooth pulled. I’ve neglected mine as well…… and am paying the price too!

Ugh to the dentists and their BILLS!

P.S: My niece is studying to be a dentist….. she’ll give me a discount one day. I tried my best to have her go into plastic surgery…. ya know….. it didn’t work.

Comment by judi

hoodies look great and I am way to scared to go to the dentist as my habits mirror yours!! Off to eat a tim tam now….

Comment by joanne

Hello little miss.

Want to do a fabric swap? I have 12 metres of ‘spring green’ sweatshirting. After making 5 hoodies I still have 5 metres. Would you like to swap some of your fabric for some of mine?

Comment by hazel

You poor girl ! I am always a total misery visiting the dentist, and always a big baby. I think the only way you will be able to get through it is to promise yourself a big treat ( I am sure you can think of lots of things that won’t involve calories and sweets) at the end. Good luck !
I love the orange flowers too.

Comment by Sally Anne

Oh gosh. You’re making me even more worried about my achy jaw now (i think it’s due to damned wisdom teeth or stress) and i think i win on the dentist denial – i haven’t been since intermediate! I blame my mum for not filling out the form so i could get free visits during high school.
love the blog btw 🙂

Comment by Tash

might be time for another update there champ 🙂

heh heh. love you!

Comment by abraham

Those new pieces are really cool!! I will probably buy one when I save up some money since it never really lasts long with me…

Comment by Stephanie

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