October 24, 2007, 10:17 pm
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I’m sorry.
I know I haven’t been posting, and well, to be honest, I might be another week or two before I can get back into it properly.
I’ve just started working three days a week and I’m struggling to find my ‘routine’ and to fit everything in. I have absolutely no idea when I’m going to find time to sew, but I guess I’ll have to find some as Craft 2.0 is approaching quickly and I have absolutely nothing.
My Grandpa had a stroke on Monday and things aren’t looking good for him. Up until the stroke he was a very headstrong, mobile old man. He still cleaned his own gutters up until a few months ago, despite being eighty plus and having every operation under the sun, twice. He kept busy and it kept him going. Now it’s looking like he’ll be put in a home and I’m really struggling to cope with how sad I am about that too.
He’s very depressed and very unwell and it’s really horrible to see, because usually he’s the happiest person I know and makes me think the world isn’t so bad afterall. It hurts.
So yes, mini panic on my front about how quickly we’re all growing old, and also about how little time I have to do everything I need to do in my week, and how I’ll manage to have any stock before December, and how on earth any of this is fair in anyway. I’m sure it will pass soon.
I’d love any soothing vibes or prayers any of you have for me, it would be much appreciated. And I’ll ‘see’ you all as soon as thing settle down a bit.
Lots of love x


October 16, 2007, 8:23 pm
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Rachelmariehoodie Rachelmariehoodieapplique1_2 Rachelmariehoodieneckline

This is the custom order I’ve been working on. A sweet lady I know through Etsy and Flickr asked me if there was any chance I could make a cardi, or a very deep v-neck version of one of my hoodies. She’s just given birth and wanted something that has easy access to the boob. So voila! After a few convos back and fourth this is what we came up with.
The beautiful, beautiful handmade buttons are by happysilence on Etsy and are make me want to use her buttons on everything I ever make. I really wish I could afford too. Or that someone locally made similar buttons..
But yes, I’m very, very pleased with how it turned out and I can’t wait to see how she likes it (and how it fits.. nervous..) when it arrives. I’m thinking I might try and make some of these after craft2.0 in Dec and see if they’ll sell. I’ll have to charge a little more for them with all the buttons and button-holing, but they’re very cute. Whaddya think?

Paisleypinkhorsehoodie1 Stripeyvtop Royalbluetealflowerhoodie1_2
I’ve received all of my stock back from Dandylion this week so it’s going up onto my Etsy at a rate of about two items a day (apparently this will keep me near the beginning of the search pages doing it this way..). Once all of this is uploaded I will be taking a break from hoodies and beginning the manic sewing that will be needed for craft2.0 in December. I’m thinking tote bags, a few lighter weight hoodies, short sleeve tops, vintage cotton dresses and something lower ticket.. I can’t decide what though. I was going to try and also do skirts, but I think two types of tops and dresses might be already pushing myself a fair bit considering I’m now a working gal too!

Oh, and Happy birthday for yesterday Melissa! Lots of love!

Un-fair and pretty darn cute.
October 13, 2007, 8:37 pm
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Last Saturday we got up very early, well early for a Saturday. We got dressed and breakfasted and made it out the door just in time. We rushed down to the war memorial hall, where the annual parish fair was meant to be. But alas, it turned out the newspaper had the wrong date.
So this morning we did it all again.
We were there at 8:45, ready for the opening at 9:30 (we were told it really was an incredible fair and I would be blown away.). We were pretty much first through the door. I was excited, I was keen, I was ready with my cash-ola. But no.
It was so, so bitterly disappointing. No clothing, very little of everything else, and the very worst part? The little old ladies had used all of the incredible, drool-worthy vintage fabric to make potholders, aprons and pet blankets (?). There weren’t even records or sewing patterns.
To top it all off I got the wrong change on one of my purchases leaving me $10 out of hand, and they had the nerve to charge me $3 for two measly little asparagus rolls, which a screaming Aesop refused to eat.
I left with a total haul of: One retro kids curtain, a stack of 70’s burdas, a beaded bag and some books for Aesop. And much too little money.


Luckily after that we had lunch with Mum and Dad, followed by them relieving me of my child minding duties for a few hours, and all was a little better.

I’m very stressed, and tired. Big changes are a-foot in my world and it’s hard not to let them take a big toll on my body and mind. I’m doing my very best. I’m keeping choc-a-block full of rhubarb and apple crumble, listening to loads of Alela Diane (ohhh you neeeed to hear her. I just bought her cd.) and trying to focus on the positives. I’ll get there. ❤

October 11, 2007, 11:46 pm
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October07abrahamsleeping October07abrahamsleeping1

Abraham falls asleep at the drop of a hat.
He can’t read Aesop a bedtime story without falling asleep.
He dozes off just lying on the ground.
It’s adorable.
I like him very much.
Just saying.

It’s twenty-five to twelve and I’m baking!
Today has been a lovely day all-in-all, and I’m in such a great mood.
I had my WINZ appointment today, where we worked out how many hours I need to work and how much ‘better off’ I’ll be money-wise. It’s not much for how many hours I’ll need to work, but to be honest I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t more at all, just as long as I don’t have to report my every move back to them!
While in town I picked up some felt for the lovely, lovely custom project I’m working on at the moment. I won’t tell you about it just yet, but I’ll tell you that it involves beautiful hand crafted buttons (not by me!) and me learning how to use the buttonhole feature on my new machine! wahoo! Now to learn how to do zips… heh. And also in town I finally bought a basket for my bike!

October07aesopstrawberries1 October07memirror
This afternoon and evening were filled with grocery-fetching, visitors, phonecalls (thanks for listening M!), and ridiculously over-priced-but-very-yummy fresh strawberries.

The baking is for Abraham’s work, for morning tea tomorrow. I’m making pizza scrolls, because I promised them I’d make them weeks ago. They smell so very good! I filled them with green + black olives, dutch salami, pizza sauce and loads of cheese. They won’t last long down there, but they should keep the boys going through another busy day. : )

October 10, 2007, 11:13 pm
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Sept07plants Sept07sleepinghat Sept07buttonsandhoop

This month is turning out to be a month of big changes.
I started the month as someone who was just beginning to work one day a week, after not working since high school. And I decided yesterday that I will end the month as someone working 20+ hours a week!
You see, there’s this darling thing in New Zealand called WINZ (work and income new zealand), who basically control the ‘benefit’ and decide who gets what hand-outs. And quite frankly, as a lot of you kiwis will know, they are THE hardest people to deal with in the history of the world.
I rung them to declare my earnings from my job, you know, I’m a single mum, I’m trying to ‘better my situation’. I realised there’d be a slight decrease in my benefit because of it, but I thought I’d still be better off, right? Wrong. After they decreased all that they needed to decrease, not only was I earning a measely FOUR dollars for my 9 hours of work, but I was also now $180 in DEBT because I failed to declare my earnings before the weekend. Needless to say I was both furious and incredibly upset.
So I’ve realised that if I work an extra day and a half each week I can come off the dole completely, and be done with the bastards altogether. It’s a huge change in lifestyle, but I think in the long run it will be so, so good for us.
It also means I’ll be able to earn as much as I want through my sewing, and anything else I want to do without them fluffing around with my rent money. Hallelujah!
So that will be occupying my mind for the next week or so, while I organise with WINZ, work and preschool.
Luckily on a lighter note my mind is also filled with garden!
So far in my little garden I’ve planted cauli, broccoli, cabbage, dwarf beans and peas, baby toms, beetroot, round carrots, two guava bushes, a lavender bush, and some beautiful poppies! phew! I’m loving spending just a few minutes each day watering (although with all the rain the last few days I haven’t needed to!) and weeding the earth. I never thought I’d get into gardening, but lo and behold, I’m in love!

Gifts and goodness.
October 6, 2007, 3:41 pm
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October07napkins October07blanketbagetc October07embroideredkitten

The thrift gods and goddesses smiled on me this morning. Which is nice seeing as lately I’ve been at the oppies and the higher powers must’ve been preoccupied because I’ve left with very little to show for myself.
We got up really early this morning to head to the big Presbyterian fair that was advertised (fresh scone and pikelets, little old lady crafts and a jumble sale, anyone? yes! please!), but we got there only to be told the dates were mixed up and it was next weekend.
Nevermind, we heading to the second hand digs in Kope where I scored some still-packaged linen (one with an icecube tray and swizzle sticks!), a vintage nz wool blanket, bag handles, a beaded bag, green linen, a gorgeous embroidery and a few gifts, all for nz$11. Thank youuuuu very much. Aesop scored some knee pads and a hunting hat for his dress up box, and Abraham got a jumper covered in dogs.
We followed this up with a brunch of poached eggs and carved ham on pesto toast. Mmmm-mm!


The gift/mail powers have smiled on me this week too.
The birthday gifts are still arriving, with this parcel of goodies from Dairne arriving yesterday.
Anyone who has had the pleasure of receiving a parcel from Dairne knows that she really is one of the most talented, and generous, people around. I loved everything in this parcel, and I feel so spoilt!
She sent: stripy fabric, a crochet keyring, a cupcake pincushion, a bunny for Aesop, doilies, two gorgeous heart brooches (my favourite cardi has never looked better!), chai tea, chocolate, and a chocolate flavoured soap (which I want to eat!). Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. You’re such a sweetheart.

I spent yesterday evening, as you might have read in yesterday’s drunken stumble of a post, drinking pink wine with a few friends, giggling and looking at old photos. And tonight I’m going to have fish and chips with Abraham’s brother and his partner, followed by a bit of trivial pursuits.
The sun is shining, the washing is on the line, my belly is full of lovely food and left over chocolate. Life is lovely today.

October 5, 2007, 11:52 pm
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Dear friend,
I’m trying to post everyday, but unfortunately I left todays post a little late. I’ve had far too many sparkling pink wines with a few dear lovelies, and I’m not much good for anything.
So please remember to comment and be in the draw for the bags, and also if you’re in wellington and have a bed/couch/floor for me to sleep on from the 14th to 18th Dec pretty please comment (or e-mail) because I’ve just booked my flights down for Craft 2.0 and I’d really love to not sleep in a park. (also I’d really love to see you all. I’ll be eating sushi at catch for as many meals as I can, and drinking faaaaaar too many jagerbombs at random bars. Come be my friend!)
Love, a very tiddly and tired, Rhiannon.