October 2, 2007, 10:05 pm
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(Flowers from my sister in London)

I turned twenty-three on Sunday! I’m getting old!
Heh, I know, I know twenty-three isn’t very old in the long run, but it certainly feels pretty elderly.

I had the best birthday I’ve had in years, it was really, really awesome.
On Friday night Abraham threw me a little party. We invited nearly everyone we know (which really isn’t that many people in Whakatane, but still..) and lots of lovely people came up to the local charter club and drank, played pool and danced the night away. Most of the company was awesome and the music was sensational (thank you DJs: Abraham, and RichP and Dan!).
I was spent Saturday recovering with fried breakfast and a very easy day at home, which was lucky because Sunday was my second day of work!
My first day went swimmingly, was loads of fun and made me really excited about having a job, and the second day was no different really. It makes such a huge difference, I think, that I’m only working one day a week and that quite frankly, I’m only doing it for the social side of it (and the 25% off plants! haha!).
Anywho, my actual birthday was spent serving customers and buying vege seedlings. It was bliss.
And to top it all off I came home to a huge dinner cooked by Abraham, a doughnut with candles and tonnes more presents than I deserved! Phew. All in all it was a wonderful way to turn 23, and I was thoroughly spoiled by everyone, especially Abraham. So thank you!

Going_home_from_hosp Sept07birthdayme

(A compulsory ‘birthday then and now’, though by now you should all know how much I dislike photos where I’m looking at the camera! blergh!)

There’s much more to tell, but all in good time my friends. I have a little ‘thing’ going on over the next few weeks so you’ll be seeing a bit more of me around these parts than you have lately, hopefully.
In the meantime, there’s a wee  shop update with some new hoodies/tops and some older sale stuffs too.
Ohh that Etsy is a tempting place to hang around though, the list of things I want to buy gets longer by the day. Here’s links to my top five ‘wants’ at the moment (not in order) I’d love to see yours!
1: Feathers in her hair print
2: Knotwood pocketbook/purse
3: Green and brown bunny
4: Monstero t-shirt (for master Aesop)
5: Knitted chain


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Hiya! Happy birthday! Sorry I didn’t click earlier.
Yay on the party and yay for enjoying work.

Comment by Nikki

Well happy birthday Miss Rhiannon! Twenty three is young so please enjoy it!

I’m glad to see all is well with you and yours. Sounds like that Abraham has a slight little tiny crush on you…….. HMmmmm….. seems nice, no?

Have fun at your new job and be sure to update on your garden that I’m sure will be overflowing with yummy veggies this summer!

Oh, I’m completely loving your new things…… I must check the sizes!

Comment by Plumtickled

Happy Birthday sweetie!

I haven’t been around much these days but I have been thinking of you.

Love your new hair-do fringe/bangs thingy going on…verrrry niiiice!

Pleeeease email me with your address…I have something I want to send you…have been meaning to send you for ages…everytime I look at it sitting in my studio I kick myself for not being more efficient…argh to me!

Hugs xxx

Comment by Gina Lee

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl….
I hope you had a fabulous day….
I am seriously coveting that stripey long sleeve….. aaarrrggghhh!

Comment by Leah

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
You’ve done a lot already, Miss 23! Enjoy it all. Especially Aesop, he’ll be big before you know it, and everything will be different. My 23rd year was a pretty pivotal one in my life, sending me down the road I’m currently on…funny how we don’t really see the fork in the road when we are standing at it! All the best to you in the years to come.

Comment by Lisa Thiessen

Happy Birthday! May the good times roll on. . .

Comment by KB VanHorn

Happy Birthday

LOL If your getting old Im ancient

So pleased you had “the best birthday [youve] had in years”

Bless that lovely man of yours
I think hes a gem and a keeper

like the photos and the retro wallpaper

Comment by jen

lovely ‘then and now’ shots, r!
happy, happy birthday to you. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. hooray for partying the night away! xxx

p.s. i’m dying of curiousity about the ‘thing’ you’ve got going on…

Comment by melissa

Happy belated birthday, sounds like you had a lovely day! So glad to hear the job’s going well, sounds like a good environment to be in, think of all the negative ions! Here’s to a good year 🙂

Comment by sarah

“my darling missy,
you are always on my mind,
everytime you go… you take a part of me.”
e i po baby!

happy birthday for a while ago. i’m sorry i couldn’t bake a cake. one day i will learn and i will make you a steak cake.

i had the best time with you, and it was a pleasure to spoil you – like you do for me every day.

“the birds sings songs about you,
the wind whispers your stories,
and the stars spell out your name,”
i love you bro.

Comment by abraham

happy happy birthday sweetie! it sounds like it was just perfect. thinking of you!

Comment by amisha

Happy birthday! If you think 23 is old then you’re gonna freak when you get to 28. I have grey hairs, it’s horrible!! But it really just gets better as you get older!

Comment by Steph

congratulations! your day sounded just perfect! kussjes voor mijn lieve vriendin*

Comment by anuriitta

Happy 23rd! I hope it is as happy as the previous years!

Comment by Erin

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