October 4, 2007, 10:19 pm
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Rosebarkclothtotebagfront_4 Patchworkskulltotebagfront Browncheckpinkhellototebagmain1
Dear blog-lovelies.
I think you are all very delightful, and I’m so heartily honoured that you all come and read my ramblings, and that some of you even take time out to comment!
I haven’t given anything away for soooo long now, and I thought it was about time I showed some love. So here you have it, a giveaway.
What do you have to do? Comment! Come out from behind your anonymous, and not so anonymous isps and say ‘hello!’ Recommend a song for me to download, tell me a story, give me a link to something cool or even just tell me a little about yourself. Or better yet all of the above!
And what will I give you? I’ll make you a custom tote bag. We’ll work together to find fabrics you love and a design you love for the applique, and then I’ll sew it up and pop it in the post to you.
And the best bit? I’m going to make two of them! Here’s the deal: In your comment I want you to also tell me which country you are from. I’ll put all of the New Zealand commentors in one hat, and the ‘other country’ commentors in another, and I’ll draw an entry from each hat. (That way I can afford to post two bags!). Sound good?
Well then..  on your marks.. get set… comment!


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Heya, don’t have a song to download, but here are two movies I saw recently: and The second one was particularly well done.

Here are a couple of random you tube videos to check out:

Enjoy 😛

Comment by Kat

I think this is my first time to comment here, but I can’t resist a contest — especially for one of your totes! 🙂 I love your hoodies and have them on the top of my list of rewards for when I get down to my goal weight. It may still be a while, but I love checking out the hoodies for encouragement.

I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time looking at my screen and trying to come up with something clever to tell you or a link to share, but I’ve come up with nothing. So I’ll have to tell you a little about myself. My husband and I moved to Austria a few months ago and we’re in the throes of learning to speak German. Maybe sometime this semester I’ll get a new tote to carry my books!

Comment by allisha

Dear Rhiannon

Just a note to say I love the things you make, your fringe is great and I’m glad you had a happy birthday.

I’m practising sewing, and managed to make my son a pair of trousers out of some wild ’70s curtain material this summer.

Here’s one of my family’s favourite singer/songwriters, who has a song called ‘Eggs and Gammon’, which features the name of a lady called Rhiannon!

That tartan tote with the pink hello incorporates two of my great loves. Tartan and pink.

I writing from a very sunny England. It’s a lovely day today, warm enough for a cup of tea outside in a T-shirt. Flowers are still coming out, for goodness’ sake.

With all best wishes,


Comment by Jane

Hurry, I love these things! Good on you for spreading the love!
Ok, here we go… I live in the UK and today is the first day it hasn’t rained for about a week, it’s my day off work (hurray) so i’m going to mow the lawn (and try not to injure myself! Oh what an interesting life I lead…)
I think these are pretty cool
I’ve been listening to this (you might of heard 1234 on the ipod advert?)
When I was little one of my favorite words was physiotherapist (now I can’t even spell it…) I know that’s a bit random but I couldn’t think of a story, oh well 🙂

Keeping my fingers crossed! xx

Comment by sarah

Hi Rhiannon!
I also love feist and lately I’ve been listening to chad vangaalen a lot. He opened for feist when we went to her concert a few months ago.Graveyard is my favorite song of his.
I just started taking apparel design courses at the local college and I’m so excited to be able to make all my ideas for clothes a reality! It’s really interesting so far.
I’m in Canada!

Comment by Desiree Pelletier

Hi Rhiannon!
Your post yesterday really touched my heart. I go through periods of not feeling I can balance it all, too. When we’re in those circumstances it’s really hard to see out, isn’t it? I’m glad so many of your friends were quick to post encouraging words. You should know that people care.
Onward and upward,
Lisa in Canada

Comment by Lisa Thiessen

Hiya! I have been reading your blog for a little while and love your style! I have to agree about Feist. One new song that I’m currently obsessed with though is Ingrid Michaelson’s called “The Way I am” I just love it :o) Hope you have a great day!!!

Comment by Stephanie

Hi Rhiannon!

Yay, a contest!!
Like Stephanie, I’m obsessed with Michaelson’s “The Way I Am” too! SUCH a sweet song!
Here’s the video of another one of my favs:

It’s “Fidelity” by Regina Spektor. I love the aesthetic of the video!
In terms of something ‘cool’, I recently came across the site . It’s really easy to use.
Here’s a link to the first video I made using it:

All the best!!
~Cat in Canada

Comment by Cat

I’ve been meaning to email you all week to see if you’ll do a custom hoodie for me…shall do so now;-) We’re a NZ homeschooling family who are currently listening to NZ’s very own soul queen Hollie Smith Dh is all about Dimmer still (we’re old enough to remember Straightjacket Fits, tehehe).

Comment by Sharonnz


A random story… hrmmm… well, Abraham was silly enough to ask what I was studying at Uni so I have absolutely bombarded him with information about reproductive rights. The poor man won’t be able to sleep for weeks. So it he seems a bit zoned out, that’s why 😉

And that’s my random story. With a warning: I enjoy rambling. But you probably already know that. This comment is very much an example.


Comment by Nikki

Hi Rhiannon. I’ve been lurking for a while, but have finally started a blog of my own, so feel like I can comment on other people’s blogs now! I love your style and am impressed by your wonderful appliques. Ummmm, something about me. I live in Petone, Wellington and my fave NZ song at the moment is Raglan City by Duchess – you can download it for free from myspace. It’s a happy song and reminds me of sunny days at the beach (hopefully not too far off!).

Comment by Louise


Im excited about this
I LOVE your crafts and those bags are very beautiful
and Im not saying that I mean it

Oh PS U know Im a kiwi girl 🙂

Comment by jen

oooh a giveaway! I was going to comment on your post about the latest hoodie creation – it is freaking cool! I love the colour combo, the short sleeves and the unicorn…
anyway i thought you might like to listen to teacups
cos they’re just so cute and folky.
Must admit i’ve been blog stalking you for awhile and i really love reading your posts…Tash in Wellington 🙂

Comment by Tash

Hi Rhiannon

I have wanted to leave a comment many times, but am a bit of a lurker and a little shy. So here goes:

I live in Howick, Auckland, and have a 6 month old boy. I have read your blog for a year or so now and, while I was pregnant, I used to read your archives to give me the confidence that yes! I can be a mother too! And still have a creative life. I have been struggling with the work/creativity/kid balance too, and your post yesterday couldn’t have been more applicable to me. I feel your pain!

I love Tegan and Sara, and listen to their songs on their myspace page. Plus there are loads of videos of them making their new album on youtube. They are the funnest, most hilarious girls! They always always make me laugh. And this blog makes me laugh too:

Phew! I have finally left a comment! Even though the chance of carrying one of your gorgeous tote bags is exciting and prompted me to post, I am very glad I have come out of the woodwork regardless.


Comment by Holly

Hi Rhiannon
I’m Sanne and live in the UK with my husband, two little girls and three cats. I started a blog in April and try to post about the good and beautiful things that happen during the day. I enjoy taking pictures and writing about the things that happen in my little world. I’ve recently taken up belly dancing which is sooo much fun.
I love your tattoos and am dying to get some more myself but am still breastfeeding (and broke) so am impatiently waiting.
I’ve been listening to Chuck Ragan’s feast or famine a lot over the last few months but never download music. If you get in touch I’ll send you a copy of the album.

Comment by Sanne

I must say Rhiannon how nice it is to see you back to blogging! We’ve missed you!

Now, I already own two of your bags and adore them so there isn’t a need to enter my name……. of course if it accidently falls into whatever you are using to hold said names then who am I to argue?

I have to offer my favorite band for uploading……. The Counting Crows……. just fabulous! Their first, third and last CD’s are the best…… I never tire of listening to them.

As far as stories go……. Once upon a time in a far away place called New Zealand….. there lived this girl with the most incredible knack of finding thrifted treasures and a fabulous sense of style. She had a beautiful and lively boy named Aesop who dressed as stylish as his Mom! The both have a man in common who was named Abraham… how he adored these two!

The three lived laughed and loved till the end of time!

The end.

Comment by Plumtickled

Hi Rhiannon

Aggggh writing a comment for the first time feels like a first date – having to be careful about first impressions and feeling rather awkward! Especially as I feel a little greedy that the idea of getting one of your divine creations is what has inspired me to comment! (And anyway, I’ve felt a bit cyber-stalkerish previously, with your blogs letting us know so much about you and your whanau and yet we don’t actually know you at all!)

You deserve immense amounts of brownie points for offering this giveaway. I had my grumpy pants on this morning but you have cheered me up no end!

I’m in NZ.

Comment by AJ

Hi Rhiannon

I love reading your blog, insights into other people’s creativity and lives is a precious thing that provides endless inspiration! I am in Australia and have just started sewing recently – making clothes and bits and pieces here and there. I am a bit obsessed by buttons and find it really hard to part with them for projects but sometimes it just must be done!

I am all for Angus and Julia Stone at the moment – an Australian brother sister group –

the artwork is pretty cool too…

I have to say that your last post resonated with me. I was looking around my house thinking the same thing – how to get the balance. if i sew then the housework is definately left till later and at the moment – my backyard is a jungle that I don’t want to tackle because of all the projects in my head.

Thank you so much for sharing your life with us all.


Comment by sam


I Lurk, laugh and sympathise often (and love your creations, go you!!). I love it that you live in Whakatane – I half grew up there. From Wellington, it seems paradiscal…

A link that I am saving for a rainy day, mood changers for little peeps, Aesop might like some of these?: [if the link is having trouble, go to and scroll : ) ]

Also, yesterday’s find, cool geometric etc images I’m not sure what to do with:

Go well

Comment by Sarah

Hey Rhiannon-

Just dropping by to say hi! I haven’t in quite awhile…seems all i have been doing is chasing my 2.5 year old Isaac and nursing the new babe (Olivia)…Awhile back you sent me a ball bag (with a sweet sweet note attached) and I LOVE IT!!!! As of last night I will also be the new owner of a tiny happy bag!! yeah!! As you know, your items travel pretty far to reach me here in NJ/USA…and they are loved to bits!!! I am looking foward to the colder weather so I can get out my bonnet!

Gosh, there is just so much music out there… it’s not my style but apparantly I really like the new KT Tunstall (not sure if I spelled that right)…and of course my favorite “go to whenever I can’t think of anything else bands”….Sea & Cake, and Calexico.

all the best in your mothering journeys….i can always relate to your posts regarding that part of life…in other words you are far from alone in your ups and downs!! enjoy your new jobby job as well, it’s nice to have time to yourself!!!

and congrats to the winner of your contest!!


Comment by jessica

Hello Rhiannon,

Those bags are beautiful, and I’m glad to see your hoodies pop up in my flickr contacts stream every once in a while!

Recently, I haven’t been able to stop looking at this Colour Trends site ( I love looking at the Pantone chips and seeing what different arbiters of style and trend consider the “hot” colour combinations. Not every combination interests me, but it gets me thinking of colours in different ways.

An awesome band that has given me ear-worms lately (ew, that sounds gross) is Anthem Red. They have a few songs up on myspace, and have a really female-vocal powerful pop-punk sound.

Take care,

Erin (Canada)

Comment by Erin

Hi Rhiannon,

My name is Abraham and I’m from Whakatane, New Zealand.

I love reading your blog and feel like I’ve really come to know you over the last few years. Thanks for constantly updating and being awesome.

Also, Louise is right – Duchess are really cool. Raglan City is an awesome song.

Lots of love,

Abraham (New Zealand)

Comment by abraham

Hey Rhiannon, I’m so glad you are posting again. I love your hoodies and bags and most of all your appliques. I am often touched by the way you write honestly about the daily struggles of trying to be crafty and a mum and a friend and all the other roles you do so well. Too often we put up a veneer of happy families, when the reality is its sometimes boring and its always hard to be the parent we want to be (and the person we want to be). Thank you Rhiannon for your blog, it makes me feel less alone in the world and it gives me soethine to aspire to.

Comment by Gina

Well, hi, I’m Robin, I’m 16, I’m from Alaska. Would pretty much love to grow up to be like you. I’ve just started sewing and made a blog to go along with it. And I definitely looove your clothes. So insanely jealous. Its way cool you live in NZ and I’ve added it to places I must travel, when I leave this frozen land. “Boy With A Coin” by Iron and Wine is worth checking out. Is lovely. And when I was reading other comments, I realized how cool it is that you’re being read like, all over the world. It’s amazing, really. Well, peace, and thanks for being awesome.

Comment by Robin

I am also a long time never posted and I so wish I could sew!
I sit here reading your blog ohhhing and ahhhing over your gorgeous creations!
Kelly from windy Wellington New Zealand.

Comment by Kelly

Hello from the currently sweltering Gold Coast, Australia! Yes, nothing like a contest to bring out the lurkers [i am a self-confessed non-commenter], especially when there is something beautiful up for grabs. I have been dreaming of purchasing one of your hoodies for ages, and i will get to it one day. I must.
Never much help with music and movies, BUT thought i would mention a couple of Aussie artists: the Waifs and Missy Higgins who both have AMAZING new albums out and is all i have been listening to lately. :0)

Comment by vera


my name is Esther from just outside London UK. I love your style and your blog. A band that I would really recommend listening to you are The Hoosiers, partic Worried about Ray and Mr A. they are very cool and a bit retro sounding. Very laid back and not at all hard work to listen to. Thanks for reading my comment


Comment by Est Rasmussen


I’ve been reading your blog for a while and am very impressed with all of your projects!

This is a link to my favorite U-Tube video right now:

You have to read through all of the kind-of-boring exposition at the beginning, but the video is definitely worth it.

-Jennifer from AZ

Comment by Jennifer

I just wanted to say “hello” and give you a link to my favorite music at the moment:


Dana (Brooklyn, New York)

Comment by Dana

hello, r!
i love reading your blog because it’s so great to be able to see what you, A and little A are up to now you’ve moved away. and i get such inspiration from your beautiful crafting. keep up your lovely blogging. xx

Comment by melissa

Hey there, I’ve been reading your blog for a month or so now and am always amazed at the creations you come up with and the appliques. I’m a vet student living in Palmerston North so don’t have a lot of time to get crafty etc due to the serious amount of geek study time I have to put in. One of my great stress relievers/procrastinations though is op-shopping! especially for fabrics, unfortunately this is getting out of hand as I am flatting and have far too much material and sewing stuff. I noticed a while back that you asked if anyone could send you material and felt etc and I’ve been thinking that could be the perfect way for you to get the materials you need and for me to sate my addiction! Palmy is fantastic for thrifting. We have great place where vintage material is super cheap (from 50 cents to about $2) and they usually have a good amount of felt too. I may be a bit erratic with supplying as exams are coming up but then again that may mean more procrastination too! If your keen for me to send you stuff just send an e-mail with any requests and I’ll see what I can do!


Comment by Justine

Meep! You probably remember me. I’m your bebo buddy… haha! 😀
You should download ‘Strangers’ or ‘This Time Tomorrow’ by the Kinks. They’re from the Wes Anderson movie ‘The Darjeeling Limited’. Good stuff.
Oooh and if you are going to get a Coconut Records song, get ‘West Coast’. Yays!
And I’m from New Zealand, and I am from Wellington, but all my beds/floors/couches/corners are going to be occupied on those dates. I love it how everyone comes out of the woodwork for Xmas 😉

Comment by Belinda

Meep! You probably remember me. I’m your bebo buddy… haha! 😀
You should download ‘Strangers’ or ‘This Time Tomorrow’ by the Kinks. They’re from the Wes Anderson movie ‘The Darjeeling Limited’. Good stuff.
Oooh and if you are going to get a Coconut Records song, get ‘West Coast’. Yays!
And I’m from New Zealand, and I am from Wellington, but all my beds/floors/couches/corners are going to be occupied on those dates. I love it how everyone comes out of the woodwork for Xmas 😉

Comment by Belinda

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