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October 6, 2007, 3:41 pm
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The thrift gods and goddesses smiled on me this morning. Which is nice seeing as lately I’ve been at the oppies and the higher powers must’ve been preoccupied because I’ve left with very little to show for myself.
We got up really early this morning to head to the big Presbyterian fair that was advertised (fresh scone and pikelets, little old lady crafts and a jumble sale, anyone? yes! please!), but we got there only to be told the dates were mixed up and it was next weekend.
Nevermind, we heading to the second hand digs in Kope where I scored some still-packaged linen (one with an icecube tray and swizzle sticks!), a vintage nz wool blanket, bag handles, a beaded bag, green linen, a gorgeous embroidery and a few gifts, all for nz$11. Thank youuuuu very much. Aesop scored some knee pads and a hunting hat for his dress up box, and Abraham got a jumper covered in dogs.
We followed this up with a brunch of poached eggs and carved ham on pesto toast. Mmmm-mm!


The gift/mail powers have smiled on me this week too.
The birthday gifts are still arriving, with this parcel of goodies from Dairne arriving yesterday.
Anyone who has had the pleasure of receiving a parcel from Dairne knows that she really is one of the most talented, and generous, people around. I loved everything in this parcel, and I feel so spoilt!
She sent: stripy fabric, a crochet keyring, a cupcake pincushion, a bunny for Aesop, doilies, two gorgeous heart brooches (my favourite cardi has never looked better!), chai tea, chocolate, and a chocolate flavoured soap (which I want to eat!). Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. You’re such a sweetheart.

I spent yesterday evening, as you might have read in yesterday’s drunken stumble of a post, drinking pink wine with a few friends, giggling and looking at old photos. And tonight I’m going to have fish and chips with Abraham’s brother and his partner, followed by a bit of trivial pursuits.
The sun is shining, the washing is on the line, my belly is full of lovely food and left over chocolate. Life is lovely today.


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what a perfectly delightful day! the brunch sounds so delish 🙂

Comment by amisha

brilliant update my sweet.

i had the BEST BEST BEST weekend this weekend. and it was all because of you.

thanks for being awesome.

i love you.

aesop i love you too.

Comment by abraham

lovely day! and happy birthday!

Comment by kimberlee

lovely day! and happy birthday!

Comment by kimberlee

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