October 10, 2007, 11:13 pm
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This month is turning out to be a month of big changes.
I started the month as someone who was just beginning to work one day a week, after not working since high school. And I decided yesterday that I will end the month as someone working 20+ hours a week!
You see, there’s this darling thing in New Zealand called WINZ (work and income new zealand), who basically control the ‘benefit’ and decide who gets what hand-outs. And quite frankly, as a lot of you kiwis will know, they are THE hardest people to deal with in the history of the world.
I rung them to declare my earnings from my job, you know, I’m a single mum, I’m trying to ‘better my situation’. I realised there’d be a slight decrease in my benefit because of it, but I thought I’d still be better off, right? Wrong. After they decreased all that they needed to decrease, not only was I earning a measely FOUR dollars for my 9 hours of work, but I was also now $180 in DEBT because I failed to declare my earnings before the weekend. Needless to say I was both furious and incredibly upset.
So I’ve realised that if I work an extra day and a half each week I can come off the dole completely, and be done with the bastards altogether. It’s a huge change in lifestyle, but I think in the long run it will be so, so good for us.
It also means I’ll be able to earn as much as I want through my sewing, and anything else I want to do without them fluffing around with my rent money. Hallelujah!
So that will be occupying my mind for the next week or so, while I organise with WINZ, work and preschool.
Luckily on a lighter note my mind is also filled with garden!
So far in my little garden I’ve planted cauli, broccoli, cabbage, dwarf beans and peas, baby toms, beetroot, round carrots, two guava bushes, a lavender bush, and some beautiful poppies! phew! I’m loving spending just a few minutes each day watering (although with all the rain the last few days I haven’t needed to!) and weeding the earth. I never thought I’d get into gardening, but lo and behold, I’m in love!


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Oh my God. I can’t believe they call themselves WINZ. That has got to be the most Inappropriate Acronym EVER.
Good luck with the job, love – I was on benefit for the longest time, and it is truly liberating never having to go into those horrible grey offices EVER AGAIN.
Good luck with the new phase!

Comment by Leah

Your WINZ is called RVA here in Belgium, but they are just as nasty… ;))
Congratulations on your job, working girl! I know it will do you the world of good!

Comment by M%n

ugh WINZ. when my boyfriend starting freelancing they essentially had NO system to deal with him – as he had no idea how much he would earn from week to week – causing much frustration. With them it is all or nothing – if you try to do something to help yourself you end up worse off than doing nothing, really. So he just took the dive and got off the dole even though he couldn’t really afford it. Yay for me cos i had to cover his rent for a couple of months, but the lack of stress from not having to deal with them any more was worth it. You go girl, it can only lead to better and brighter things!

Comment by Tash

you’re in love? with me???

good as for going off the dpb. as i said, it’s the best option. i know how much better i felt for not being on the dole anymore.

yay for you.

Comment by abraham

Feeling ya on the WINZ love (or lack of) – I can’t WAIT to ditch the DPB when I find a job (well, a job that is more than my current 8 hours. That really doesn’t cut it!). It does sorta help having a fabulous case manager though. Mine is too good to be true… I’ve had a good run these last few years, best to get out while the going is good tho!!

And how awesome is 20 free hours childcare going to be with Mr. Aesop turns 3? Hannah is 3 in a few weeks and I am going to be jumping for joy that I don’t have to fork out for childcare anymore… even though it was heavily subsidised anyway. I pity those that have to pay full childcare, don’t know how it’s financially feasible! :S

Anyway, ramble over.

Good luck with the jobby business! xoxoxo

Comment by Nikki

pleased part time work is suiting you 🙂

I dont like WINZ and I have a meeting on the 1st 😦

are you gonna do it???
I would if I could be reassured of the work

I hate how you have to account for every last penny

cool your garden will be so good and save you some $$

LOVE the photo of Aesop

Comment by jen

Hello, I’m doing a little de-lurker-ness here. Anyhow, I’ve been keeping up with your adventures for some months now and just wanted to let you know how inspiring you are. Thanks for being real and sharing with us out here.

In Oregon, in the US, the weather has taken a turn towards dark and dreary. I’m loving your thoughts on your garden and am now sure I want to move to NZ so I can experience spring in October too. (But then I suppose I might miss the autumn.)

Comment by carri

Congrats for finding a new love and a new job all in the same month. It’s amazing how one little change can spark up a whole new direction. Looking forward to seeing how your garden grows. Good luck with it all. xx

Comment by jasmine

yeah! good on you, freedom from winz!


Comment by kimberlee

Ugh, Winz are awful. Its great that you are going to ‘make it on your own’ – its a big step but I’m sure you will feel great knowing you have financial freedom 😀

Comment by belinda

Yay!! No WINZ breathing down your neck! I’m quite jealous of you, having been made to cry by not one WINZ bitch but TWO in the past.

Comment by Steph

Thought I’d delurk and say hi. HI 🙂

Ugh WINZ. They make it so hard to get ahead especially if the work hours you do are variable. It ends up being a nightmare. Good luck with your new job. I love the things you make and the opshopping.

Comment by Bee

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