October 11, 2007, 11:46 pm
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October07abrahamsleeping October07abrahamsleeping1

Abraham falls asleep at the drop of a hat.
He can’t read Aesop a bedtime story without falling asleep.
He dozes off just lying on the ground.
It’s adorable.
I like him very much.
Just saying.

It’s twenty-five to twelve and I’m baking!
Today has been a lovely day all-in-all, and I’m in such a great mood.
I had my WINZ appointment today, where we worked out how many hours I need to work and how much ‘better off’ I’ll be money-wise. It’s not much for how many hours I’ll need to work, but to be honest I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t more at all, just as long as I don’t have to report my every move back to them!
While in town I picked up some felt for the lovely, lovely custom project I’m working on at the moment. I won’t tell you about it just yet, but I’ll tell you that it involves beautiful hand crafted buttons (not by me!) and me learning how to use the buttonhole feature on my new machine! wahoo! Now to learn how to do zips… heh. And also in town I finally bought a basket for my bike!

October07aesopstrawberries1 October07memirror
This afternoon and evening were filled with grocery-fetching, visitors, phonecalls (thanks for listening M!), and ridiculously over-priced-but-very-yummy fresh strawberries.

The baking is for Abraham’s work, for morning tea tomorrow. I’m making pizza scrolls, because I promised them I’d make them weeks ago. They smell so very good! I filled them with green + black olives, dutch salami, pizza sauce and loads of cheese. They won’t last long down there, but they should keep the boys going through another busy day. : )


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Oh, it’s so nice to hear you all chipper and giddy! Keep up with whatever you’re doing…… it’s nice!

Comment by Plumtickled

congrats on working out the balance of being a mum and working to make ends meet etc… isnt that the million dollar question!! aaannnddd do you luuurrrvvveee abraham?????

Comment by joanne

you look so sweet in that mirror, cute skirt. Lovely boys. Yup some days just have a good feel.

Comment by Lies

I think men can just do that so lucky
Mr Wonderful can fall asleep at the drop of a hat too

Comment by jen

thank you so much for updating about me. it’s very very flattering. i love you so much. serial.

Comment by abraham

Awww, the picture of Aesop reading while Abraham is asleep is too sweet. It looks as though Aesop’s expression is one of “Oh, man! Now that he’s fallen asleep, all I have are pictures!”

Comment by Erin

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