October 16, 2007, 8:23 pm
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Rachelmariehoodie Rachelmariehoodieapplique1_2 Rachelmariehoodieneckline

This is the custom order I’ve been working on. A sweet lady I know through Etsy and Flickr asked me if there was any chance I could make a cardi, or a very deep v-neck version of one of my hoodies. She’s just given birth and wanted something that has easy access to the boob. So voila! After a few convos back and fourth this is what we came up with.
The beautiful, beautiful handmade buttons are by happysilence on Etsy and are make me want to use her buttons on everything I ever make. I really wish I could afford too. Or that someone locally made similar buttons..
But yes, I’m very, very pleased with how it turned out and I can’t wait to see how she likes it (and how it fits.. nervous..) when it arrives. I’m thinking I might try and make some of these after craft2.0 in Dec and see if they’ll sell. I’ll have to charge a little more for them with all the buttons and button-holing, but they’re very cute. Whaddya think?

Paisleypinkhorsehoodie1 Stripeyvtop Royalbluetealflowerhoodie1_2
I’ve received all of my stock back from Dandylion this week so it’s going up onto my Etsy at a rate of about two items a day (apparently this will keep me near the beginning of the search pages doing it this way..). Once all of this is uploaded I will be taking a break from hoodies and beginning the manic sewing that will be needed for craft2.0 in December. I’m thinking tote bags, a few lighter weight hoodies, short sleeve tops, vintage cotton dresses and something lower ticket.. I can’t decide what though. I was going to try and also do skirts, but I think two types of tops and dresses might be already pushing myself a fair bit considering I’m now a working gal too!

Oh, and Happy birthday for yesterday Melissa! Lots of love!


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Ooooooo preeeetty. I love the cardi! It’s gorgeous!

Ooo and craft2.0! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Comment by Nikki

oh my
i wonder if you could do a cardi in big girl size
I would so commission you to do it, becuase i wear cardis all the time
and i have always wanted something toast all for myself

Comment by sue

Wow that cardi looks brilliant! The lining material is lovely and the embroidery! How do you do it so neatly!! I’m sure the new owner will *love* it 🙂

Not sure how long the embroiderys take to do (for me it would take about a month and still just look like a squiggle…) but if they don’t take too long they might be nice to frame and sell as something lower ticket (if, in fact, that would be cheaper, if you see what i mean!) Just a thought.

Comment by sarah

the v-neck hoodie is lovely! all of your new hoodies are so cute… i am keeping an eye out on your shop 🙂

Comment by amisha

It’s sooooo good Rhiannnon. I know she will be super stoked.
Nice buttons aye? Very nice.

Also, I can’t believe the stuff that came back from DandyLion. They’re all my favourites. People didn’t buy all the cool ones. Weird.

Anyways. Last night I wrote a song about you. It is pretty nice. I think you will like it.

I hope our boy is feeling better.

And I love you.

Comment by abraham

I love all your clothes!! You are so talented….can you remember off the top of your head if any of your clothes are size14? I love the paisley one lots.

Comment by Vanessa

thank you sweet r!

and i agree with abraham. that dandylion stuff is awesome!

Comment by melissa

youve been busy
I do love your clothing 🙂

Comment by jen

I have just found your blog and you are so talented! I am wondering how you find time to make these goodies when you are a single mum to a three y.o? And now a new job too! I am a mum to two and find it hard to find time. I don’t even have a job! Love to hear from you.

Comment by Amanda

Sweet cardy! Gosh you are so clever, making all those pretty things… Sigh… I must save so I can get some…
Good luck in the preparations


Comment by Lies

Hi Rhiannon – Your work is beautiful and I hope I am still in Welly for Craft 2.0 because I would love to snaffle up a hoodie. 🙂

Comment by Laura

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