December 6, 2007, 12:25 pm
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How is everyone?!
I thought, after numerous thoughtful ‘where and how the hell are you??’ e-mails I should probably drop in and let you all know that I am in fact alive and well. Slack and busy, but very well.
My life at the moment, despite still spending a bit of time online, has drifted a bit from the blogging realm. I’m sorry to all those people who’s comments and e-mails have gone unanswered, and all those awaiting e-mails, there’s really not much in the way of excuses to make up for that, it simply just hasn’t been happening for me lately.
Life is a bit of a muddle of work and juggling life. A busy, yet surprisingly nice muddle.
I’m working three days a week at the cafe, serving customers, doing dishes, making coffee and all the other lovely things cafe work entails. At the end of my days I’m tired and my legs ache, but I’m really enjoying it all in all.
The rest of my days are filled with housework, relaxing and spending time with Aesop. (and a wee bit of thrifting, of course.) Aesop is heaps of fun at the moment. Very whiney and argumentative, a bit like his mother, but lots of fun when he’s in a good mood.
I’m spring cleaning my house and it is filled with piles of ‘op shop’ things, piles of things to go in the rubbish and piles to be put away in their respective homes. I’m ‘maximizing the utilisation’ of my space, making room for a new body to be around the house. (Abraham’s body, not a wee one before anyone freaks out!). After all of my talk about living alone for the rest of my life, Abraham and I have decided to give it another try living together and I ,for one, am very very excited. He’ll be moving in in January, I think.

Crafting has been put on hold a bit lately. I was meant to go to Craft 2.0 in Wellington next weekend, but despite having already paid for my tickets, I’ve decided not to make the trip. Giving up the two hundy on fares was nothing compared to missing two days of work and spending money on taxis and sushi and what not, then going to the fair and selling the erm..minimal amount of things I would have had ready in time. So alas, no crafty niceness and no crafty friendlies for me. Sorry everyone who I had plans with.

Okay, so there you have it a quick summary of life with us. I hope your lives are going swimmingly too. I’ll be back one day soon with more rambles. x