Look out!
February 12, 2008, 11:04 am
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The roads have just become a lot less safe!
My Dad, so very, very kindly bought us a car last week!
As you can see it’s really more like a bus than a car. It’s a Honda Odyssey (Heh, Abe’s Odysssey!) and seats up to six people. There’s been many a joke at needed to procreate quickly : ) We looked at a few cars but it seemed silly for the same amount of money to be spent on a little car when we could get a car that can pretty much fit everyone we know and everything we own in it!
Neither Abraham nor I have our licenses but the car has donned it’s L plates and we’re learnin’. Abraham has been able to drive for awhile but I’m completely new to the roads and I feel a little sorry for my Mum who’s taken on the task of teaching me. I fear that I’m not really a natural driver, and depsite doing okay in the handful of lessons I’ve had already, I’m not sure that I’ll do so well once I begin to drive on roads with other cars! I’m allowed to get my restricted license in May, and after waiting 23 years to get my learners I’m hoping to go up a class as soon as I’m allowed.


February 8, 2008, 2:39 pm
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On the topic of old friends….
A few weekends ago (man, time moves fast at the moment!) my host parents and host sister came to visit with us for a few days.
Host family?’ I hear you saying… yeah, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it much but I went on a year-long exchange to The Netherlands in my 6th form year. It is not something I talk about too much, as I don’t consider it one of my wisest decisions in life so far, but my host family are some of the most lovely people I’ve ever met and I really should talk about them a little more.
It had been seven years since I last saw them, and there’s been relatively little contact between us. The odd e-mail and the occasional letter from my host Mum, and my parents have been to stay with them once while they were over in the UK. Needless to say it was very, very surreal to see them, and ever more so to have them here in my house and my town as I’ve only known them in theirs.

Jan08aesopandgeke Jan08steps Jan08jumpingtunafest2
We spent the few days they had looking around my little part of the world, visiting the beach, my work, and other little nooks and crannies, but mostly just catching up and enjoying the fact that they’ve now finally met Abraham (who was already on the scene before I went over) and Aesop.
It worked out to be quite a good time to come to Whakatane as we had a street festival while they were here, with loads of great local, live music. We went down and shook our booties to African drummers, tapped our feet to singer songwriters and beamed with proudness as Abraham and his cousin MikeP performed a set too. They did so incredibly well and I really was, quite literally, beaming by the end of it. I was so pleased to get to show them off to not only my parents, but my host family too.
Afterwards my host sister and I went to the ‘VIP’ party with our friends the rap stars. A few drunken antics and a fairly good night had by all.
It was such an awesome, awesome weekend and I guess now it’s our turn to save up and head over there!

February 7, 2008, 9:33 pm
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Some old friends came out to play this afternoon.
In amongst the nappies and clothes hung a row of teddy bears from mine and my sisters childhood.
Mum gave them to me awhile ago to sort through, thinking I’d throw most of them away (hello? seriously Mum how long have you known me?) and they’ve been sitting in the shed waiting for me to get time to give them some TLC.
So today they’ve been washed, carefully, and tomorrow I will start to repair the holes, trim the matted fur and replace missing facial features and other little details. I’m not sure quite why I’m doing it, or what will happen to them then, but for some reason I just feel like they deserve it.
I remember them being around home. They were always in the toy cupboard, but I don’t really remember playing with them much or feeling any strong attachment to any of them. I don’t remember taking any of them with me to friends houses or snuggling up to them in bed, but I guess I must of, right?
It worries me. Aesop will be three already in just over a month and I’m really struggling thinking about which off his toys/clothes/books etc we need to hold onto and for how long.
I mean, if I had my way I would keep every single little thing he’s ever had and store it for the rest of my life. But for all I know he could grow up to be a person that only wants and needs the bag on his back and turns a blind eye to the house full of relics I’ve kept for him.On the other hand, if I choose only a few things chances are they won’t be the right ones. I still so, so vaguely remember when we moved house, I must have been almost five, and my parents threw away a plastic ride on poodle that had always sat behind the shed. I was very upset and to be honest, I still feel the tugs just thinking about it. But these bears? I would not have remembered them had they not been kept. It’s impossible to judge which things a person will remember, so I guess in the end I’ll just have to keep the things I have the strongest fond memories of, and keep my fingers crossed he’ll tell me when he’s a little older which things need to be kept.
How about you? What do you wish you still had most from your childhood? And how much of your children’s things do you plan to hold onto forever?
(And have you seen this photo? I find it incredibly haunting and so, so sad.)