February 7, 2008, 9:33 pm
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Some old friends came out to play this afternoon.
In amongst the nappies and clothes hung a row of teddy bears from mine and my sisters childhood.
Mum gave them to me awhile ago to sort through, thinking I’d throw most of them away (hello? seriously Mum how long have you known me?) and they’ve been sitting in the shed waiting for me to get time to give them some TLC.
So today they’ve been washed, carefully, and tomorrow I will start to repair the holes, trim the matted fur and replace missing facial features and other little details. I’m not sure quite why I’m doing it, or what will happen to them then, but for some reason I just feel like they deserve it.
I remember them being around home. They were always in the toy cupboard, but I don’t really remember playing with them much or feeling any strong attachment to any of them. I don’t remember taking any of them with me to friends houses or snuggling up to them in bed, but I guess I must of, right?
It worries me. Aesop will be three already in just over a month and I’m really struggling thinking about which off his toys/clothes/books etc we need to hold onto and for how long.
I mean, if I had my way I would keep every single little thing he’s ever had and store it for the rest of my life. But for all I know he could grow up to be a person that only wants and needs the bag on his back and turns a blind eye to the house full of relics I’ve kept for him.On the other hand, if I choose only a few things chances are they won’t be the right ones. I still so, so vaguely remember when we moved house, I must have been almost five, and my parents threw away a plastic ride on poodle that had always sat behind the shed. I was very upset and to be honest, I still feel the tugs just thinking about it. But these bears? I would not have remembered them had they not been kept. It’s impossible to judge which things a person will remember, so I guess in the end I’ll just have to keep the things I have the strongest fond memories of, and keep my fingers crossed he’ll tell me when he’s a little older which things need to be kept.
How about you? What do you wish you still had most from your childhood? And how much of your children’s things do you plan to hold onto forever?
(And have you seen this photo? I find it incredibly haunting and so, so sad.)


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*gasp* a new entry!! I have a few ratty books in a box and I had my first teddy bear for years until I lost it in a move (I still miss it) but I don’t think I miss any one thing other than that teddy. Theres enough years between 3 and adulthood that the things Aesop has now and keeps then are probably going to be different. Keep the things that means the most about his childhood to you and when he gets a little older he might start being interested in keeping certain things.

Comment by Steph

Ahhhh… the voice of Rhiannon rises up from the ether! Hello darling…..

I have my original stuffed Koala who is missing eyes and looking rather dishevelled, but I think once Aesop is a little bigger he will be able to voice which things he would like to keep….

I think it’s nice that you’re on a mission to repair the teddies – I would fix them up and take their portraits, but I’m weird like that.

Lovely to hear from you!

Leah xxx

Comment by Hyena In Petticoats

Lovely to read your blog again. I recently searched my Mum and Dad’s house for my lost teddy Sullivan. My sister had an identical one but my mine seems lost forever. However I do still have some toys and am so glad I do. My nineteen year old nephew has just put his soft toys (apart from a treasured ted) in the attic, but has made his Mum promise to look after them!!

Comment by Est Rasmussen

a lot of my old toys are still in my parents’ attic…. my special favourites are on a shelf in my work room…
anything that I’ve specifically missed that is gone forever, such as paper dolls, I’ve been able to replace by finding it on ebay or in antique (!) shops. nostalgia fix!

my son is 10, and he is very sentimental about his toys. one way of helping him to part with some out-grown toys is to have him spiff them up and personally give them away to smaller boys in our neighborhood. it is easier than just ‘abandoning’ them at a Goodwill drop box… he knows they will have a good home. we are renters, so the sad fact is he can’t keep as much as he would like because we don’t have enough storage space!

you are so thoughtful to consider your sons feelings on the matter…

Comment by elise

Hello hello hello – I’ve been checking in EVERY DAY and finally there was something to see other than Aesop and the vacum cleaner 😉

I buried my favourite teddy in a friend’s back yard when I was eight. I’d just been to my great grandmother’s funeral so I guess we were “playing funerals”.

I regret it, miss him and fantasize about going and digging him up – seeing what’s left – by now probably just his plastic eyes and nose.

Comment by Helen

Yay!! you’re back with new entries…I have been checking often and am happy now!

Ive got a wee 9 monther and am finally heading towards moving out of the parents house and into my own place. A few weekends ago my sister and I went through the parents attic and pulled out all our boxes of childhood toys. I seriously dont know how we managed to keep so much cos we moved around NZ sooo much as kids, but two days were happily spent reliving our childhoods with the occasional “OMG I remember this!!” spilling out. Things I came across were Care Bears, My Little Pony’s, Cherry Merry Muffin dolls, teddy bears and books. Im planning on giving some of these toys to my son to use over the next few years, and hope he gets the same pleasure out of them as I did. As I type he is in his cot asleep with my ratty yellow teddy wearing his original Mum-knitted blue jersey I shoved on him as a wee girl…

Comment by Amy

hi! i found you via etsy etc. i’m new to the blog world and i enjoy reading yours….i love that you are taking care of so many memories through these bears..the memories are always there tucked away but its when you actually touch something tangible from that past that evokes all these feelings – preserve these! i love this!

Comment by ky*ko

I have the first teddy I was ever given still
hes as old as me
and unfortunately is falling apart
he lives in a box
I am hoping that by keeping him that he may survive longer
I hugged him way to much when I was little
hes special

Comment by jen

It looks like they are being held to ransom. Think its the shadow of the lines. I think my mum still has all my toys in our attic. Very sweet!

Comment by Justine

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