February 8, 2008, 2:39 pm
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On the topic of old friends….
A few weekends ago (man, time moves fast at the moment!) my host parents and host sister came to visit with us for a few days.
Host family?’ I hear you saying… yeah, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it much but I went on a year-long exchange to The Netherlands in my 6th form year. It is not something I talk about too much, as I don’t consider it one of my wisest decisions in life so far, but my host family are some of the most lovely people I’ve ever met and I really should talk about them a little more.
It had been seven years since I last saw them, and there’s been relatively little contact between us. The odd e-mail and the occasional letter from my host Mum, and my parents have been to stay with them once while they were over in the UK. Needless to say it was very, very surreal to see them, and ever more so to have them here in my house and my town as I’ve only known them in theirs.

Jan08aesopandgeke Jan08steps Jan08jumpingtunafest2
We spent the few days they had looking around my little part of the world, visiting the beach, my work, and other little nooks and crannies, but mostly just catching up and enjoying the fact that they’ve now finally met Abraham (who was already on the scene before I went over) and Aesop.
It worked out to be quite a good time to come to Whakatane as we had a street festival while they were here, with loads of great local, live music. We went down and shook our booties to African drummers, tapped our feet to singer songwriters and beamed with proudness as Abraham and his cousin MikeP performed a set too. They did so incredibly well and I really was, quite literally, beaming by the end of it. I was so pleased to get to show them off to not only my parents, but my host family too.
Afterwards my host sister and I went to the ‘VIP’ party with our friends the rap stars. A few drunken antics and a fairly good night had by all.
It was such an awesome, awesome weekend and I guess now it’s our turn to save up and head over there!


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wow what an experience that must have been
Ive never been out of NZ

why wasnt it a wise move?

cool for you to be able to see them again

Comment by jen

pretty awesome to meet your family. they are such nice people. and man it was as swell weekend. definitely a favourite.
love you!

Comment by abraham

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