Look out!
February 12, 2008, 11:04 am
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The roads have just become a lot less safe!
My Dad, so very, very kindly bought us a car last week!
As you can see it’s really more like a bus than a car. It’s a Honda Odyssey (Heh, Abe’s Odysssey!) and seats up to six people. There’s been many a joke at needed to procreate quickly : ) We looked at a few cars but it seemed silly for the same amount of money to be spent on a little car when we could get a car that can pretty much fit everyone we know and everything we own in it!
Neither Abraham nor I have our licenses but the car has donned it’s L plates and we’re learnin’. Abraham has been able to drive for awhile but I’m completely new to the roads and I feel a little sorry for my Mum who’s taken on the task of teaching me. I fear that I’m not really a natural driver, and depsite doing okay in the handful of lessons I’ve had already, I’m not sure that I’ll do so well once I begin to drive on roads with other cars! I’m allowed to get my restricted license in May, and after waiting 23 years to get my learners I’m hoping to go up a class as soon as I’m allowed.


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Oh watch out people! Yay for a car and what a great dad!! I’ve had my learners for 11 yrs so until you beat that you’ll never be the worst driver in NZ.

Comment by Steph

Now I feel really badly that I have been on my 19 year old daughter to get her license, I was on the road the minute I turned 16 I couldn’t understand her reluctance to drive. She is really THE WORST DRIVER in the world cannot figure out the steering wheel I’ve about pulled all my hair out trying to teach her. Too bad we live in the U.S. the two of you could take lessons together. Good Luck! I love the Odyssey they are the best vehicles your Dad is a very generous man.

Comment by Kim

Oh, I’m so proud of you! You’re life is going to change so much……… and for the better!

I’m happy to hear that you’ll be able to get your learners as well! HOoray for you ……… and your little family!

It’s nice to see you back! We’ve missed you!

Comment by Judi

Hey I’m glad to see you back too. I didn’t get my licence till I was 22 though I had owned a car and driven from Motueka to Queenstown and back by then. I think it was the government changing the rules that finally made me take the plunge. I’d reccomend driving instructors, they teach you all the tricks on how to pass the test and save lots of yelling in my case anyway.

Comment by Gill

wow!!! bless your mum and dad
its really nice

Comment by jen

I was 23 when I got my license, too! I don’t think driving is natch for anyone but it will come. Congrats on the new wheels, mama! xo

Comment by ohamber

Hey there welcome back to blogspace!
A good car I reckon! And a good dad eh?
Much luck with the learning sweet,
X Lies

Comment by Lies

yay a car!! now you will be able to get even MORE op-shop finds and bring them home!!!

I want a car. alot. (um, da-ad…??!)

Comment by Amy

Wooooo! Go you!

Road trips on huh? Maybe we could both start at the same time and meet somewhere fun in the middle?


Good luck

Comment by Nikki

maybe we’ll see you in Oalmerston North then?

Nice to see you here again m’dear.

Comment by Rachael.

Ms Toast and cupcakes has not visited her page for a while… Is the Toast and Cupcake family alright??

Comment by Amy

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