Pink moustaches!
April 1, 2008, 12:58 pm
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On the second weekend of March my ‘baby’ turned three.
A few weeks before the party I took him to the party shop for inspiration in choosing a theme, and the only two things he wanted (other than any weapons!) were pink plates and fake moustaches. So we decided, naturally, that we’d have a ‘pink moustache party’ where the guest were to wear something pink and don a, as it turns out very very itchy, faux ‘stache.

Everyone was fairly cooperative actually, considering the number of males attending the party. Even my Dad, a big staunch police man grew his facial hair and dug out a pink shirt. We bought a few pinks things (not pink plates though as the thought of tossing out 30 plastic plates makes me feel a bit queasy) and I’m quite pleased to say the only thing I crafted was a long pink row of flags. If I try to craft for things like this I end up way, way too stressed out trying to get everything ready that I don’t enjoy myself. But I needed to make a pink garland to match the yellow from last year. And I of course made the cake, which was a two layer chocolate mud cake filled with homemade jam and topped with chocolate butter icing and rounds of marshmallows and strawberries, at Aesop’s request.

Mar08birthdaycuttingcake_2 Mar08moustachefamily

We moved the lounge suite and every other chair in the house into the back yard and all our guests sat around eating delicious bbq food and chit chatting, with the kids running around amusing themselves with cardboard box trucks and plastic bag capes. It was a spectacular party all in all.

Aesop also received a lot of great books. We asked on the invite that guests please ,if they felt like bringing a present, only bring either a book or a book voucher. After ending up with three tonne of plastic, battery needing, cheaply made toys at christmas we decided it was the best option. (Not that we were ungrateful for the xmas presents, of course!). We’re loving how much choice we have for reading material at the moment!

It’s strange to think we have a three year old. But Aesop reminds me everyday that he’s growing up. Not in those exact words but in the way he laughs at me or mutters into his food when I’m being growly, answers back with such delights as ‘I said NO, did you hear what I said Mama? Are you listening?’, and is constantly testing every boundary and pushing those limits.
But you know what? I’m also reminded in good ways. In the way he gives the best hugs and plays ‘first one to kiss Aesop wins!’ and then kisses himself, in the way he changes words to songs to make them funnier, makes up whole cities with street names and everything, remembers even the craziest little details and is forever learning the most mind boggling things.

He really is the most amazing thing and pretty much my favourite thing on the whole planet. I love you Aesop!


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I can’t get over how grown up he looks, especially in that cake cutting picture. And how yum does that cake sound omg!!!

Comment by Steph

Heh – well done – sounds like a lovely family occassion! You guys are one cute family.

Comment by Helen

What a wonderful tribute to your small man!


Comment by lisa thiessen

Happy Birthday to Aesop
wants to be just like his daddy 🙂

books are wonderful
I pray that he may always love them

Comment by jen

So sweet! Congratulations on your grand success over the first three years of parenting. You’ve done an admirable job. You all look happy and that makes me smile.

Have a wonderful adventurous time being three wee boy! Look after your dear mother too.

Rachael xx

Comment by Rachael

happy birthday little (or not so little anymore!) aesop!!
i wish we could have been there to wear a mustache and eat chocolate cake. and congrats r, on doing such a great job these 3 years! xx

Comment by melissa


Happy birthday Aesop!

Love the mustaches – great theme for a party if you ask me!

Great to hear from you again Rhiannon – and brilliant to see you looking so gorgeous and happy….


Leah xxx

Comment by Hyena In Petticoats

i LOVE aesop’s pout in that family pic. Welcome back to blogland! We’ve missed you! I also love what you’ve written about Aesop being your favourite thing – I have so much to look forward to. K xxx

Comment by kimberley

far yeah. it was such a good time. i really need to blog about it.
basically you did an incredible job organising it and that’s why it was so good.
plus aesop was amazing on the day.

oh aesop. how i love you and miss you when i’m at work.

i love how aesop’s city is called “kangaroo city”. that guy is the king of randomness.

Comment by abraham

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