April 7, 2008, 7:34 am
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A few months ago I bought two little swan plants home from work. I was half expecting to somehow accidentally kill them (as I often do with plants), and mostly hoping that we’d have the chance to show Aesop the cycle of the monarch butterfly which we were lucky enough to watch every year as children.

Luckily the plant survived any missed waterings and neglect I inflicted on it and grew and grew into relatively big plants with loads of leaves all ready for the caterpillars.
The wasps came and ate a lot of the eggs and left us thinking perhaps we weren’t going to see much afterall. But you know what? We went out to the garden last week and the plant is absolutely covered. We tried to count how many wrigglers we could see but gave up at 70!
And this week the really fun bit has begun. It turns out the caterpillars go slightly away from the swan plants to become a chrysalis, so we’ve been hunting them all out so we can keep an eye on them. I really hope Aesop gets to see one hatch, it really is magical.

So there’s a lot of change going on around here for a big bunch of caterpillars. But there’s a few changes on the horizon for those of us with two legs too.
Abraham is beginning a great new job at the start of June, I’m in the process of making a cv and searching out a new job and we’re keeping our eyes open for a bigger, slightly more character-ful house too. We’re hoping to get an extra bedroom so we can have guests, and well.. because hopefully sometime in the near future we’ll begin growing a little person to inhabit it.
I’ll keep you posted about all of that though, of course. And hopefully I can snap a few pictures of the caterpillars as they make their way into the world as beautiful, beautiful butterflies.


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ooooh the prospect of potential new babies makes me all gooey inside!! new changes are so good, especially ones that make you feel so much better, as Im sure new jobs will. good luck to abraham, and to you, Rhiannon, with the job hunting.

Comment by Amy

wow, impressive results, good job on not killing the swan plant. I almost got one for the same purpose (only I don’t have a 3 year old to educate) but I thought I was being too hopeful. I doubt any catipilars are going to hang out in downtown auckland on my balcony and think, ‘yes will transform into a butterfly here’ . country living does have its perks:)

Comment by kimberlee

Aww – you sound really happy, darlin’ – it’s great.

x Helen

Comment by Helen

Nice blog Raho! Top effort. LOL @ caterpillars not having legs. But you changed it. and LOL @ Whakatane being country living. Love it. Love it all.

I love you so much. I’ve got the warm fuzzies so bad today. Thank you for being ridiculously awesome to Aesop and I.

Comment by abraham

beautiful blog post, rhiannon!
i’m so happy for you. xx

Comment by melissa

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