April 8, 2008, 1:26 pm
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April08furnitrue April08mefascinator_2
April08medicalhead April08nunpeet

Today was one of the most brilliant op shopping days in years.
The Salvation army opened the doors of it’s temporary store today (because, of course, some idiot burned the last one down!). So my friend Sarah and I bundled Aesop and ourselves into her little car and were down there fifteen minutes before the doors opened (along with about twenty other dedicated thrifters) ready to scoop up any goodies that lay inside, but mostly just because we’ve so desperately missed it.
When the doors opened Sarah went right to the clothing (her job is telling people which clothes suit them the best, so she’s great at looking for things for both of us!) and I went searching in hopes of finding material.
I didn’t find any material, then got a little side tracked on the way over to the bags and shoes by a gorgeous little side cabinet and a big old lamp. They both need a good sand down and the lamp could do with new cover for its shade but I could resist them.
After securing those with sold stickers I wandered to find sarah via the knick-knack and kitchen ware table and spotted the medical model. I literally gasped out loud. How could anything as awesome as this end up in an op shop?
I also nabbed the gorgeous fascinator that sarah found for me in the hat bin and two of those cute little plates. The illustration on them is so beautiful, especially up close, lots of tiny little sketched lines.
Sarah didn’t find anything much at the Sallies, but we did the round of the other stores too where she picked up a spectacular tiled 50’s coffee table. I got a tiny bit of fabric and a really great bright blue dress (which I’ll get a picture of sometime!).
All in all, yay!


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and THIS is why we are doing an op-shop swap…tee hee hee. love the lamp, and cabinet – I found a great cabinet similar to yours once, with a record on top, and a cabinet underneath for all the records. Love the print on the plates as well. Good finds!!

Comment by Amy

PS where did you get your bookcases…i have been coveting them for ages, and wanna get some for myself!

Comment by Amy

Woooo! You are reinhabiting blog world 🙂 the things I miss when I go away!!

Good luck with the job hunt – Tobin is looking out too.


Comment by Nikki

I love that hat and I am insanely jealous.

Comment by Jessica

score! wowsy! great finds all round.

Comment by elise

Hi there, love reading your blog, and looking at all the lovely creative things that you are doing. Isn’t it fun looking in all of the second hand shops you can guarantee coming out with some sort of a bargain!!! I have two of those little plates only mine have different pictures on them, if you decide to sell them can you please let me know, as I would love to buy them off you. I have been burned buying things on Trade Me as well, I find it areal shock as I couldn’t intentionally sell a person something if I knew that it had something wrong with it, or it was ready to breakdown. I’ll keep reading your blog, as you give me alot of incentive to make things!!! Kind Regards Amanda

Comment by Amanda

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